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Chapter One: The Southwestern Storm
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Avatar: The First Skybender


Volumen Primum: Paradiso (天堂)


Chapter One: The Southwestern Storm

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January 16 2012

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Previously on: Avatar: The First Skybender

Complaining about having to move one more time, an ill girl packs her stuff to leave the Patola Mountains Outskirts with her botanist father. She wonders about her dream to travel around the world, not from small town to another, but to visit the metropolis. She urges to get her life on the spotlight, in despise of everything she struggles. And by a twist little joke from the destiny, her dad orders her to set course to Caldera City, her mother's and her birthplace. On the sound of that she drives her dragasus through the sky, remembering the reason why they'd been travelling in the first place. Her mind loses itself from the saddest of her memories... Riding on enormous black winter's night bird-alike creatures, men in white cloaks terrify a village little girl.

Chapter One: The Southwestern Storm

The news that the sky had been turning dark on the southwest of the Fire Nation Islands spread fast and came up to the Northern Water Tribe, where my grandparents, my parents, and I live.

Because of my parentage, my family takes part of the tribe's aristocracy and I have bending classes at Master Suiki's school. My grandmother until now tells stories about a very long time ago when women here on the North Pole weren't allowed to have waterbending training.

The Suiki Family, my master Umi Suiki's, is one another of the aristocracy families, and they're kind of our cousins. Ame Suiki, my master's young sister, is one of my best friends and she's specialized in rain Waterbending.

Everyone in training commented about that weird storm of the southwest. By the end of the day, Ame and I went spying the Watchers' reunion with the Waterbender Army.

"... A summit meeting is needed among the remaining nation leaders..." The Elder Master ordered.

"We will have to send a ship with our representatives to Ba Sing Se..." said Master Suiki.

"Umi, you're missing something, even at these times Ba Sing Se is unguarded, the meeting place shall be the Eastern Air Temple, where the last Airbender Avatar, Avatar Aang, was born." This was my father talking.

He, as much as myself, knew well this story why among some families ours was the first in matriarchal line. And that is a renowned fact for us, because we are not actually from the Northern Water Tribe. We came from the South Pole's one.

And I am grandson of the eldest of the eldest of the eldest granddaughter of Avatar Aang. Something like that. I can't even tell exactly how many generations we're apart from Avatar Aang.

It's complicated. Well, I am a very important person here. Although we haven't inherited Aang's family name, our bending is the most powerful of all the descendant families. We've been organizing games to prove it.

My grandmother says about my great-great-great-great (I don't know how many greats to say) uncle, that my habit of Icebending boomerangs come from him, and my hair cut too.

But my sense of humour doesn't. This, she says, came totally from her great-great-grandmother. You got it.

Katara, Avatar Aang's wife.

And, family secret, Bloodbender. Watch out, this is a taboo among us Waterbenders.

At that moment I felt like going on an adventure, as if weren't a way backwards, as if being driven by the pressure of a waterfall. I grabbed Ame's wrist and pulled her with me. The ice city corridors reflect the gondole on their walls as if they were mirrored. We arrived on time at the aristocracy hall, where we should be eating.

We ate alternating with a few glancing stare exchanges, in which she guessed my thoughts. That dinner would be our last one at home for a long time. And it was useless for her to disagree. In the end, she always does what I want anyway.

That same night grandma came to me with a sad look, as if she knew that I planned to hide inside that ship parting by the end of early morning.

"My darling, I know it's a little bit sooner than you think for yourself, and also that you're not a girl..." She spoke clearly and smooth.

"Grandma, I'm a man, what is that supposed to mean? Just because I don't have a girlfriend yet, it doesn't mean that I am..."

"Oh! Don't worry about that, even if you disliked girls, you'd always being the same to me..."

"Granny, it wasn't what I meant to say..."

"What matters is inside, always remember that. What is inside. If you can bend what's inside. Then what's outside becomes easier." She knew what those words meant, however intertwined on those words were a message that by then I didn't comprehend yet.

"I know Grandma, there's more than meets the eye, and what matters is what we feel on the very inside and how we demonstrate it..."

"Take your Grandma's necklace, it was my grandma's grandma's, and her grandma's also."

"But it's girly!"

"I don't have granddaughters, and I will not have any. You are my only grandson. Hurry, put it around your neck!" she demanded gently.

I didn't hesitate. Yes, it was a girl's necklace with the Southern Water Tribe symbol pendant. But as I put it on, I felt the weight of my family generations. And I felt the warmth as if I were embraced by Katara's own arms. It felt like I was from now on being protected by her and Avatar Aang themselves.

"Now you are ready and I can go back to sleep," she laughed.


"Remember to bring souvenires from the places you'll pass..."

She knew.

The Moon smiled to the Ocean. The Watchers were patrolling and all was quiet. I wore my wolffox skin cloak and carried Waterbending holsters. Ame was wearing a tunic, a porbeagle bone-tiara, her own holsters, and a blue club, a very ancient tool.

Ame speaks little, the opposite of her older sister, and is pretty straightforward.

"You forgot the helmet. You are recognizable by your hair. Be glad I remembered and brought my grandfather's," she was saying, sentence by sentence slowly pronouncing each phoneme and the absence of sound, as She put the helmet covering my head.

"You know the reason, I was offered to the Moon. My grandmother told me about her great uncle had been fallen in love with the Northern Water Tribe Princess very many years ago, and She herself was also a Moon offering. That's why all firstborn girls of my family had been offered to the Moon. But my mom didn't have daughters. Then it was me. That's why my hair is white, while my eyes are blue and my skin is tanned."

"Shhh!!! It is time, let's get down, all the Watchers are on the other side of the wall."

So Ame Suiki pulled me by the wrist and we stuck in the hull of the ship. We thought we were not seen by anyone, but we didn't realize at the time. We were wrong about thinking we could sneak into without being noticed.

Not by anyone of the Water Tribe.

In the sky, distant, sat on a cloud someone who definitely did not belong to this place. We were not aware of what had happened until the next morning, when we noticed that there was no noise on the boat. And to our utter despair, we were completely alone, fully high seas, having no garrisons.

In the Commander's room, a note and a letter were on the table. The note had the Three Nations' shield aside with the one of the Republic of Nations. Though the letter had an incomprehensible stamp.

It was written on the note:

"In the care of Master Suiki, we send our representatives of the Northern Water Tribe, to the Eastern Air Temple..."

The note did not matter much. What was getting more my attention was the other correspondence. Even more when I read who was the sender.

"The Sky Parliament"

Finally the new war had been decreed, and we were going to the eye of the storm. Literally.

My name?

I am a descendant of the Southern Water Tribe original last Waterbender, before the unification.

I am the great-great-great-great (You've already got that) grandson of Katara. And so, Avatar Aang.

My name is:

Koori Kumo, from the Northern Water Tribe.


  • The Southwestern Storm is biased on a mix of cumulus congestus and cumulus castellanus, two types of towering cumulus clouds with cumulonimbus wall and overshooting top clouds. That makes the Southwestern Storm a four-type storm area with storm rainy weather on the low levels and fluffy white clouds at the highest altitudes.
  • Did you know that Koori means Ice in Japanese? And Kumo, Cloud? So his name is kind of "Ice Cloud". And also that Ame and Umi mean respectively Rain and Sea, and their surname Suiki is a misreading of the kanji for "Water Energy"?
  • This chapter first version was written in Portuguese, so if by any chance it is still hard to understand, please contact the author (me).


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