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Team Avatar makes their way to Republic City.

Ba Sing Se

Team Avatar walked up the ramp of a Future Industries airship. It was midday, and Wu's forces had prepped it for their voyage.

"Are you sure you have to leave so soon?" Wu asked.

"Well, if you call two years soon, then yes, we have to leave," Mako interrupted.

"If Raiko was electrocuted, then I need to be there. Republic City needs me," Korra said. "It's hard to believe, but you have a pretty good head on your shoulders, Wu."

"It was a pleasure working with you, Avatar Korra, but I never saw your eyes glow."

"Yeah, it was . . . something, working with you, Wu."

"Guys, we need to go. C'mon, Korra."

Team Avatar got in the airship and sat in the main area.

"I don't get it," said Mako. "According to the reports, two girls, a water- and firebender invaded Raiko's office, and to make matters worse, they took him out."

"What I'm worried about is the city," said Korra.

"Well, if there's one thing I've learned in engineering is you can't break what's already broken. The city will be in enough trouble once Varrick pulls out," said Asami.

"What do you mean?" Korra inquired.

"It's common demeanor in industry. Varrick Industries worked in Republic City but had to remain stationed in the Southern Water Tribe to maintain consistent funding. Had it been stationed in Republic City, it would lose connections in the South Pole, where its foundation is."

"But you re-stationed your company here and you've maintained funding," Korra complained.

"That's because my company didn't need to maintain a consistent fund plan. Kuvira and her army took care of most of that stuff. I was here for repairs only, not an entire expansion. Also, its the President's job to coordinate money dealings, just like Wu did with me. Varrick Industries has remained consistent funding with Republic City for two years, doing so with President Raiko, but since he's gone, they'll have to pull out. Republic City may be physically rebuilt, but economically, it'll plunge." Asami then walked to the radio.

"Not to mention the girls who invaded Republic City had abilities never seen before," Bolin added.

"But how does a waterbender pull water out of thin air?" asked Mako.

"It's been done before," Bolin answered. "Just not in large amounts like hers. It seems impossible."

"It does, doesn't it?" asked Korra. "And also the reports said the firebender was bending the lightning, not guiding it, and it looked like a whole different energy."

"But how?" Mako wondered. "These things have never been done under normal circumstances."

"Could it have been the new portal that opened two years ago?" Korra asked.

"That's possible. Technically when that happened, the spiritual energy of the world tripled, which has had its effects on bending. I mean, think about the new airbenders thanks to Harmonic Convergence when the portals were left open."

"You're right, Mako. A new frontier has opened to the world of bending, and it's my job to guide it."

"I don't think you can guide this kind of power, Korra," Mako told her. "So far, only the people evil enough to use this power have. Maybe this 'new frontier' won't work out for the better of us."

"I have to try."

"Ugh, guys," Asami said, "I just got word that Air Temple Island was invaded too, and the airbenders evacuated. Don't know where they are, but that radio transmission means that we're close to Republic City."

"I hope Tenzin and his family are okay," Korra told them. In time, the airship got to Republic City, and Team Avatar was on their way to City Hall.

Republic City

Team Avatar arrived at City Hall to see Raiko in a tub of water with Kya by his side, Tenzin cut and bruised with another healer, Lin on a couch, and Varrick and Zhu Li.

"Korra. It's great to see you," Tenzin uttered.

"It's good to see you too, and all of you, but we'll have to save our introductions. How's the President holding up?" Korra asked Kya.

"Whatever that firebender did to him, it put him in a coma of a sort, and there's no guarantee he'll make it. Even with Spirit Water, my healing has limits. The lightning was way too close to his heart, and his energy is waning. His best chance is Katara," Kya said.

"But she's all the way in the South Pole. A trip on the fastest yacht could take more than two weeks."

"It doesn't matter. My mom may be the only chance he has, and quite frankly, we have to take it."

"All I know is that if Raiko was up right now, he'd fire me on the spot," Lin intruded.

"Well, regardless of the turmoil here, Varrick Industries has no option but to pull out," Zhu Li said.

"You can't Varrick," said Tenzin. "Republic City can't take another hit."

"I'm sorry, Tenzin, but I did all my dealings with President Raiko, and being as he isn't all awake, there are no dealings to be had. We have to pull out," said Varrick. "We're returning to the South Pole either today or tomorrow. Sorry."

Korra looked frustrated. She sat for a moment, unsure of how to place all the problems in a designated spot.

"Korra, it's your call," said Mako.

After a minute or two, Korra came to a conclusion. "Here's how things are going to play out. We've faced criminals like these. And so far, we've seen these ones have had similar objectives to the Red Lotus, but we don't have enough evidence. So . . . I've decided that we're going to track them down ourselves."

"Korra, that's not a good idea. It's too dangerous," Tenzin argued.

"You're right," Korra agreed. "But it's my fault. I wasn't here when Republic City needed me. Tenzin, where are the airbenders?"

"They should be at Zaofu right now."

"Then that's where I'm going. If Air Temple Island was invaded, I want to see the airbenders, find out information, and do whatever I can to help."

"I'm coming with," started Lin. "It'd be in Raiko's best interest that I was there. Besides, he's gonna fire me so . . ."

"Thanks Lin," Korra said. "Varrick. You and Zhu Li are going to the Southern Water Tribe where Katara is, Kya should go with you."

"I guess," Kya said.

"Well, I don't exactly agree with this, but I suppose it's the least we can be for the old man. We'll take my fastest yacht," Varrick answered.

"Hey, it's no picnic on my end either," Kya complained. "But I guess it's what needs to be done."

"Don't worry Kya," Tenzin said. "Once I get to Zaofu, we'll begin relocating to the Southern Air Temple until things clear up in Republic City."

"We'll leave tomorrow."

Republic City Port Bridge

Jiro, Kala, Yosuke, and Azu, sat in a truck with a back filled with sand. They had just taken it from a delivery man on a port bridge. Jiro was in the driver's seat while the other three ducked on the roof of the back. The port bridge was closing down for the afternoon, and the anonymous delivery truck evoked the interest of the police, one of which had a radio and was calling for backup. But before he did that, he earthbent himself into the air, and before he even landed on the back of the truck, the sand took the form of a fist and punched the police to the ground. Yosuke gave the signal for Jiro to move. As he did, they stood up. Kala, the waterbender, formed water out of thin air and had it deep freeze on the joints of the supports on the bridge while Azu used her plasma lightning to slice the supports entirely. However, the metalbending police were on their trail. The metalbenders sped quickly towards towards the four fugitives. They ensnared the truck in cables, and it came to a halt. The metalbenders got out of their Satomobiles. Yosuke then soundbent waves in the air. The metalbenders found the sound unbearable. Their suits were distorted by the sounds and came off entirely. Finally, Youske delivered the final blow. With his amplified air, he created an expanding dome of sound waves. The supports of the bridge fell out of alignment. The bridge would come down in a matter of minutes, no longer than an hour. Yosuke distorted the cables ensnaring their vehicle. They escaped and stopped in the forest.

Yosuke informed his team, "Azu and I will get to the Fire Nation on a boat. You too, take the truck and get to Zaofu."

"Why are we wasting our time with Suyin?" Kala asked. "It's not like she means anything."

"It's the master's order. Zaofu is a beacon of the hope, a representation of the future of the United Earth Nation. It will be done."

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