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Viper's Venom



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April 11, 2014

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Chapter Six (Viper's Venom)

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Chapter Eight (Viper's Venom)

It was amazing. It still wasn't sure how yet, but somehow Meelo and Carra had healed after just one day in the hospital, and now they were brought off home. They were all trying to make sense of it, but it didn't matter too much on how. The two were okay, and now the whole group headed on back to the Air Temple Island. Almost immediately as they got there, Meelo, Ikki, Jinora and Korra decided to have some fun in a good old fashioned airbending race! And right now it's in full swing as they were rushing around on their air scooters.

They all were going around at great speed, turning and dashing all over the island. Korra remained in the lead as Jinora, Ikki and Meelo fallowed close behind. They can see the finish line, where their friends were still there watching the race. Ikki was stuck in last place as they neared the finish line and was getting kinda desperate, so she decided to give herself a quick boost with an air-bending stream, and got in front at the last second, making Meelo last.

"YES! I WON!!" Ikki beamed.

"No fair! You used your airbending to cheat!" Meelo blamed. But Ikki just gave him a raspberry, ignoring the fact. Korra chuckled to herself seeing this, getting some sorta "Deja vu" when she did pretty much the same thing last time.

"Good race, you guys," Korra said, smiling. Tanin, whom was with the crowd sitting next to Carra, was amazed with the speed of the air scooter.

"That was amazing you guys. I didn't see an air scooter done before," Tanin said, walking over.

"Well, it's pretty easy. Just make a air sphere like this (makes a air sphere) jump on it and-" Jinora then gets on her air scooter and circles him a few times and then jumps off, as demonstration.

"Wow, that's awesome!...what if I..." Tanin tries a water sphere in place of an air sphere, but when he tries to get on it, all that happened was a spin for a second before getting soaked. the kids laughed silly as Tanin blushed, picking himself up. Carra got over to him.

"You okay, Tanin?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. A little wet." Tanin gave a slight chuckle after that, knowing he was soaked from head to toe. All carra can do is smile at his embarrassment. Tenzin looked over to Meelo with a great smile.

"He's acting like nothing happened to him," Tenzin said to Pema.

"Yes. He's so happy now. I'm so proud that he is back to normal. Carra too," Pema replied as Meelo was happily playing with Poki whom flew over after the race was done.

"Yeah. They both are lucky." Korra then got over to the others.

"I believe this had gone well. A bit of trouble here and there but thanks for letting me visit guys," Korra said.

"Yeah. Sorry things turned out the way they did," Bolin said.

"It's okay, Bolin. I needed this action over the boring year back home. Besides, everything turned out okay in the end right?" Some were starting to think she was trying to say something but it was Asami whom asked, "is there something you're trying to say, Korra?"

"Yeah. I think I'm gonna go back home soon," Korra said.

"Aww! So soon?" Ikki groaned.

"Don't worry. I'm sure I'll come back to visit again. I've came in to see the championship and I the way, did they really call a winner? I don't remember the announcer say anything."

"I don't know, but I think the Fire Ferrets had won it. After all, the Fire Ferrets did stay up there while the crocobears took off." Mako said.

"Well, it doesn't matter either way. The good thing is we all got outta it all right...sort of," Honsho said. Ignoring the last part, Meelo tugged on Korra's shirt.

"You sure you can't stay one more day? Please?" Ikki asked, trying not to act desperate. Korra just smiled.

"I didn't say I'm leaving right away. I'll stay for a while longer," Korra agreed. This made them all happier, as Ikki suddenly jumped on an air scooter.

"Another race, ready set GO!" Ikki immediately bolted off, starting another race.

"Hey, no head starts!" Jinora yelled, fallowing her with her air scooter. Meelo and Korra fallowed happily after her as another race started up.


Later on that same night, the three Air Nomad children went off to their room, tired from today's playing. Poki joined Meelo in the bed when he got there. A bit annoying to Ikki but she didn't want to argue before bed.

"Well Today went great," Jinora said, wanting to start a conversation.

"Yeah it did! I'm the best racer ever!" Ikki gloated.

"But you kept using your air boosts at the end," Meelo sighed.

"So? No one said I can't!"

"Guys guys please. Don't argue right now, it's too late for this," Jinora sighed. Before anyone can say anything else, they all suddenly heard crying going on. They all saw Rohan, in a crib in their room, crying for some reason. ever since he was born, they had to share rooms with him for better or for worse. Meelo and Poki covered their ears as to the child's crying.

"Don't worry, I got it," Ikki said, walking over to him. Rohan was alone in his crib, probably why he was crying. Ikki looked around and found why Rohan is crying: his little stuffed sky bison toy had fallen on the floor. Ikki picked it up and held it over him.

"Hello little boy. please don't cry, I'm here to keep you safe," Ikki said, pretending to be the toy. Rohan saw it and stopped crying. Ikki set the toy down by him as Rohan snuggled the stuffed toy. Ikki went over to her bed, happy Rohan was good now.

"There. Now goodnight," Ikki said, going to sleep. Meelo and Jinora smiled and went off asleep themselves. Poki snuggled up to Meelo before he went to sleep himself...but tonight will change everything for them.

Just outside, it would seem that nothing is around. But just waiting for the lights to go, something was hiding over on the shores of Air Temple Island, now seeing that now is the time. In the light, the figure turned out to be the Demonic Demon Master, with his boss next to him.

"Thanks for telling me the location."

"No problem. You want me to go in?" The Demon Master asked.

"No...I'll handle this one. Wait here until I come back." The boss then ran silently inside. The Demon Master stayed put as he was told.

Inside the air temple, it was completely silent. The moon shined through the windows but the darkness of the shadows made it very hard to see. The figure began walking through the hallways, examining the rooms as he went. he walked in a general-type fashion, hands behind his back with a judging look in his eyes. His walking was quiet, as if he was floating. At one point though, he found where Korra is sleeping and went in. Korra was fast asleep, deep sleep, so she didn't notice him walk in. He stared down at Korra for a bit, just stared as if trying to peer into her soul. he leaned down close to Korra.

"Goodnight my sweetheart," he whispered, planting a kiss on her cheek. Korra was dreaming at this point so she just smiled and quietly giggled. the figure simply turned and walked out without waking her up. He kept walking on, in the fashion from earlier, until he found the children's bedroom! Ikki, Meelo, Jinora and Rohan were all asleep so they didn't notice anything. The figure walked right to Rohan and leaned into the crib. Rohan was beginning to stir again, slowly opening his eyes, but the figure lifted him off the ground, and even covered his mouth so he wouldn't make any noise. Rohan was scared and began to wail under his hand but it wasn't loud enough to wake up anyone...except for Poki.

As soon as they left, Poki was bright eyed, awake, and began to panic. It quickly began jumping up and down and managed to wake up Meelo and Ikki. Jinora woke up as well, equally as sleepy.

"What's the matter, Poki?" Meelo asked sleepily. Poki flew over to Rohan's crib and they all got it. They weren't sleepy anymore.



It didn't take very long but the figure had just made it around the first corner when the trio found him with Rohan.

"Hey!" Ikki shouted. As soon as that was said though, he took off. Jinora and Ikki chased after him as Meelo told Poki, "Poki, go wake the others please?" Poki flew off to do so as Meelo caught up with the other two. it was surprising how quickly he went though, always cutting the corner every time the three catch up with him. This kept up for a while more until he got outside, baby in hand. When Ikki, Meelo and Jinora caught up with him, they can see the man standing casually with the crying baby in his clutches.

"Give him back!" Jinora ordered. The figure just snorted slowly as Rohan began to wail in despair. Annoyed with the crying, suddenly the man clutched his lips shut, making him stop. he turned to the three.

"Give him back!" Jinora repeated.


"What do you mean why?! That's a baby you have in your hands!" Ikki snapped.


"So? SO?! Why you-"

"Ikki!...We don't want to fight. Just hand back Rohan and forget this happened," Jinora said, trying to compromise with this guy. But he's just someone who just doesn't get compromised with. He placed the child on the ground, making sure it ain't in the way of anything or anyone. He turned to the trio.

"How about a deal?" He challenged. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo just stared at the man. Rohan began crying again, not wanting a fight. The man flat out ignored the child.

"What deal?"

"A reliable source told me of the Avatar's location. If you agree to bring her to me, you can have your kid," he offered. The trio glanced at each other and then looked to Rohan, now at the man's feet.

"Why?" The three asked, almost unison.

"None of your concern, children...will you bring her or not?" He asked. Jinora then stepped forward, not afraid.

"We're not going to answer you until you tell us why you need her. If you have a good enough reason, then we'll get her." Jinora assured. The man seemed to get a look of annoyance on his face. This isn't a part of his little plan as they can tell. Before this can go any further, Poki suddenly flew back, landing right by Meelo. The man can only watch as he began hearing more footsteps, a sign more are coming. It didn't take much longer before someone got outside...Tenzin...

"Dad!" Ikki gasped. Tenzin though was more worried over Rohan.

"Who are you?" The man asked.

"What do you want with my child?" Tenzin demanded.

"I asked you first," the man sighed.

"Very well. I am Tenzin. Air Nomad."

"Tenzin...well Tenzin. What are you doing here? Old hag."

"I want Rohan back!" Tenzin demanded. The man smirked and began walking away from Rohan on the ground. After walking about 10 feet he turned around. Tenzin, in fear of his child's life, ran over to Rohan. But as he was, the man was charging something up...a deadly beam! Jinora saw it first and tried to get her beloved father out of the way, but the blast made was too fast to stop, as Tenzin was hit. Hard! Her father was severely damaged, as the beam knocked him into a tree. If the beam didn't give him any severe damage, then the tree that collapsed on him did.

"Father!" Jinora, Ikki and Meelo tried to reach him but the man grabbed Rohan already and gave a deadly message.

"I, Nahash, am going to give you all a choice now. You can either get your father out and I escape with your previous brother. Or you retrieve Rohan and let Tenzin die. Choose wisely," Nahash announced.

"You won't get away with this! The Avatar will destroy you!" Ikki shouted.

"Where is she then?" Nahash asked. The question sounded more rhetorical, as Nahash already knew why. The three looked and Korra, nor anyone else, was coming. They all got the feeling Nahash did something but they couldn't run in to wake her, risk of losing both of them to Nahash.

"So again. Is it Tenzin? Or Rohan?" Nahash asked. Ikki and Meelo turned to Jinora, whom started to cry a bit. She didn't know what to choose. On one hand she will keep her father alive. On the other, she'll have Rohan back. She looked to Tenzin's body, whom had one tear filled eye fixated on them...she knew what he wanted. Jinora turned to Nahash with a determined look on her face.

"...Rohan." Nahash stood there, staring at her with an angered look on his face.

" choose the child?...Smart. But wrong." No sooner after Nahash said that, he vanished! The three were startled and tried to figure out where he ended up, but there's no clue left...he and Rohan are gone.

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