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Avatar: The Severed Spirit





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March 18, 2015

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To Republic City

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Long ago, I had been friends with the Avatar and we had many adventures together, but little did I know we were always being watched so closely. After Korra was murdered, I could never be the same, my life seemed to be over, until I learned of the new Avatar, or should I say, Avatars. I now have devoted the rest of my life to these twins and I know that one day, they can stop this evil of Vaatu that plagues this world!

Previously on Avatar: The Severed Spirit

The feared group of rebellious benders who call themselves the Society of Faces broke into the impregnable city of Zaofu, beat its leaders and guards, took off with the two new Avatars and burned the docks so that they could be followed. Our story now takes place nineteen years after this event in a secret shrine somewhere in the Earth Republic.

The Escapade

Aiya jumped back so that she would avoid the ball of fire that was headed right towards her. Quickly her brother, Lei, jumped in and Bent the fire, throwing it back at the woman who attacked them.

"That's enough." A man called out and all three stood at attention for it was Zhu Milou Hu, the man who organized their training, "Excellent job Emma." The Zhu bowed to the instructor who had been sparing with the Avatars. "You have allowed Lei to greatly excel at his craft, you may go." Emma picked up her things and, without a word, exited the huge room that they fought in. "You on the other hand," Milou now focused on Aiya, "could use some help."

Aiya stared down at the floor nervously, too afraid to make eye contact with the man, "I am sorry, Zhu Milou, but I am not able to bend fire!"

Milou shook his head and moved close to the girl, "There, there Aiya." He patted her on the back calmly, "You control both Air and Water!" The old man pushed her back and she fell to the ground. "Next time, why don't you try using them?"

Aiya nodded, "Yes, Zhu Milou."

Before the man left he flashed a smile at Lei, "You did an amazing job as usual Lei." Then Milou left the room and Lei held his hand out but his sister refused it.

"He always focuses on my mistakes, he never sees yours!" Aiya complained.

Lei smiled and helped his sister up anyways, "Aiya, don't say that, he's just trying to toughen you up so that you will be stronger and more willing to engage in battle."

Aiya wiped off her garments, "What if I don't want to fight, violence is never the answer." Lei gave her a funny look. "At least that's what I've heard."

"Who on Earth would say that?" Lei said with a chuckle. "Blood must be shed in order for change to happen."

Aiya rolled her eyes and put her smooth black hair up in a ponytail, "You listen to the Zhu way too much." The two laughed, the man had always given them lessons, some were good and often there were bad ones but the man was a truly kind person once you got to know him a bit better. "I suppose I could try to give him a little more respect."

Lei nodded, "He was the one who saved us from those mean people who wanted to use our powers for their own sinister purposes." The two remembered the horrible conditions Zhu Milou told them of, they had lived in cages and were rarely fed, the only time they were taken out was so that they could be bathed but the bath water was filled with dirt and crawling with nasty Eel-Cobras.

"I will apologize for how I have been acting tonight at the banquet," Aiya decided.

"What banquet?" Lei timidly inquired.

Aiya laughed loudly, "Oh Lei, if you didn't have me you would lose your mind." Lei agreed with a soft chuckle and the two picked up their things and headed for their livings quarters. Little did they know they were being watched the whole time that they spoke.

"Losing your mind is a serious matter," Milou whispered to Emma. "I've seen it first hand, the madness that flows through people's veins, it's truly frightening."

"I'm so sorry, sir, if I had been there-" Emma began but was cutoff.

"Emma, there is no need to apologize. You were not even alive then, you couldn't have stopped it. But I am fine now. The pieces are falling into place. Soon everything will be ready and I will have just what I need." The man breathed heavy and turned to his instructor. "Now all we have to do is make sure those two attend tonight's banquet."


"Tonight we celebrate a very special day for all of us," Zhu Milou began and Lei and Aiya stepped on the stage and the crowd cheered. "The nineteenth birthday of these two children." As the crowds cheered Milou grabbed the hands of Lei and Aiya and squeezed them. "I wish you both a truly happy birthday!"

"Thank you," the twins said in unison as two servants placed two beautiful thrones on the stage for them to sit in.

Milou smiled at his prized possession, the children of course and nudged them both with a laugh, "In honor of you both, I have invited some of my greatest friends to put on a show for you!" After Milou had finished saying this a man dressed in an announcer's uniform stepped onto the platform.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The stranger cried out and the crowd paid close attention to him, "I am Noa Se, you may know me from my work in Ba Sing Se but tonight I have left the capital of our great nation and journeyed here to provide you with the best entertainment there is." The orchestra that was located behind the stage began to play loudly and another stage rose up from behind the dinner tables and the stage Lei and Aiya sat on rose slightly also. "Pro-bending!"

The crowd exploded with excitement, causing both Aiya and Lei to cover their ears for it had become so noisy. Noa laughed a little and now held up a microphone which caused his voice to become even louder. "In this corner, we have everybody's favorite; you love 'em, you hate 'em, the Rattleshakes!"

The four benders entered the ring and the whole building quaked. Each one wore a slightly scary smile, bright green uniforms and pounded their fists together as they stepped onto the pro-bending stage. "And in this corner, one of my personal favorites, the Ba Sing Sluggers!" The brown-colored team entered the arena and appeared to be a lot weaker than the Rattleshakes, but made it obvious that they were much more determined than their opponent could ever be.

Noa turned towards Zhu Milou and waited for him to give the signal. "Begin!" Mr. Se screamed and the crowds followed as the benders ran towards each other, bending everything that they could and when they couldn't bend, they fought in hand-to-hand combat with one another.

"Isn't that against the rules?" Aiya asked her teacher and he chuckled in his own sinister way.

"Oh Aiya," Milou took a quick swig of his tea. "Here, there are no rules, only winners." The man lifted his small cup and finished the tea; he then bid one of the servants to return and take the cup.

The match continued, but as it went on, the crowd began to quiet down and grow tiresome. By the time the final round rolled around, everyone, even the players, were bored. "I thought this was supposed to be fun," Lei whispered to his sister and Milou Hu heard every word.

"Well, how about you two get up there and show these amateurs how a real bender fights!" The two hesitated, but knew there was no way that Milou would allow them to sit back and watch the fight.

"But we need four benders!" Aiya gave her excuse quickly, then regretted it, for she already knew Zhu Milou would have a sly answer to give.

"You each control two elements so, the real question that comes to my mind though, is who will you fight?"

The three surveyed the Ba Sing Sluggers and the Rattleshakes and came to a decision. "Everyone! Everyone!" Noa cried out when he heard the news. "We have some new benders who would like to find in the ring!" There were murmurs in the crowd until the twins appeared, now dressed in their training gear. Cheers again rose up and the people were again content with their entertainment.

Lei and Aiya stepped up on the stage and faced Emma, Clyde, Aye'Li and Tarrimae, who were too dressed in their training uniforms. "Good luck beating us." Clyde, one of the more annoying instructors of Lei and Aiya, smirked at them and prepared to blast them with air.

The twins laughed back, "You clearly underestimate our abilities."

The fight had begun.

Lei jumped forward and thrust a bolt of lightning at Clyde, but he bent the air and Emma redirected the blast to Aiya, who surprisingly was able to create an ice barricade to block it. Tarrimae, the waterbending teacher, easily bent the barrier Aiya had made and tried to use it to knock her off of the arena; luckily, Aiya saw this and quickly pushed the woman back with air, causing her to fall off the stage.

Aiya looked over at her brother, who was now facing Aye'Li and Emma; flaming boulders came rushing towards him and Aiya did her best to stop them, but she was soon distracted by Clyde.

Lei had managed to block most of Emma and Aye'Li's fire rocks, but he was still far from getting them out. Lei turned to his sister and saw that she was struggling with Clyde. He was about to do something about it, when he turned again to see Emma flinging a bolt of lightning at him; Lei was able to redirect but knew it had been a trick when he saw Aye'Li throw some strange metal substance at his sister.

Aiya managed to get Clyde back, but didn't notice the metal that was coming for her; thankfully, Lei was able to make it to where she was and grabbed her. Aiya screamed as she saw the substance in a voice that quite unlike hers and Lei's reaction was quite the opposite, he clung tightly to his sister and both their eyes suddenly glowed brightly. The twins stood and stayed close together while combining their elements and bending the metal into a ball and then, to everyone's surprise, began bending the stage with tremendous force.

The teachers ran away in fear and jumped into the water that was below them. Lei and Aiya soon followed after the stage was bent into a lotus shape so as to contain the dangerous liquid that almost harmed them.

The whole room had grown quiet and there was a strange peace that settled. Then the twins emerged from the water and Lei ran forward, knocking down tables and special guests along the way. "How dare you do such a thing!" Lei screamed at Zhu Milou violently.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Milou shrieked and made himself appear smaller and weaker than normal.

"You gave Aye'Li poison!" Lei grabbed Milou's collar and suspended him in the air, "You tried to kill my sister!"

Aiya ran towards her sibling and begged for him to stop, "Lei, what are you doing? You're making an unnecessary scene! Please stop!" Lei didn't listen to her and continued yelling at the old man.

"I think it's time the two of you go to bed. This party is over," Milou muttered and Lei dropped him onto the floor and he and Aiya exited the room.

"That's right, you heard it here folks," Noa Se sounded off. "The party is over, people."

Zhu Milou put his hand on his friend's shoulder, "I think that is enough Noa, you can go home."

Noa put his hands on his hips and was aglow, "Ah yes, back to the beautiful capital of our wonderful democratic government! Yes, I'll be on my way then." Noa bid Milou goodbye and filed out of the building with the rest of the guests.

When everyone was gone, Milou stood up and simpered at the instructors that remained in the room. "The plan has worked, I know what they are capable of now. Congratulations." Milou looked over at Aye'Li. "Of course, I am afraid I will have to let you go so they do not grow too suspicious." Aye'Li nodded and went to his living quarters. "Soon, everything will be ready."


Lei shook Aiya until she woke up from her dream. "What is it brother?" She yawned and opened her eyes wide when she saw that he was dressed in some Air Nation clothes. "Where did you get those?" Aiya removed her covers and jumped out of bed.

"We're leaving here, Aiya. The Eastern Air Temple is not that far, we can start over."

Aiya understood him and jumped out of bed, "Don't you think it is foolish to flee to the Air Nomads when only one of us can airbend?"

Lei nodded. "Well, where else are we going to go?"

Aiya thought for a moment, then came up with an answer. "Zhu Milou once told me about a place called Republic City. He said it is the pro-bending capital of the world!" The girl grabbed the map that was on the wall and set it on her bed. She then pointed to the place where Republic City was.

"How are we going to get there, Aiya?" Lei pointed to a huge section that Aiya had somehow overlooked. "The Si Wong Desert. We cannot make it across there!"

"Tu Zin!" Aiya shouted and pointed to an area that was dominated by mountains. "It's an old mining town right beside the mountains. We could go there and stay for the night, then begin our journey by traveling through the mountains."

"Good idea!" Lei said with satisfaction.

Aiya grabbed her things, then turned to her brother. "One more question, how will we escape?"

Lei looked down. "There is something I have been keeping from you, sister, but now I guess it's time that I show you." Lei turned to the wall and closed his eyes; he lunged forward and the whole room suddenly shook and the wall burst open. When the dust had cleared, Lei was lying on the floor, covered with many bruises. "I think I can combustionbend."

A siren went off, so Aiya grabbed her brother, helped him up, and the two took off. They had begun their journey and caused Milou's plans to stop, but the twins both knew that he would get them once again...

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