Aang in Escape from the Spirit World
Chapter Six (Spirit Saga)
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Avatar: Spirit Saga





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August 1, 2012

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Was it a dream? It had to be. Jet, a firebender? Impossible. Jet has a hatred for firebenders so strong, he would never firebend, ever. Even if it was to save his life...or would he? No. His parents were killed by firebenders. He tried to expose Zuko and Iroh as firebenders. It was all a dream...

Aang woke up on a high mountain. The sky around him was a violet color. The moon was full. It seemed to glow brighter than ever.

"Avatar Aang," a female voice said.

"...Hello? Who's there?"

"It is I, the Moon Spirit."

"Princess Yue!" Aang exclaimed. "What's going on?"

"Your connection to the Avatar Spirit has been broken, and if you don't act fast, you will lose the spiritual connection with your past lives...thus ending the Avatar Cycle."

"...What?! How?!"

"You were wounded, Aang. You must hurry and find your four previous lives. Though it will not be easy. They are here, but-"

"Wait, so, I'm...dead?"

"No...your spirit has been touched by another being of the same rank as you."

"Another Avatar has corrupted my spirit?"

"While this being has the same power of you, I can conclude that it is not a previous Avatar."

"Then...who?" Aang asked.

"Aang, Koh has escaped the Spirit Realm. Though it was not easy. He currently possesses the body of a human, who passed into the Spirit World a few years ago."

"Jet!" Aang yelled.

"This mortal attacked you. Koh is controlling it."

"So that's how Jet came back...and he...firebended?"

"I realize that this mortal was not originally a bender...and Koh does not possess the ability to utilize the art."

"Then how was he able to firebend?"

"I do not know, Aang. But what I do know is that you must hurry to reconnect with your spirit and return to the physical realm. Koh has begun to wreak havoc on the world. Only the Avatar can stop him!"

"...Thank you, Princess Yue."

Meanwhile, Republic City went up in flames.

Team Avatar was captured...and kept in prison.

And Jet summoned the two people he trusted the most.

Longshot and Smellerbee.

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