Chapter Six

The Recovery

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Viper's Venom



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April 2, 2014

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Chapter Five (Viper's Venom)

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Chapter Seven (Viper's Venom)

It almost seemed like forever, although it really was just a day. After the horrific attack, the team went straight to the nearest hospital. It was a rather bitter-sweet moment for Team Avatar and the Air Nomad children. They were waiting in the hospital waiting room, a bit anxious as to the results of those wounded. This place indeed wasn't too friendly, others sick or injured are here. As the team was waiting, It wasn't until an hour after arriving that Tenzin, his wife Pema, and Lin Beifong arrived.

"Tenzin. Hello."

"Korra, what happened? We heard there was an attack at the arena," Tenzin said, urgency in his voice.

"Yes there was. A group of demons suddenly appeared and tried to kill everyone. If it wasn't for Carra, things would have gotten way worse," Korra said, sad in remembering Carra's fighting in the arena against the demons.

Before Korra can continue, one of the doctors of the hospital came over to them, a clipboard in his hand.

"Avatar Korra. You're free to see them now," he said. Tenzin though got over to him first.

"Them? Who?" he asked, again urgent. The doctor was confused until Jinora, whom was sitting nearby with Ikki, adds in "This is our father."

"Oh. Then it's best you come with me then. I think you'll find out soon enough," They all followed the doctor past many of the hallways. It indeed was a sad place to be stuck in, especially knowing one of your close friends are stuck in here too. It took a bit but they did eventually find them.

In the case of Team Avatar, two were now in there trying to recover. The first was Carra, still sleeping from her sudden pass out back in the arena. Tanin had arrived alongside her and was already at her side by the time the others showed up. The second, more scary victim of this was Meelo! Unlike the others, a demon had dug its claws in his back and being as young as he is, it has done much more damage than a simple cut. His whole torso was wrapped up as he too was sleeping by the window. Pema got over to Meelo first, whom didn't react very much with his family there.

"Oh Meelo," she gasped, almost immediately tears covering her eyes at the sight of her child in a hospital bed. Pema began to sob sadly as Tenzin turned to the doctor.

"Will he pull through doctor?" The doctor looked to Meelo rather grimly, glancing at his clipboard. Tenzin already knew there's probably some bad news so he prepares for the worst.

"Well the attacked resulted in 4 broken ribs, and his ribcage is out of line. We're lucky he made it this far. We've already done his surgery to repair his all we have to do is wait and hopefully he'll improve. For now though, it's just a matter of time..." Tenzin was only slightly relived it wasn't just a flat out no, but it was still a bit worrying that there's still a good chance of it. Then the doctor turned to Tanin, whom asked, "What about Carra? Will she make it?"

"Carra is a different story. After some examination, it turns out she had suffered a severe heart attack. Most likely due to the extremely stressful situation after the arena incident. We looked back at her medical history and we found out that she has a weak heart, and has suffered this beforehand." The last information shocked them, especially Bolin and Honsho. Bolin, after hearing this, walked out of the room to wait in the hallway. Honsho fallowed him just to find him leaning on the wall, tears in his eyes.


"It's all my fault." Honsho stopped. He didn't exactly know what to say, other than "it's not your fault, Bolin."

"Yes it is! If I didn't make you guys stay for the championship, none of this would have happened! If I only knew she had a weak heart..." he began to trail off as his sadness was taking over him again. Honsho placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Bolin. We understand that you wanted us to stay, but it wasn't you who made her fight in the battle. You didn't call in those demons either. The Fire Ferrets probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her, she wanted to help us."

"Probably...that reminds me. You can quit the Fire Ferrets if you want to. Part of the deal right?" Honsho honestly forgot the deal, ironically. He didn't care about that now though, he just wanted to make sure Carra can go through this. He can tell Bolin needed some alone time right now.

"I'll give you a minute," Honsho simply said. As he turned back to see Carra, Bolin ran off in sorrow. Honsho didn't bother to stop him, understanding a bit for his misery.

Back in the room, while his family were looking at him with sorrow, Meelo was beginning to slightly come to, moaning a little. Pema quickly caught this as Meelo slowly woke up.


"Meelo. My poor baby. How are you feeling?" Pema asked, gently rubbing Meelo's head. Meelo tried sitting up and did managed but not without some stinging in his back. When he got up, they can see the three claw marks under the bandages, only slightly red but still evident regardless.

"Ouch. My back hurts," Meelo complained. He wanted to feel, but the soreness made him completely stiff, making it impossible right now. Meelo began to look around at the others in the room, beginning with his sisters. The doctor ushered his parents out, needing to talk to them for a bit. Lin Beifong went over to him.

"Can you describe what it is that attacked you?" She asked. She needed details on it, and someone like Meelo can be a good case in point, despite everyone else aside from her being there too. Meelo looked down to his bed, unsure exactly how to say it. After some silence, Ikki got an idea. With permission from the doctor, she borrowed some paper and gave it to Meelo.

"Maybe you can draw it out?" she suggested.

"Okay" was Meelo's only main reply. With a small pencil given to him, he begins to draw it out. It oddly took a long time for Meelo to draw out what got him and after 10 minutes showed Lin Beifong what it was. The thing he drew looked almost like a stickman, extremely thin in shape. the face was distorted, the mouth stretched down its neck as the eyes was just white of pure soulless. The body colour was a simple red but since he didn't have any colours, Meelo just made him grey instead. Meelo put in some other demons too, each one different from each other. one was a simple eyeball with bat wings, one was a legless blob with sharp teeth, and then came the black red-eyed figure that summoned them in the first place. Lin Beifong took it and examined it for a bit as Jinora and Ikki kept an eye on him.

"We're so sorry Meelo. I shouldn't have made you come," Korra said, not looking at him. It was her idea to bring the 3 anyway, and Meelo would be just fine if he stayed on the island.

"I don't blame you Korra. I wanted to come," Meelo said. The odd thing is that he was sincere in his voice, which is strangely out of character for someone as happy-go-lucky as Meelo. This worried his sisters a bit more. Their attention turned back to Carra when she began to slowly come back as well, not as much as Meelo though. Jinora and Ikki stayed with Meelo as the others turned to Carra.

"Carra. You feeling okay?" Tanin asked. Carra looked over to him, at first expressionless. But then a smile went on her face, weak but nice. She gently reached out and rubbed his blue hair and seemed to mutter something like "thank you" to him, but it was barely audible, to them anyway. Tanin's butterfly spirit fluttered over to her and landed on her chest, where her weak heart is.

"I never knew she had a weak heart," Asami said.

"Me neither. And she went so well in the fighting arena too," added Honsho. The doctor came back in after a bit, without Tenzin and Pema this time.

"Okay. You should give them some rest. They'll need it," he said. They all looked to both Carra and Meelo. Tanin's butterfly fluttered off as light as a feather after a bit as Tanin got up.

"Get well soon. Both of you." After that was said, they all left. Jinora and Ikki however needed some persuasion and explaining first before they too left. Ikki though had a little something for Meelo, a last-minute get well soon present. Ikki gave it to Meelo.

"Get well soon okay?" Ikki asked before leaving the room. Meelo smiled happily as he held the little gift...a blue flower...


Later on that night, Carra laid there awake. Her heart pressure had kept her that way as she stared at the ceiling. All she was doing was counting out the tiles. Meelo too was awake, unable to sleep due to the pain on his back. He was just looking out the window at the lights. They are pretty high upward, about a good 10 floors up. He can see the lights in the city, an occasional flying spirit flying by, the bright blue moon in the sky, he can even see the glimpse of his home across the bay. Carra eventually saw him after counting the 50th tile and slightly turned to him.

"You can't sleep either Meelo?" Carra asked. Meelo turned to her after a bit.

"Yeah. It hurts," Meelo groaned.

"You're not alone. It's not easy seeping with heart trouble," Carra sighed, a hand over her heart. Carra looked to the window and asked, "How's the view?"

"It's great. I can see everything. My house looks like an ant can fit from here," Meelo said, pretending hold the tower with his two fingers.

"That's cute...But we really need to sleep. At least try," Carra insisted.

"But it hurts when I lay down."

"We have to try just a little bit. We can't stay up all night." Meelo realized she was right. Without any argument, Carra and Meelo laid back down. While Carra closed her eyes right away, Meelo had some trouble since it was very sore on his cuts. He laid awake as Carra was sleeping but eventually Meelo's pain left and he managed to sleep...

He woke up sometime later, oddly feeling just fine. His eyes beamed as he found out where he was. Instead of in a hospital bed, he found he was laying on soft, green grass, a nice gentle breeze blowing in the wind. The beauty seeing a great and colourful plain just made him beam with complete joy. He stood up as brightly colourful birds flew by, all rainbow colours. As he was looking around, something suddenly appeared behind him, and nuzzled his back. Meelo turned around and saw a very big animal. It was the dragon bird spirit, still lovely gold and as magnificent as ever.

"Hello," Meelo said. It gave Meelo a happy coo as it nuzzled him again. Meelo smiled and rubbing the bird's head. After that, Meelo happily and eagerly climbed up onto the bird's back. As soon as he was situated, the bird flew off in one flap of its wings. Meelo was scared at first but immediately he felt very happy. His dragon bird was joined in flight by the rainbow birds from earlier. The view alone was incredible! In just a minute they were already above the clouds. The dragon bird went into a nose dive for 20 seconds, going through the clouds before veering back up again, but Meelo loved it! Meelo decided, for some reason, to lay down on the bird's back. The feather's felt absolutely amazing, like he's laying on a cloud. He stared off at the blue sky above before he closed his eyes...that was it.

Meelo opened his eyes again and he was back in the hospital room. It was morning now, the sun glowing in his room. Carra was still asleep right now so she didn't notice Meelo up. The strangest thing though was his back. He felt...great! he didn't feel hurt at all, or sore for that matter. He was very happy, but curious if it left any mark on him. He made sure that no one is watching him and, single handedly took off his bandages! It took only a minute before the bandages were off. He couldn't tell exactly from where he was, but his twisting didn't sting so he was sure that his wounds were healed. He just wanted to know if some sort a scar was there still or not. He didn't realized it, but Carra already woke up, in surprise that Meelo is doing this!

"Meelo!" Meelo nearly jumped hearing Carra's voice.

"Morning. I'm all better now!" He beamed, happy as ever. Carra was confused until she saw his back. Turns out, his scars not only healed. No. Healed is an understatement, they're gone! It's like he wasn't even attacked at all! Carra told him that too and Meelo wanted to jump for joy right then and there.

"Yay! I'm not hurt anymore!" He beamed. Carra smiled, Meelo made her feel better for some reason...then she realized something too. She placed her hand on her heart, yesterday it was beating very slowly, but now it's pumping strong. She's been healed too! Her smile grew the biggest it had ever been in a long time. After a bit though, they both were taken by surprise when their doctor came back in. The doctor just looked at them, seeing Meelo and Carra so happy.

"How are you two doing?" The doctor asked.

"Excellent! We're both happy and healed!" Meelo beamed. He showed the doctor his scarless back to prove it to him. The doctor simply was stunned.


For the morning, the team went down to see Meelo and Carra again, not getting much reply from the hospital.

"Meelo...please be okay..." Tenzin thought. He was the most worried, aside from Pema of course. They all were worried as they walked over to the entrance, expecting either no improvement or worse improvement on it. A nurse found them right when they got in.

"Excuse me. We came to see Meelo and Carra. Are they available?" Korra asked.

"Oh. You're with them. Well they wanted to see you actually."

"Okay then. Well just head for their room then."

"That won't be necessary. They're going to be released today." This came as quite a shock, and even more so when, just in the hall next to them, was Meelo and Carra walking over to see them. Meelo waved hello in his usual happy tone. Jinora and Ikki were the happiest.

"Meelo!" they both beamed and raced to him. They weren't sure on a hug but Meelo hugged them both first so it was fine.

"Incredible. But how?" Tenzin wondered.

"Not sure, but something must have happened to heal us," Carra explained, smiling to see Meelo with his siblings. Things are looking back up for them. Carra and Meelo are somehow all better...but someone wasn't too happy about that.

Just outside, on a rooftop, the demon master had been keeping an eye on the place and had seen the "healing" Carra and Meelo went through.

"Darn it. And here I thought it'll be easy...oh well. There's more than one way to snap them," he thought. After that, it turned and flew off...the trouble isn't over. Not even close.

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