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Chapter Two (Viper's Venom)

How long has it been since it happened? About a year? Yeah, that sounds about right. It was exactly one year ago since the Harmonic Convergence occurred, the intimate test between good and evil. Just off the shores of Republic City, one would hardly think that a serious battle of two spiritual giants took place now that the damage had been completely fixed. One of those giants was Avatar Korra. The battle was won by her and the world was saved...but something else also happened...

Not so long after Vaatu's defeat, Korra had opened up the Spirit World to the real world, allowing spirits and humans to live on the same plane like it was during Avatar Wan's time. Korra single-handedly removed her role as "the bridge between the two worlds" for good. Ever since this, many things had changed around for Team Avatar, and the world.

Southern Water Tribe

Korra's new home.

It starts with Korra. Ever since her announcement in the North Pole, she had decided to help her family back in the South Pole to recover from the civil war between the two, which occurred and ended at the same time as Vaatu's small reign with Unalaq, Korra's uncle. She felt like she should, since she felt that it was her way of apology for her distrust from when she reunited with them again.

She woke up one fine morning in her village, now in her own special house. She doesn't admit it, but many consider this as an early Avatar retirement, since she didn't do any Avatar things anymore since the event. She got dressed and headed out, being stopped by the village children.

"Good morning kids," Korra said in a good tone. However, she can tell on their faces that they want to see something again (this happened a few times before). Korra sighed and smiled at them.

"Okay. What do you wanna see now?" The kids got excited, trying to get their idea in but Korra quieted them down so she can hear just one, which she choose a little boy. He asked as soon as he was picked "can you do that air scooter thing please?"

"Again? It's getting a bit old."

"Oh please Avatar Korra! Pleeeease?!"

"Okay okay, since you insist. Stand back." The kids did what they are told and took a step back as Korra focused up an orb of air. With a quick jump, she made an air scooter and started going circles around the group, them amazed by the act. She stopped racing around when one of them, a girl this time said, "I wish I can learn that."

"Well, it's pretty easy, once you get it down it's fun to do." Korra said, not wanting to disappoint her by saying she can't. Then however...

"I see you're having fun Korra."

"Dad!" Indeed it was her dad, Tonraq. This made her lose just enough focus to end up losing balance. She ended up finding herself spinning on her own air top for a few seconds before falling in the snow, the kids snickering at the mistake. Korra blew a piece of hair out of her eyes as she looked up at her smiling father. Tonraq helped her up and turned to the kids.

"All right children, you run off and play," Tonraq said. They did, but were bummed out only seeing one trick. Korra brushed off the snow and looked to her father.

"So Dad. Anything for me to do this time?" Korra asked. Tonraq them pulled out a letter he was holding.

"Actually Korra. I got a letter from your friends back in Republic City. They want you to come for a visit."

"Visit? Let me see." Tonraq gave Korra the letter. It did say an invitation back to the city, from Bolin. It said of seeing him in the championship for the Fire Ferrets, and he wanted her to see his victory. Still the same Bolin as usual. She looked to Tonraq.

"Am I allowed to go Dad?" Korra asked.

"Of course sweetheart. We can handle the village while you're away, you won't have to worry about that," Tonraq assured her. Korra gave him a hug, thanked him, and then went off to get Naga, her polar bear dog pet. Tonraq simply smiled as he went off on his duty.


Republic City is, at the for most, unchanged. It was still as busy as ever, and the damage had been fixed from the year ago. In fact, the event almost seemed ignorant, as everyone didn't bother it all that much. In the arena though, it was overly crowded as the semi finals were underway. The Fire Ferrets, led now by Bolin, had improved extremely over last year, and now they have their latest opponent on the ropes. It took all three members to finish it off as the cheering turned into an uproar as the semi-finals champions had been decided.

"And the winner of the semi-finals! The Fire Ferrets!!!" The announcer said, loud and proud for all to hear. The audience went into an uproar of cheering for the Fire Ferrets as the team went off to rest. The whole thing was being transmitted through the radio, of which Bolin's older brother Mako had just heard the news from the police station.

"Good job little brother," Mako thought aloud as he went back to his work. Now him being a detective, he had a big case going for him. He was looking over the disappearance of the businessman now refuge, Varrick. Varrick was sent to prison during the event of Vaatu and had escaped during the final fight. He wasn't seen since this, and Mako had the job to figure it out. He was looking over his files when Asami came in. Asami now is the president of Future Industries, and came on by to see Mako.

"Hi Mako. Got'cha something," Asami said, placing a package on his work desk. Mako opened it up to find a picture frame, with a pic of the whole gang and the Air Nomad children back at the Air Temple Island just outside Republic City.

"Thank you. It's a nice picture," Mako said, setting the picture over where it can be a good view, on his desk.

"So how's the detective work coming along?" Asami asked.

"Not so good. I haven't found any clue on Varrick, and I tried everything. All I do know is he escaped last year during the Harmonic Convergence, but that's it...what about you? Future Industries have been going up I heard."

"Yes it's going great. Future Industries is more successful. Already getting more sales then it had last year, almost increasing ten fold," Asami explained. Mako looked back to his papers before getting up, as he turned back to Asami. Although their relationship had stopped for a while, since he and Korra are no longer dating, they both were beginning to get along again.

"Come on Mako. You worked hard enough. How about you take a break and we both head out for a bite to eat? There's a nice restaurant in town that just opened up," Asami insisted.

Mako and Asami kiss

Mako and Asami's returning relationship.

"That sounds great," Mako said. For the sake of it, they both then kissed, lip to lip. Yep, their relationship is back up. They kept the kiss until a *ahem* got their attention. Just checking on her detective was Lin Beifong, Chief of Police.

"I guess the love bird has his new partner."

"Oh! Chief Beifong. I'm sorry I-"

"Oh it's fine. So any luck on Varrick's escape?" Mako turned to her, trying to act more respectful.

"I wish I did. I don't have any clues on where he went, all I got was when he escaped. Which I'm sure you already know."

"Yes. I also heard of your little date you were planning with Asami here. Before you ask, you can go right ahead. Not like it's going any faster anyway."

Asami and Mako kinda were embarrassed with the date thing but since they were given permission, they went off after thanking her. After they left, Lin Beifong looked to the picture frame, seeing all of the friends she worked with. Korra, Bolin, they were faces she hasn't seen in a while. A long while honestly. Since she was so busy, she hardly had time to handle any business with them. However business was very slow but anytime off for her was a chance something would pass up, so all she could do was go back to her office.


Out in Republic City, Bolin's team was going off having fun with their money they won for their win in the semi-finals. His teammates were named Honsho, the group's waterbender, and the firebender Carra. Bolin was pleased as Pabu rode on his shoulders, but the other two weren't too keen on it as he was.

Downtown Republic City

The busy Republic City.

"You all did great! We keep this up and the champion trophy is as good as ours!" Bolin said, enthusiastic as ever. Honsho though wasn't really feeling it, and he's sure Carra wasn't ether.

"Yeah sure. Bolin? I'm not so sure about this." Honsho started, sounding down in his voice.

"Not sure? You kidding, you did great in the arena."

"I know. Listen Bolin. I know this is all important to you but...I just don't see it."

"What you see is our names up in lights! The Fire Ferrets! What's not to see?"

"...the point Bolin. I don't see the point in this." Bolin didn't look as excited as before as Honsho continued.

"Sure it sounded rather fun at first when I joined the Fire Ferrets. But now I'm beginning to see that it isn't really for me. Sorry Bolin, but I'm resigning." Bolin's face turned to a shocked gape, he's leaving so soon?!

"What?! But you can't! The finals are a few days away!"

"Sorry Bolin. My mind's made up. I think I can do more than simply knock opponents out of a ring. See ya." With that, Honsho left. Bolin felt completely down but it was only worse as Carra began to go too.

"Carra? You too?"

"Well Bolin...I thought it was a good idea...but I's not for me ether. I...don't like getting hurt." Carra said, rather shy in saying it. She began to follow Honsho but Bolin got over in front of them.

"Now wait a minute. We've already gone so far already. We only have one challenge left, we can't quit now," Bolin said. Honsho and Carra still weren't sure on this, and didn't want to continue. Then Bolin got an idea.

"Can you guys at least finish the championship with me? Whether we win or lose, you can go on your way after that. Deal?" Honsho and Carra looked to each other. After some silence, Honsho looked Bolin right in the face.

"...fine Bolin. We'll help you for the championship. But after that you're on your own."

Bolin felt better that his team wasn't quitting on him (not yet anyway).

"Oh thank you! Thank you! Now come on Fire Ferrets, dinner's on me!" Bolin said, happy again. Carra and Honsho still felt unsure with it but at least it'll be until after the championship. Honsho and Carra followed him after a bit but Carra took a glimpse away, looking around like she usually does. Since the spirits are now free, it's a bit common to see flying spirits go past the city. As she was though, she also saw something different sitting on one of the rooftops. A tiny ring-tailed lemur looking down to her. They stared at each other for a minute until the little guy seemingly heard something and took off, flying with the spirits. Carra just followed the others after that.


Far off on the island, the Air Nomads there were doing their own thing. Ikki and Jinora were racing each other on their air scooters but Meelo was trying to call in Poki for an hour now, him still not showing up. He brought the lemur home from their trip to the air temples and he had been very close to Poki. After one more call from his whistle, Poki finally showed up, immediately landing on Meelo's head.


Hi Poki!

"There you are Poki. Where were you?" Meelo said as he rubbed Poki's head. Jinora and Ikki joined him later after racing, Jinora winning.

"Can you play now?" Ikki complained.

"But I wanna play with Poki," Meelo gripped, just getting the lemur back. Ikki took the lemur and held it away from Meelo.

"Come on Meelo! There's time for Poki later!" Ikki complained.

"But I haven't given Meelo a bath yet!" Meelo said, tugging on Poki's tail rather hard. Ikki grew defensive and pulled Poki a bit before the ring tailed flying lemur wriggled free and flew to Jinora standing nearby. Ikki and Meelo ended up arguing over this as Poki was turning unhappy. Jinora had enough of this.

"That's enough you two! Pulling Poki like that, he's a living animal, not a toy."

"I know. It's time for his bath though!" Meelo said.

"Can the bath wait until after you play?!" Ikki snapped. Jinora began to get annoyed with this and walked over to Ikki.

"Ikki listen. Poki is a living animal, he can't be ignored completely. Meelo has a responsibility for Poki, and he shouldn't just ignore him because you tell him no. It may not be important to you but it's important to him." Jinora explained.

"Yeah. He needs me," Meelo added. Jinora then turned to Meelo.

"Now Meelo, that doesn't mean she's completely wrong too. I know you love Poki, we all do. But you can't completely devote your life to taking care of Poki. He's a growing lemur, and part of that is letting him grow up sometimes without a guide so he can think for himself. You do want the best for him do you?" Jinora asked. Little Poki looked at Meelo as Meelo was thinking what Jinora had said.

"I do, but I love Poki."

"I know...I got it. You said Poki needed a bath right? How about you can give Poki a bath, and after that's done, we can all play together. Sound good?" Jinora said. Ikki and Meelo stopped arguing and agreed.

"You're brilliant! Right Poki?" Meelo said as Poki finally flew over to Meelo as another animal, one of Jinora's spirit dragonfly rabbit friends, flew over too and landed on her shoulder.

"Maybe I can help. Can I Meelo?" Ikki asked.

"Okay Ikki. You have to be gentle though." Meelo said, holding Poki as they both went off to give Poki his bath. Jinora smiled, she did good. She'd grown smarter in these sort of situations over the year and was growing fond of it. She was glad she can handle a confrontation without calling Tenzin. Jinora went off inside too, her bunny friend hovering nearby.

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