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The Kingdom of Spirits





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January 17, 2014

Chapter One: Peace

After the war was over Aang finally won Katara's heart, and now they went back to the South Pole. When they got there, Sokka said, "Finally, the war is over, we can now rest."

Aang thought the same thing and laid down on the ground and then Katara said, "I think everybody can rest."

And then somewhere else, there was somebody who sees everything and he said, "Well, rest now. All of you have to prepare for the new war. It will start soon enough."

Back in the South Pole, both Sokka and Katara said, "It's nice to be home. Right?"

Then Gran-gran came and said, "Oh I am so glad to see all of you."

Then Katara said, "It's nice to be home Gran-Gran."

Later that night, Katara walked out and admired the stars. Aang walked out too, and he also admired the stars. And then Katara said, "I can see the stars without worry that a Fire Nation ship will come. Isn't it beautiful?"

Then Aang said, "Sure they are, but not as beautiful as you." Katara smiled and got red skin.

However, Katara looked away, and Aang immediately said, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Then Katara said, "Oh, it's nothing. Yet even that the war is over, I still feel something is wrong."

After a while, everybody went to bed, but Katara can't sleep. She is having a nightmare; she moves in her bed all the time. Katara dreams about a castle that she has never seen before. Then suddenly, a mysterious voice is heard and it said, "It is time. It's time for a new war."

Then Katara wakes up immediately and said, "NOOOOOO!"

Then Aang said, "What's wrong?"

Then Katara said, "I don't know Aang. I don't know."

The next morning, everybody looked strange at Katara and she said, "What's wrong?"

Then Sokka said, "Well, you are having a lot of nightmares that you will not tell us."

Then Aang said, "Yeah, what are you dreaming about?"

Then Katara had a sad face and looked down and said, "I was dreaming that a new war will start."

Then Aang said, "Don't worry Katara, we have stopped the Hundred Year War."

Then Katara said, "I know, I know, but still I feel there is something wrong."

Then Sokka said, "Katara stop please. Relax, okay?"

Katara understood what Sokka meant but she is still worried.

3 weeks later and it has been peaceful. Katara starts believing that nothing is wrong. But suddenly, the sky became darker and darker. Then Katara said, "What is going on?"

Then Sokka said, "Well, I think is going to rain."

Then Aang said, "No. It's the spirits."

Katara was afraid but she needs to protect her home. The spirits came and terrorized the village.

Aang manage to take away a lot of them but it wasn't enough.

Katara fights against a spirit and asked, "Why are you doing this? We have done nothing."

Then a mysterious voice came and said, "That's true. But I am not satisfied."

Katara said, "Who are you?"

Then the mysterious voice answered, "If I told you, then it wouldn't be fun."

Katara said, "What do you want?"

Aang and Sokka watch her and Sokka said, "Who is she talking to?"

Then Aang moved his shoulder up to tell him that he has no idea.

The mysterious voice said, "What I want, is you Katara."

Katara said, "What?"

Then the mysterious voice said, "You heard me, I want YOU."

Then a big fog came and Aang and Sokka were worried, but when they came to check the fog, Katara was gone.

Aang said, "Where is she?"

Then Sokka said, "This is weird, people don't disappear like that.

Then Aang said, "She is gone. I can feel it. She is not here."

Then Sokka said, "Well, if she is not here, then where is she?"

Meanwhile in a place far away, Katara woke up, and she yelled: "WHY AM I HERE?"

Then the same mysterious voice said, "You are here to fulfill your destiny."

Then Katara said, "And what is that?"

Then the voice said, "To sacrifice your spirit to the Kingdom of Spirits."

Then Katara said, "What? Where am I?"

Then the voice said, "You are in Castle Nessuno. This is the most forgettable castle that have ever existed. Nobody knows about this castle. Nobody has any idea that this castle actually existed which means..."

Then Katara said, "Nobody will find me."

Then the voice said, "That's right... Mwhahahahahahaha (while the voice is laughing Katara cried) hahahahahaha!"

To be continued

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