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Suzaku finished wrapping the bandage around Temrann's arm. Jumping out of his seat, Temrann flexed his injured arm before recoiling it in pain.

"Yeow!" he yelped, cradling his hand in his good arm. Suzaku shook his head and sighed.

"Really? I just bandaged your arm, I would think you would know it'd be tender. Jarnunvosk did cut it pretty bad when she fell on you."

"Yeah, yeah I know" Temrann replied, rolling his eyes and waving off Suzaku's scolding with his good hand, "But Seiryuu got trapped under a broken house and she's flying around. Why don't you tell her to be careful?"

Suzaku chuckled "Because she can take care of herself. She's gotten herself in worse places."

"I can take care of myself too!" Temrann protested.

"Of course you can." Suzaku chuckled, and patted Temrann on the head. The boy's response was to cross his arms, annoyed. He got up and pulled Temrann up with his good arm.

"How about we visit the dragons? Jarnunvosk is probably anxious to see you."

Temrann shrugged "Yeah that's true. She gets anxious a lot...."

Making the way out of Temrann's house, they waltzed over to the fields. There, a few people were sitting around. One was busy inspecting Azura's bandages. Jarnunvosk was nearby, laying on the grass obviously bored. When she saw Temrann, she bounded over to him, nuzzling her head against his. Suzaku left them alone and sat down next to Azura, leaning back on his leg.

"Your dragon is one lucky creature," the man looking over Azura's bandages commented, tightening one in his hand "How these things didn't rip is a miracle within itself, let alone how he breathed lightning."

Suzaku smiled and patted Azura on the leg "He is a special dragon. Do you know when he'll be able to fly again?"

The man looked over more bandages before answering "In about two days he'll be ready to fly. Most of the scars on his left wing have healed by now. It's just that huge one across his flank that's taking time. He won't be able to fly until that heals fully, or else he'll be in extreme pain when he flaps his left wing."

Suzaku looked up at Azura worryingly, but the dragon snorted proudly. He would not be hindered by the injury for long, whether it healed or not. As the man finished touching up on Azura's bandages Temrann walked over on top of Jarnunvosk.

"You want a ride?"

Suzaku shrugged, and heat-signaled Azura to say he'd be back. The dragon hurred approvingly, and with that Suzaku climbed onto Jarnunvosk as she flew off.

After an hour or so of Jarnunvosk flying around with her riders enjoying the view, she began to tire. Prompting her to land, the trio landed in a glade a few feet away from the walls of the town. As Jarnunvosk curled up to relax, Temrann and Suzaku leaned against her to relax as well.

"Hey Suzaku, can you tell me about my dad again?" Temrann asked. Suzaku looked at him with a surprised look.

"Again? This would be the fifth time I've told you."

"I know, but maybe if I hear the events a lot, maybe the reason he left me here will become clearer. At least it'll give me a better idea."

Suzaku sighed. "Alright, though it's the same as every other time."


It had been two weeks since his Auntie had brought him and his unconscious mother Sewanin to her little hometown of Toyohime. Though only seven, he easily figured out the ins and outs of the town. He had to do it all the time whenever the archaeologist camp moved to a new location, and a small town like this was no different. So it had been easy to sneak out of the house and follow Berna without being seen.

For what seemed like hours the woman wandered the streets, looking at every dark corner she saw. Near the end of her walk Suzaku was going to go back home, but then Berna stepped outside. His curiosity piqued once more, he wandered out and slipped into a bush unnoticed. Berna stopped, and to Suzaku's amazement a...a portal of darkness appeared. Stepping out of the portal was one of the weirdest people he had ever seen.

Clothed in a large black cloak, all that really could be seen was his face. Pale, with two small tattoos under his eyes that Suzaku couldn't see very well, his most outlandish feature was his hair. Bright, spiky, and a shade of brilliant red, the man's hair could be used for a flare. Suzaku was surprised it didn't glow. However; what interested Suzaku the most was the sleeping five year old in his hands. The little boy was clothed similarly to the man, a dark cloak that went down to his ankles. However; one of the sleeves were pulled up, and from what Suzaku could see the boy was probably wearing a red and black body suit.

"So...what did you want to meet me here for?" Berna asked. The man looked down at the boy cradled in hands.

"I need you to take care of this child. He is not safe with me."

"But why? Surely a warrior like you could defend him better than a woman like myself."

The man shook his head "Not against those who seek him. Here he will be safe. They don't know about this place."

The man offered the child, and Berna reluctantly took him. The baby mumbled in his sleep but otherwise did not wake. As the man started to walk away, Berna caught up with him again.

"Well at least tell me his name."

"His name is V-" the man suddenly paused and thought, before replying "His name is Temrann."'

Berna looked at him skeptically, but sighed and shrugged "Fine. Then can you at least tell me who you are?"

As the man recreated the dark portal again, he turned his head and replied,

"I'm nothing more than a simple nobody."


"Get away from me you filthy monsters!" Lakona cried, kicking one of the brutish beasts in the gut with a well-timed roundhouse kick. The others dodged their kicked compatriot and tried to surround the waterbender. Drawing water from the humidity, she whipped at them to keep them back. One of the braver monsters stepped forwards and tried to block the whip, but she quickly shifted it to shards of ice that ripped into the thing's arm and lower torso.

"That's right!" Lakona yelled, shifting more water around her to form an octopus like waterbender form "Try to attack me you freaks of nature!"

Angered, the monsters charged her position, only to have her slam them away with blunt icicles. One tried to throw its knife at her, but she deflected it with her water before throwing her own icy knives at the monster. Though the monsters got up and kept attacking her, she kept them down with her attacks. Lakona laughed at the ease of defense. That was her undoing.

As the waterbender was looking in the other direction, one monster grabbed a mace from another monster that had been knocked out. Charging into the waterbender's form, the mace easily smashed through the ice and water.

"Holy sh-" was all the water bender was able to manage before the mace came full view. Then everything went black.


"Damn this freaking caravan! When are we going to get a real vehicle?!" Uzu complained, with Kurogane rolling his eyes at his grandfather's complaint.

"Once we get to the new invasion site, don't worry Uzu. The Mokushiroku have been building one for our use."

Uzu sighed "I rather not get a car from them. Who knows? They might set a bomb in it, or-"

"Grandfather!" Kurogane snapped, clearly annoyed "Can you at least trust me to know what I am doing?"

"You never seem to be yourself these Kurogane. I'm not sure if I can."

"What are you talking about?" Kurogane retorted back, "I'm myself. What else could I be?"

"A puppet." Uzu said darkly.

"I am NOT a puppet. I'm doing this of my own free will!"

Uzu sighed "Kurogane, you must learn that this isn't exactly free will. It's-"

"It's free will." Kurogane interrupted, "If it was not, we would not be here."

As Uzu was about to reply, one of Kurogane's subordinates went to the side of the caravan.

"Sir, we have caught an intruder." Pointing back, Kurogane and Uzu could see that the others were carrying a young girl, probably from one of the Water Tribes by her garbs. Suddenly, Kurogane had an idea.

"Metamatcha, keep her in the cage. I think she may prove useful..." Kurogane said, a smirk flashing across his face.

"A plan for what sir?" Metamatcha asked.

"A plan to catch those goddamn Samurai."

Shattered Balance
Book One: The Avatar
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