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Chapter One: The Portal: Part Two
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The Portal: Part Two

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After the unexpected training, will the brothers succeed in the test and take their leave?


Previously on Destiny of Two,

While they were occasionally taking a sip of their tea cups, Sokka stood up and gave them their first question. "First question, quite a simple one, actually. If a couple of guys were coming close to you and using inappropriate language, what would you do? Intimidate them, engage them or do you ignore them and leave?"

Niro and Psjitu looked at each other and nodded. Niro got up and answered, "Well, we are thinking something more like this: We converse with them for a couple of minutes and make clear that we are not to be trifled with. If they go on, we will use deadly force to save our lives if this is needed. If they are not harmful, we will use force to intimidate them." The three older men got together and argued about the answer. When they were done, Iroh took the word and spoke; "This is a good answer, because it indicates that you do not have the intention to harm these people. We would have agreed to any other answer, if it included not harming these people."

Psjitu was lost in his stream of thoughts. I'm sure this was a warm-up question, I wonder which questions are coming next...

The Spirit World, later that evening

"Well, that was a very interesting question, Sokka," Psjitu sarcastically said while suppressing a large yawn. He had been yawning all evening, because he was bored by the load of questions that were fired at him.

"Okay, you can leave now, it's almost midnight," Sokka sighed and continued to think about the human world. He would give up anything to see his wife and friends again. Well, most of my friends.. Sokka quietly chuckled. Secretly, he was happy that he at least had Aang, one of his best friends. It didn't take long to hear Sokka snoring and he was lying with his head on the table.

The group quickly dissipated as everyone went to their beds. Although the brothers weren't spirits as the guardians, they all needed sleep to let their minds rest and take in everything that happened that previous day.

Psjitu awoke with bright sun rays shining in his eyes, because the window was in front of his face. He groaned, not wanting to get up, simply because he was always in a bad mood in the morning. Even on the prettiest of days, he would still awake groggily. Niro, on the other hand, was genuinely a morning person. He would get some exercise in the morning, take a walk and of course drink a heartbeat-relaxing good cup of tea, which was made by Iroh.

This morning was somehow different. Instead of more groaning and complaining how nice and comfortable his bed was, he quickly got up, got dressed and before he knew, he was sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea. He had seen Aang and Niro sparring while he was walking to the table where a cup of tea would really awake him. He also saw Sokka run with a troubled face past him and discovered that several meters further, Sokka had tripped over a little crutch and he now had a big red spot all over his face. Fortunately, he could still laugh about it, because he was still his old self. Meat and sarcasm still count. Was the thought that was running in his mind. Aside from that other thought..

"Iroh, could I have a word with you in private?" Sokka asked, while trying to hide his expression and failing to do so. There was still a very troubled expression on his face, besides it being red.

"Of course Sokka," Iroh responded, "I assume it has do with the upcoming events?"

"Like you can read my mind." Sokka laughed. Once they had found a secluded spot to continue their conversation and sat down, Iroh continued talking.

"So, what news in the human world?" Iroh inquired.

"Well, I couldn't find out that much, but it seems a problem has arose," Sokka explained.

"What kind of problem are we talking about, Sokka?"

Sokka sighed, "Well, it appears that the kidnappers of our beloved brothers' parents have traveled to the human world. There will be a chance that they will meet and confront Niro and Psjitu with their kidnapping."

"That will eventually happen Sokka, even if we tried to hold them here. It must happen," Iroh responded with a somewhat harsh, but also saddened voice.

"There's no denying it, I know. But that's not the problem." Sokka sighed and Iroh could feel where this was going. "When I was at the spirit portals, I was just in time to see the last one leave. Not before he looked at me though. It sent a shiver down my spine." This intrigued Iroh, because Iroh had experienced that only once in his life.

"I have reached to the conclusion with the evidence I have collected that the kidnappers are shape-shifting spirits. They can take the form of humans, Iroh!" Sokka said with a voice mixed with fear and agony.

"That is awful. We must warn them." As soon as Sokka told him, he had his response ready.

"Agreed, but I must first do some more research before I can be absolutely sure about this," Sokka added.

"Take your time, but please do it as quickly as possible Sokka. But first, what will we tell them?"

Sokka had no idea, that was the only thing that hadn't crossed his mind. Suddenly, a bright idea struck his head. "We will let them contact the current Avatar, Korra."

Iroh responded with a slight hint of joy, "I knew you had it in you Sokka."

"I know myself, Iroh," Sokka added with a chuckle of self-confidence.

They were finally there, the spirit portal of Republic City, made roughly two and a half years ago. They were told to find the current Avatar, Korra, in Republic City by their guardians. They were sitting on a rock overlooking the portal and talking about their past times in the Spirit World. They had already said their goodbyes to Sokka, Iroh and Aang, who told them they would meet again.

As the sun said her goodbyes to the Spirit Realm, the last of the horizon began to sink until the sun would disappear and the brothers knew they would greet her again. They had their backpacks hanging on their sides as they approached the bright yellow portal. They both gulped as they stood only meters away and the distance was closing now.

Finally, they met in front of the portal and looked in each other's eyes. They both saw the determination of themselves to see their mother and father again. After some twenty years without their love, their hearts were aching for their return to a normal life. Their life was far away from a normal life, they knew that for sure.

They both stepped up and took each other's hands. They felt their tight grasp, the strong connection between the brothers. Before they could disappear, they both shared a look behind their previous spot and they saw the three smiles of three men under the yellow and golden rays of the sinking sun, letting the young ones go and explore their lives.

They didn't know how long it would take, but they both remembered Aang's wise words: "Time is an illusion." They concentrated on their thoughts and they opened their eyes and looked around in shock. They experienced their first ever sight of a city and it was huge. "Where should we start looking, Niro?" Psjitu asked, as if Niro knew better...

Author's note

At first, I had no idea I was incorporating shape-shifting in this story, but this gives me at least some more possibilities to develop the plot. It sounds a bit cheesy, but I like the story so far and I wouldn't want it to be anything else.

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