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Relics from a Past
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A Break in Time



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February 14, 2014

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Relics from a Past

I felt completely overcome in an odd daze as I looked to the statues in a sturdy trance. I was mesmerized by the stone eyes of the man with the arrow shaped tattoos and as I continued walking through the maze of sculptures, I found out that there was that same spine-chilling connection with each and every new face that I saw in the dim cave's light. Inside was quiet and eerie, but for some odd reason, I wasn't afraid. All of those feelings of stupidity and doubt, they were completely out of my system as I explored this large stone cemetery and greeted each and every stone face.

"This is so weird!?" I mumbled, reaching a hand out to touch the stone structure. I was caught in another consuming trance as I looked to the eyes of this concrete person and I could just swear that the slate eyes were trying to glow past the darkness.

When I was a hair's length away from the statue, I felt a hard tap on my back, which of course made me scream and I lost my balance, toppling over into the dusty, old floor before gasping around to find what had struck me off guard.

"Ha ha ha!" a spirited young voice chuckled, "You are a jumpy one, aren't you, Babo?"

It was that green-eyed monk from earlier! That stupid boy again? Why did he insist on messing with me? More importantly, what was he even doing in here?

"Hey!" I shouted, "What's the big idea!? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

He was dangling upside down from the ceiling, but he hopped down to his feet and bowed to me respectfully, all the while he was grinning like the devil he was as he said to me in a false tone, "My apologies, I did not realize that you were so easily frightened."

I growled at him, "I wasn't scared! I was startled, th---there's a huge difference!"

"Whatever you say," he shrugged completely un-swayed.

"What are you even doing in here, I thought the monks sealed me in? How did you get in here?"

"I have lived at this monastery for many years," He laughed dryly, "So you could say that I know where all entrances in this temple are hidden." The boy slid his hands over one of the dusty relics and turned to me with a grin, "I used to come in here often and play as a child."

"It's so creepy..." I replied with a shiver. "Why on earth would you want to come into a dusty, old place like this to play?"

"Simple," he grinned, "It is the only place in the monastery where I can gain a bit of peace and quiet. Quite ironic for a monk to say, being brought up in a strict and silent temple. But, you see, the elders would never think to look for me in here because this chamber is the sacred hall of the Avatars! No one has been allowed to step inside in countless decades."

"Just me, huh?" I thought brightly. "So I was right then, these are those Avatar people that I keep hearing about? Every single statue in this place? There sure were a lot of them..." I awed, "Is this every Avatar that ever was?"

He nodded, "Most of them at least. A few unlucky souls were never discovered in time to create their likeness in this temple---others died of old age and never imagined that they possessed such power. The spiritual connection has long since been severed. Many die without even realizing the fate they possessed."

"Their likeness is carved into this temple?" I repeated with a chuckle, "So, I'm going to get a statue in this old cave just because my foster father thought that I was this Avatar? That's pretty rich!" I laughed harder... "Wait, if no one's allowed in here, then who carves the statues? Admit it, this is just some ordinary shrine! Come on, you're just pulling my leg, aren't you monk?"

He gave me a look and tilted his head to the side, "I sense that you think this whole world of mine is some sort of a joke?"

I shrugged off the statement, "No disrespect or anything. Honest! I mean, your place is certainly different, I'll give you that. But Avatars? Reincarnation? Give me a break!"

He snorted at me.

I turned in retaliation and accused, "Then again, you're pretty odd yourself, monk. For starters, you're the only person around here that I've seen with hair, and you constantly break so many of your own peoples' rules. What are you, a rebel?"

"Oh really?" he scoffed, "Are you so quick to judge all of the people you meet, or am I special?" He batted his lashes at me and I shoved his face out of my path.

He chuckled at me again and trailed at my heels. I argued my point further in my teacher-voice again... "Take the other monk who met me on the mountain, he just took off, but you stayed and talked with me even though you knew that the grouchy old man would get you into trouble! Plus, this is some secret, sacred, forbidden temple meant only for Avatar eyes, and you just admitted that you've been playing in here since you were a kid? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds to me like you're just a defiant little rule breaker?"

"I have as much a right to be here as you do, Babo!" he accused, "Come with me, I will show you."

The boy grabbed my arm and drug me through the chamber, back a ways into the darkness that was so familiar to him, but eventually he stopped and pointed, "See this statue?" He motioned, "This is Avatar Aang, he is my oldest ancestor; the other Avatars after his reign, specifically the ones with the tattoos, they are also my ancestors, and I assume that they would all be yours too."

"So, we're all related?" I pondered, looking to the hundreds upon thousands of statues around the dark.

"Not by blood, Babo, but by spirit. I am the blood descendant of Avatar Aang, as were a few of my relatives that once lived in this monastery." He sighed with a shrug and a smile, "They're all gone now though. It is just me left, so the elders try to keep my "leash" very restricted."

I didn't quite hear what the young monk was telling me. Somehow or another, I had become mesmerized again as the rock eyes of the structure. Avatar Aang gave me some strange and unfamiliar sense of connection, and I tilted my head as the feeling consumed me before his stone eyes seemed to flash in my direction like a shift camera shot.

I jumped back and exclaimed, "Did you see that!?"

The boy was still calm and replied to me, "It is said that when the Avatar is here they will gain wisdom---but I do not think that you know what you are doing."

"I didn't ask to be this---this Avatar---heck! I don't even know what a stupid Avatar is!?"

"You are joking, right?" he frowned, "The Avatar is only the most important figure in our history! It is the Avatar who---"

A very light rumble erupted and this made the young man stop his sentence as a large hunk of terracotta ceiling fell between us and crumbled across the floor.

"Uh, what was that?" I swallowed nervously.

"It happens sometimes," he grinned simply, "That is what happens when you set foot in a temple as old as this one."

Another portion crashed down in the distance and echoed across the dim cemetery of statues. The quaking grew stronger until even the calm and collected monk sensed that something was the matter.

"I think the universe is trying to tell me that I've overstayed my welcome. Where's the exit in this place, monk?"

"Aw, leaving so soon?" he seemed to tease me as his hand clasped across my wrist and he started to chuckle. "Perhaps you have a point. I am sure the elders are worried for your safety. They always realize that they are not particularly good at explaining rules to newcomers such as yourself." He turned and bolted off into the shadows, dragging me clumsily behind as he shouted back, "Follow me, Babo, I'll show you the way I always use to get out of here!"

I stumbled and tripped over the rocks as the young monk's laughter trailed into the distance without me. I stumbled, dodging more bits of the caving ceiling as I growled into the shadows, "Will you please stop calling me that!"

"Watch your head!" He warned as another chunk of structure fell. His voice simply laughed heartily as I found myself on my butt and his silent steps trailed off again into the blackness, his dim silhouette figure just as suddenly blended into the shadows and vanished in a blink.

I let out a few unnerved hollers as the rubble started crashing closer to my body, making me jump and squeal in four different directions before darting off after the monk.

"I'm leaving already! Stupid temple..." I muttered.

For the record, I didn't feel like being crushed to death by ancient Avatar remains, so I needed that odd boy to show me the door, and fast.

I wandered aimlessly until finally I caved, "Where the heck are you monk!? Hello!? You better not have ditched me in here! MONK! MONK!!!?"

"I am up here!" he called with a snicker. The light from the massive hunk missing out of the temple nearly blinded me and it stung to look at, but still I could make out his figure. I saw him hanging by a thick ivy branch that had grown into the temple from the forest outside. Already the green-eyed monk was halfway to the top, and I jumped onto the vines trying to catch a grip, only to wind up on my rear in sheer humiliation.

"What is the matter?" he called, "Can you not climb?"

"I can climb fine!" I screeched back, jumping again to gain my foot hold, before inching my way up the branch with a gruff snarl of determination and competitive aggravation.

He seemed to snort at me once, and snarked down at me in a goofy tone, "Better hurry, Babo, I don't think the spirits of this temple like you very much."

"I bet it's you that made them angry you rebellious monk!" I shouted, before swallowing my statement and restating the facts, "Whatever! I mean, it is just some old, dusty temple, it's obvious that it would just crumble apart randomly like it is one day. There aren't any angry spirits here!"

"Oh really," he smiled and looked down at me, "Then why is the debris only trying to hit you?"

"It is not!" I screamed; tightening my hold on the vine as two more hunks came soaring past me. I peeked back to the sky after cowering in the ivy, and what else did I see except that honoree look of "I told you so" coming from the young monk. I shouted up at him, "That proves nothing!"

We climbed right out of the temple only to appear on the very top of this mountain that loomed over the monastery. I could see the temples and courtyards below, so vast, yet the other monks were all missing. It was then I smelled the bitter stench of smoke and saw the growing light of fire fill the courtyard where just moments ago all of those animals and people were waiting for me to emerge from the temple.

I heard strange whirling noises and the young monk and I turned round to catch an eyeful of numerous military-style helicopters firing missiles at each and every structure of the monks' temple. The young monk had lost his smile and his skin seemed to be completely drained of color as he watched, wide eyed in horror while the government planes destroyed his home without a second thought.

"What do we do?" I asked, my voice shaking as the mountain below our feet continued to tremble.

He looked at me with a glance of despair. He was lost, the monk actually looked to me like I was the one who needed to do something, and beneath the fear I felt, as one of those missiles shot a pile of rubble into the sky, each blow growing closer to our faces... I felt the leadership overwhelm me and I took his hand, "We can't stay here!" I stated, "We need to get back on the ground and hide in the trees until the attacks stop! Do you know a way down where we won't be seen?"

He nodded slowly and lifted my body right off of the ground before he turned and jumped square off the edge of the mountainside.

The shock was so sudden that I couldn't even scream. It was like being on a rollercoaster without blinking through the whole ride---my eyes started to glaze over in a black screen as the wind rushed harshly against my skin. My nails dug into the robes of the monk who had decided to dive towards our doom without any warning at all.

"Avatar!" a voice called, "Snap out of it, we must move!"

I blinked a few times to see the green eyed monk tapping my face repeatedly with the back of his hand. Did I black out?

"What?" I mumbled.

"We are in the trees, but we must keep moving!" he said again, "There is a secret tunnel that lets out nearby. My people should be there and they will know what has happened."

"Oh, right!" I snapped back to reality, "Right, go, go, move it!"

I looked back to the sky as we took off into the woods. The mountain above was covered in fire and fog nearly a hundred miles above where I stood. The monk clearly jumped right over the edge of the cliff, but yet, here we were---not a scratch or speck of mud on us? No broken bones...we weren't dead...How did he do that?

"Hey! H-how did we get down here?" I called. "How did we get down the mountain!?"

"Well, my hidden sanctuary is already being shot to ruins, so I guess as the Avatar, I can trust you with my secret." He looked back as he ran and let out an attempted smile, "Welcome to my world, Babo. I am one of the last Airbenders of our temple."

"Airbender?" I wondered, "What's that, some sort of black belt for jumping of a skyscraper?"

"Did Sensei Hong teach you nothing?" he rolled his eyes and skid to a halt.

I hit the brakes and bumped into the young monk before gasping for air as I grappled my knees in a failed attempt to catch my breath. "Whoa wait a minute---you know---you knew my Foster Father?" I huffed.

"As you Americans say, Duh!" he mocked.

He was completely fine considering my sides were on fire and my ribs felt like they were poking out through my teeth. Boy was I out of shape.

He took my hand and lifted me to a stand, dragging me through the leaves as he added, "Sensei Hong was my uncle. He left long before I was born, but he was greatly respected among the other monks. I have heard many stories..."

"No way! You've got to be kidding me," I spat, "You're Anil!? You're the one who knows everything I need to do, and you knew this the entire time! I came all the way here just to find you!? Why didn't you tell me that before!?"

"You never asked?" he shrugged.

A loud shot rang across the trees and echoed down my spine as the bullet made impact a few feet from where we were running towards.

"Get down!" he whispered sharply.

We ducked into the thick bushes and waited silently as a horde of soldiers came rushing past.

"Check for more escaped victims!" one shouted, the rest thundering through like a herd of cattle, guns in hand.

After a few moments we popped out of the bushel and sighed with relief.

"What is going on around here?" I wondered.

"I am not sure, those are not any men that I have ever seen before?" Anil pondered.

"Well, whoever they are, they're up to no good." I scoffed, "We need to find the other monks and get as far away from those freak jobs as we can."

"Agreed," he nodded, "Come, it is not far from here."

As we hurried as quiet as or feet could step, I mumbled out a question that had been tugging at me. "Was Sensei an Airbender too?"

"No, but his father was---my grandfather---and his brother. Even as a family of known benders, I fear our kind is dwindling. Only a lucky few gain the ability to bend the elements. I am the only one known at this time---other than you of course."

I heard a rustle and literally tossed Anil into the marsh, whisper-yelling, "More soldiers!"

I dove in behind him and we sat in the leaves as a brightly dressed figure came strolling through.

"It is a monk!" Anil whispered.

I held him down, "No...shush!"

"Where are the benders!?" a gruff voice bellowed.

"I am unsure," the monk sighed.

Anil and I peeped through the leaves and saw Champo standing there in chains and cuffs; he had a large bruise and a cut on his head, but other than that he remained calm and grouchy as ever as he spoke to the large, burly soldier.

Anil and I gave each other a glance and listened on.

"The trail to the sanctuary ended long ago," Champo sighed tiredly, "If the missing members of the temple were not there and also not at the temple, then I fear we shall never find them, if not only their lost remains."

"Don't play dumb, monk!" the soldier scorned, "We have Intel that you are harboring a bender---as well as a possibility that you know who the next avatar is and that they have tapped into their power!"

Champo held his nose up, "I cannot be sure about either."

"Do monks lie?" Another soldier wondered.

"Our people have hunted the benders of this world for generations. If you don't talk, then all of your fellow monks will surely pay the price!"

"We have the temple under our care!" exclaimed a soldier suddenly, "We got a ton of prisoners back there; let's just get back to base and interrogate them----thoroughly----surely one of them will be more help than this one is being."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," the leader scoffed. His face was gnarled with scars that spread as he grew a long, wicked grin across his face. "It looks like you are free to leave, monk."

Champo blinked once, but only once in time before the soldier slid out his gun and shot the elderly old man backwards at point blank right to the chest.

Anil jumped, but I held him down with any reserved strength I had left. A harsh breeze started to blow throughout the area and I held tighter to Anil as the trees started to creak sideways.

"Storms blowing in!" a soldier called, "Better get back to the copters!"

"Right! Let's move!"

We waited for minutes until the sounds of the assassins had vanished. As soon as I started to release my grip, Anil shot out of the bush and fell straight to Champo's side.

"Anil!" Champo coughed, "You---You are alright?"

"I am," he nodded, "Master---I am---so sorry! I should have helped you---I never should have—"

"Silence yourself," he coughed, "We are all willing to do what we must to protect you my boy. It is you and Rinry that the hunters are after. You must trust---you---" He breathed heavily and gripped at Anil's robes until his fading knuckles turned white. When there he shook out the last of his words in a pained groan, "Escape---live!"

The grouchy old monk, now peacefully sound, let out a final breath and died right there, right in front of us without another word.

"Champo!" Anil hollered. He held his head down and his entire body shook before the young man reached over and shut the eyes of his elder and stood with a prayer. "Rest in peace Master."

"Anil..." I eased slowly, "I'm sorry...We have to go..."

"I know," he nodded somberly, "We have to that we might live."

Fanon Trivia

  • "Babo" means "dummy" in Korean.
  • The monks in the temple are fluent in numerous languages, meditations, and martial arts maneuvers.
  • This is the first that Rinry ever feels a connection with any of her past lives, though she still doesn't believe that anything in this world of Avatars is actually true.
  • This is the first time that we see the antagonists hunting for benders...Their story will be explained further in later chapters of ABIT.
  • Sorry for the wait so long that the Fanon was labeled "discontinued"....I do not guarantee a speedy update on this fanon, but I finally got my image program back, so I finished off the chapter I already had in waiting!

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