The Journey Starts with a Single Word
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Shattered Balance


Book One: The Avatar



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Ghosts of the Past

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The room was lit by the flickering lights of hundreds of candles as Liang meditated, each breath brightening and darkening the room as the flames rose and fell. Each breath she took a new thought entered her mind, like a series of still pictures:

Seiryuu screaming for help, as Suzaku's pained yell echoed across the halls, waking some of the other students...


Herself and Waizumasutā, hoisting the still-screaming Suzaku on his shoulder, rushing to the healers of the North Wing...


Seiryuu agrily arguing at her to see Suzaku, only to storm off when she refused...


The horrible screaming finally stopped, only to find out that it was through knocking out Suzaku...


Herself looking at Suzaku's unconscious face with a pained-

Suddenly, the door creaked open, and the light of the corridor flooded the room. Liang opened her eyes in annoyance, but softly smiled when she realized it was Waizumasutā's silhouette in the doorway.

"You have been in here for a while little cousin. Perhaps some sunlight to help your tired eyes?" Waizumasutā offered, holding out his hand. Liang gladly took it to lift herself up, and followed the Shogun.

"I wanted to show you something." Waizumasutā said, and led Liang to a balcony overlooking one of the training grounds on the island. Underneath them, Seiryuu and another Samurai trainee posed in familiar battle stances.

"You okay Seiryuu? You look a bit...angry today." The trainee asked.

"I'm fine Ginyu, now let's start already!" Seiryuu snapped.

Ginyu shrugged, and blue flames emitted from his hands. With a yell signaling the start of the fight, Ginyu spun his hands in a complex circle and blasted Seiryuu with a powerful flamethrower. Seiryuu silently lept up in the air, and swept her staff around her. The flames followed the patterns of Seiryuu's gusts, and she disappeared behind a curtain of smoke and blue flames.

"Do you really think you can hide yourself? I am a firebender you know!" Ginyu cried. Parting the flames, he was surprised to see nothing but empty ground.

"What the hell?..." Ginyu wondered, before realizing where she could only be. Swiftly turning around, he was just able to burst a flame and casue an explosion, knocking both Ginyu back and Seiryuu back, who had attempted a sneak attack from behind.

However; Seiryuu simply blasted air behind her to balance herself, and quickly gained ground and caught up with Ginyu. In close quarters, Ginyu attempted to incapacitate her with a quick fire blast to the face. Seiryuu quickly crossed her arms and redirected the blast. Then, quicker than even Ginyu had thought, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him in forcefully. At the same time, she backfisted him in the face. The impact was made even more powerful with the momentum of Ginyu by Seiryuu's pull. As Ginyu took a step back, in a painful daze, Seiryuu grabbed her air glider and sent Ginyu flying into a wall with her air gust.

Cautiously, she walked over to her opponent and pointed the glider near his face.

"Give up yet?" Seiryuu asked.

"Never!" Ginyu suddenly yelled, and grabbing her staff, he pulled it back in his left hand as his right fist connected with Seiryuu's lower jaw. Letting go of her staff, she stumbled back in surprise, pain, and in a daze. Ginyu then let loose with an arc of fire.

He thought the match was over. Was he ever wrong about that.

Seiryuu quickly shot off her own arc of air, which deflected the flames over her. Sending two air slices at Ginyu, she charged behind them. Ginyu easily dodged the first slice, but the second one caught him off guard and he had to use another blast of fire in order to not get hit. As Ginyu was distracted, Seiryuu rushed behind him and grabbed her staff. Ginyu quickly released a flaming sphere Seiryuu's way; but using a combination of her staff and airbending, she lept over both the attack and Ginyu himself. Landing in the perfect position to attack, Seiryuu blasted Ginyu with such a powerful funnel of air that he cracked the wall when he slammed into it, and was knocked out.

Seiryuu looked up at Liang, who had a stunned expression on her face. Holding the glare for a second, she wordlessly turned around and walked back to her dorm.

The Audience

Tomonaski looked around her, awed by the scenery her dream had created. She was standing on a faintly glowing road, surrounded by millions upon millions of stars. Most glowed with a yellow-white, but many were bright reds, greens, blues, and even some an ashen color. Far ahead of her, at the end of the long glowing trail, a vague...something could be seen. In fact, Tomonaski felt a yearning to it. She guessed it was a spirit who needed to speak with her...again.

"Huh...such is the life of the Oracle. she muttered, and walked to the end of the path, where she was stunned to see a great silhouette of a familiar face, in pain. His wrists and ankles were chained, and his head hung low. Around him smaller silhouettes fluttered, like guardian angels. Tomonaski fell to her knees and bowed deeply.

"A-Avatar Siaoran! What has happened to you?!"she cried in worry.

His head lifted, so that his eyes barely meet hers. Pain, guilt, and mystery gleamed from them, and the Avatar spoke:

Not much time...Darkness gathers faster...than even the world...could comprehend...

Suddenly, an image of seven figures appeared before her. Their faces were darkened, but from their armor and weapons they were clearly generals or warlords of some kind. Fear and power emanated from them, and behind them Tomonaski could see the trappings of armies.

The Chosen of Ge...the Son of Unbalance....they must come to the Oasis...Su..zaku and Seir..yuu...

Again, an image appeared. It was split into two equal sided parts. On the left-hand side, surrounded by a purple-black hue, a boy was screaming as if he was being flayed alive. On the right, with a hue border of white and silver, a young airbending girl slammed an opponent into the wall of some building.

Awake now...they must arrive...before the forces of darkness...engulf...the Northern Water Tribe...forever...

Shattered Balance
Book One: The Avatar
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