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Chapter One: The Portal: Part One
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Destiny of Two


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The Portal: Part One

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Chapter One: The Portal: Part Two


The brothers start with their final test and in addition, they walk into an unsuspected surprise.


Sokka went to pick up the brothers, but he didn't know where they were. He started looking for them. They weren't at the table where they would always drink their tea and he checked their bedrooms, but they weren't there either. It must be the training grounds, Sokka thought, but they weren't there too. He was panicking a little bit, but he was able to calm himself. When he was walking back to Aang and Iroh, he heard a small chuckle. He turned around, the table with the tea and the training grounds in the background, but no person around. Just shadows from the positioning of the sun. He knew that he was being watched. He also knew who was watching him. All he needed to do was lure them out. His mind quickly began to devise a plan to do that. The idea hit his head; Why don't I pretend to meditate like Aang always does and they are so curious that they will come out and see. Fortunately for him, they caught the bait. He didn't know who they were, but he could sense there were four of them. He felt that one of them was waving his hand in front of his face. Patience, Sokka, I have to open his eyes at the right time. He sprang up, opened his eyes and it scared the hell out of Aang.

"Got you there, goofy kid!" Sokka exclaimed in pleasure. Aang jumped something like 10 meters up in the bright skies. He was genuinely freaked out by Sokka's jump.

"Damn you, Sokka!" Aang shouted. This was one of those rare times that Aang was scared the crap out of. Aang walks so silent, it's like he's walking on air. The brothers and Iroh came out of their hiding spots laughing so hard that their throats started to protest and tears were streaming out of their eyes.

"Man, that was funny as hell!" Psjitu exclaimed.

"You're right, Psjitu," Sokka said.

Aang was in shock and laughing at the same time. He couldn't stop. It was like this until his throat protested heavily. He was gasping for air and inhaled through his nose and exhaled through his mouth to let it go. When he was finally done, the rest of the guys were gone. Where are they at? Aang was thinking. With lighting speed reflexes, which he obviously still had, he dove out of the way of a boomerang. "Sokka, why is your boomerang aimed at me?" Aang shouted.

Sokka shouted back, "Because we want to have a little sparring match!"

"You got it, guys," Aang responded.

He took his defensive stance and bend an earth wall in front of him as a huge gust of air came at him with high speed. Of course, he was able to hold that wall, he was used to this. Niro shouted, "I am just getting warmed up!"

"Good," Aang muttered to himself.

He stomped with his foot on the ground and sensed a grown man running at him with a pretty high speed and was also readying his sword for an offensive strike. Aang didn't want to end this easy, so he bent some of the water from the grass and made an ice wall to block Sokka. However, Aang didn't expect a huge fire ball to crash into his wall with quite some force. So, he had to fight a battle on two fronts. First, he had to put a stop to Sokka's attack and after that, he could focus on the two brothers who were using their skills to launch an incoming attack. In order to gain the advantage, Aang had to go somewhere his adversaries could not. Under the ground. He bent a hole for himself and made sure they couldn't follow him.

His thoughts were racing to find a solution to win this competitive battle. He knew that he had to separate the twin brothers to make their attack less effective. And Sokka... No problem for my bending. Aang thought. On the surface, the twins and Sokka were planning their attack. They knew Aang too well. "Okay guys, first Aang is going to try to separate your attack, because you will be less stronger when you're not working together. So, what we're gonna do, is when he comes out, you will already separate. So I will start a diversion giving you the time to get to together and make the final blow to end this. You must not be seen or felt by Aang, understood?" Sokka told them.

"You got it, Master." The twins bowed to him and got into their position.

Meanwhile, while Aang was making his way up, he could feel the shifts in the earth. Just as I thought.. He shot out of the earth behind Sokka, who had predicted this.

"You cannot win this, Aang!" Sokka shouted while currents of air where surrounding the two men. As the air currents stopped, Aang shouted: "Where are the twins?"

As if on cue, they landed right behind Aang. The four of them took their offensive stances and they all knew no one was going to win. "Good job everyone, very nice forms," Iroh said while he walked towards them.

"Are we now going to have that final test we have been waiting for?" Niro asked the three older men. The guardians all shared a look and decided. "In a moment, first some tea for the relaxing of your minds." Iroh answered.

"We had you there Aang, admit it," Sokka said. "Of course Sokka," Aang sighed and the words were dripping with sarcasm. Sokka rolled his eyes before he lightly hit Aang on the shoulder. "I know you're kidding."

"Then why isn't everyone laughing?" Aang added. "Because I'm still the meat and sarcasm guy, plus I'm a renowned swordmaster now. You should be bowing to me, 'almighty spirity Avatar'," Sokka said with a sly smile on his face. "You're lucky you're not talking to Toph, she would have smacked you on the shoulder hard and I mean, hard." Aang responded.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it. How is she doing anyway?" Sokka looked at Aang with a curious gaze. "Oh, she's fine in the Swamp," Aang told him.

Before Sokka could respond how much he was disgusted by the Swamp, they had arrived at the tea table. Niro and Psjitu had been whispering to each other what they would do when they got out of there. Iroh called and silenced everyone: "Tea for my favorite people coming up!"

"Finally, some relaxing before the test," Psjitu exclaimed as he was real grumpy because this was taking so long to do the test. "Psjitu, be patient," Niro told his brother. "I don't have to time to be patient Niro," Psjitu bit back.

"Alright, we don't need you two fighting too," Sokka said while chuckling a bit. "The test is about to start, so would you please take your seats?" Iroh stated. The five men still had a steaming cup of jasmine tea, Iroh's favorite.

While they were occasionally took a sip of their tea cups, Sokka stood up and gave them their first question. "First question, quite a simple one, actually. If a couple of guys were coming close to you and using inappropriate language, what would you do? Intimidate them, engage them or do you ignore them and leave?"

Niro and Psjitu looked at each other and nodded. Niro got up and answered; "Well, we are thinking something more like this: We converse with them for a couple of minutes and make clear that we are not to be trifled with. If they go on, we will use deadly force to save our lives if this is necessary. If they are not harmful, we will use force to intimidate them." The three older men got together and argued about the answer. When they were done, Iroh took the word and spoke: "This is a good answer, because it indicates that you do not have the intention to harm these people. We would have agreed to any other answer, if it included not harming these people."

Psjitu was lost in his stream of thoughts. I'm sure this was a warm-up question, I wonder which questions are coming next...

Author's note

I was gonna make one chapter, but as I saw this was becoming too long, I am gonna make two parts of this chapter.

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