Aang speaks to Kuruk's spirit
Chapter Ten (Spirit Saga)
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August 12, 2012

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In the days that ensued, Team Avatar began to rebuild Republic City. A memorial service was held for Longshot. Smellerbee, devastated by the loss of two, left the Freedom Fighters. Aang, Katara, and Zuko went into the underground prison to release the prisoners.

When they came to Katara's former cell, they found it filled with several people and several animals. They were confused at first, but Aang realized what had happened. When Koh had been defeated, all his victims were freed, their faces restored.

Aang ran over to a girl with long, beautiful, dark hair, and was wearing a Water Tribe outfit. "Excuse me, are you....Ummi?"

" you know where Avatar Kuruk is?" she asked Aang.

"Ummi...Avatar Kuruk told me about you. I'm really sorry to tell you this but-"

"He's gone, isn't he?" she asked as she shed a tear.

"Ummi, I'm the Avatar. In a way, I...I am Kuruk."

"Wait...if you're an airbender...that means it's been...centuries since...since he...he..."

"I'm sorry," Aang said.

"Please, Avatar, is there any way I can see Kuruk ever again?"

"I-I...I think so."

"Please, Avatar! I will do anything!" Ummi exclaimed. Aang nodded. Determined to bring Kuruk's long lost love back to him, he approached Ummi, but his right thumb on her forehead and his left hand on her heart. His arrows glowed, and Ummi began to fade. A bright light filled the room, and Ummi was gone.

"Thank you, Avatar..." she said as she faded away into the Spirit World. Aang stood there for a few minutes, thinking about what he had done. Suddenly, he felt a message come through from the Spirit World.

Thank you for bringing Ummi back to me, Aang. I will be forever grateful.

"You're welcome, Kuruk..." Aang said. They all led the animals and other victims out of the prison. Aang, Katara, and Zuko all returned to the Air Temple, where Suki, Toph, Sokka, and the other Air Acolytes were already hard at work at restoring the temple after Jet's reign.

Aang walked up to a waterfall on the island. He sat underneath the cliffside that the water fell from and meditated. In a few short minutes, Avatar Kuruk appeared.

"Avatar Kuruk."

"Avatar Aang, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done."

"Please, it really was nothing, I just-"

"But you need to know that Koh will be back. Like Avatar Yangchen told you, he is of the same power as an Avatar, save for mastery of the four elements. He will be reincarnated as a new spirit. Stronger. More powerful. An even bigger threat. It will make Koh look like a tiny spiderfly."

"Then how do we...?"

"This spirit will be like none the world has ever seen. You must gather the best benders in the world, if we are ever to defeat this new spirit. If I am correct, he could appear as soon as three days from today."

"...Okay," Aang said.

"I wish you the best of luck, Aang. And should you ever need my help, or help from the other previous know where to find us."

"Thank you, so much, Avatar Kuruk," Aang said. Avatar Kuruk faded away. Aang walked to where he saw Katara, sitting on the side of the island. "Something the matter?"

Katara shed a tear and said, "He had my mother, Aang. But when we went to free the prisoners...she wasn't there. The disappointment I was unbelievable."

"Katara, you need to understand why-"

"But Aang, I know why. She died before that monster took her face."

"So that means she's probably still there," Aang said.


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