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Ba Sing Se
Dawning of a New Kingdom
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Book Five: Growth



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Chapter Two: Attack on Republic City


President Wu officially declares the Earth Kingdom the United Earth Nation, holding a ceremony for Team Avatar. Meanwhile, problems are brewing in Republic City, and an unknown threat has their own plans for President Raiko.

Ba Sing Se

The huddled masses all stood with bright smiles, their eyes glistening with hope as President Wu addressed them. Wu stood behind the podium, letting rampant thoughts about what to say bounce in his head. His silence came to the attention of Mako.

"So," Mako whispered to Bolin, "think he forgot to bring his speech?"

"Nah. I - I like to believe Wu is a now kind of person," Bolin answered from behind Wu. Team Avatar sat side-by-side in chairs behind Wu, each of them confiding privately with one another.

Korra intruded. "Don't make excuses for Wu, Bolin."

"Guys," Asami whispered abruptly, "just calm down. Wu will think of something. I mean c'mon. It's Wu."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Mako answered.

"Trust me, Mako. Wu is a natural orator. Let things play out."

Suddenly, Wu began to speak. "Hello, citizens of the United Earth Nation, I have come to give the annual address, and I am proud to say that the face of this nation has changed for the better. Ever since the Kuvira crisis two years ago had left this nation a scarred and fearful place, things have been getting better for us - that is, thanks to Team Avatar who have been residing here for those past two years." The crowd let out a loud applause for Team Avatar. "Still. As citizens of this nation, you have a right to know what happened to Kuvira. I have forgiven her for the wrongs she did, but her crimes against the world were overwhelming. Kuvira has been placed in prison for life with very little chance of rehabilitation. Still though, the army will continue serving and be dispatched to the independent states where they will work as state guards of the nation, and in spite of Kuvira, I now ask Avatar Korra to say a few words." The crowd applauded as Korra was called up.

Korra began to address them. "To the citizens of the U.E.N., I understand tensions have risen these past two years about Kuvira. Even after staying here for two years, things have not settled. This nation has seen the dawning of a new hope, but I still fear that these rebellious groups will not stop. However, Kuvira cared for this nation more than most us. She wanted to make this place invulnerable, and the only way to that is peace. The Dai Li have been banished, and the high officials of Kuvira's regime have been imprisoned but will be subjected to rehabilitation and parole." Suddenly, Korra felt lightheaded. The thoughts of Kuvira flashed in her head. Their battle, the tearing open of the new spirit portal. All of it just detonated in her mind. "That's all I wish to say." Korra left the stage imbalanced.

Asami comforted her. "Korra, are you okay."

"Yeah," Korra answered, gathering her strength. "I'm fine."

Wu then continued to speak. "I would like to thank Asami Sato for stationing her company here in the United Earth Nation. She has since then helped this nation bloom industrially. Not only that, she and her company have made repairs to our newly improved railway system and helped repurpose the detention camps into smaller factories. Mako has served as my bodyguard and advisor these past two years, and there's no way I can ever repay him for that.

"You could double my salary," Mako intruded.

"Ha ha! Funny Mako," Wu answered. "Always making jokes."

"Ugh! I wasn't joking," he whispered.

"I would also like to congratulate Bolin on his work with us.. And now that the city has leveled out in most areas, I am announcing plans to bring down the walls that separate us. Now we can all use the bathroom together and in harmony! The army will maintain stability around this city and the other states!"

"Go Wu!" the crowd cheered.

People began to applaud Wu on his great yet improvised speech. The address ended shortly after. Team Avatar, now exhausted chilled in the palace which was now undergoing renovation.

"I'm impressed, Wu," Mako told him. "Best speech yet! Now if only you could fight as well as you could talk."

"Hey," Wu told him. "My badgermoles to all the fighting for me."

"So you can sing on their same frequency. Big deal."

"Bet I could take you down."

"Ooh!" the rest of Team Avatar said simultaneously.

"Fine," said Mako. "Where and when?"

"Out by the topiary garden." Wu began singing: "Xu and Zu, I need you. This fiery dude is going . . . cuckoo." The ground began to shake as two badgermoles tunneled out of the ground. "Mako, you just made the biggest mistake of your life."

Out at the topiary garden, Mako stood his hands in fist. Wu stood in between his two badgermoles Xu and Zu. He yelled to Mako, "Don't hold back!"

"Well, I never thought I'd hear that coming out of your mouth!" said Mako.

From a distance, Korra, Asami, and Bolin were observing. Bolin said, "My five yuans are on Mako."

"Mine are on Wu," said Korra. "What about you Asami?"

"Nah! I'll just root for Wu."

Korra answered Asami. "Good choice."

Asami laughed. "Of course it is. It's yours."

Korra laughed back. Mako fired the first shot. A fire blast. Wu began singing: "Oh, Mako. Your fire is so . . . cold." Xu and Zu pounded the paws into the ground and a wall arose, protecting Wu from the flame. "Go, badgermoles, and do your thing. Get me away from that fiery fiend." Xu shook the ground once more with his paw, sending the wall of earth jetting through the air. Mako panicked and shot it with lightning but was tossed through the air as the pieces sent his flying back. "Hungry for more?" Without warning earth from below Mako shot up in different places tossing him through the air and back down until another piece of earth caught him and sent him through the air and back down. Mako was now exhausted. He sent a wave of fire at Wu, but in the heat of the moment, Wu broke into dance and dodged it with mere agility. "It's time to end this battle so Zu just make it quick." Zu opened a fissure in the ground and trapped Mako. Xu rose a boulder over Mako's held and released. Mako screamed in terror. Suddenly Wu sang one word: "Enough!" The boulder stopped in midair and was cast to the side. Xu and Zu disappeared back into the earth. Wu walked proudly over to Mako. Victoriously, he told him, "Told you."

"Hey!" Asami said. "Republic City is holding a meeting. I just got word that their expansionism plan is on the verge of completion and the main downtown areas have also been renovated."

"Well, while I wish we could be there, this nation still needs guidance. Trust me. This is of the utmost importance."

Republic City

In Republic City, a tension rose in the thickening air. President Raiko faced the press with a failing smile as their questions filled the void.

"Do you feel the Kuvira crisis could have been handled in a different way?"

"Is the growth of our economy due to the absence of Team Avatar?"

"Mr. President, how will you respond to the suspicious law firm of the city?"

"Enough!" screamed Raiko.

"That's all of the questions the president will accept today," said Lin into the speaker.

Lin, Raiko, Tenzin, Varrick, and Zhu Li returned to the President's office, closing the door firmly behind themselves.

"I don't understand this," said Raiko frustratingly. "All of this talk of Kuvira and mediocre lawful activity. What more does the press want? I've been giving my all to have this city back on track—"

"—And the people appreciate that, sir. Your approval ratings have risen—" responded Lin.

"—Yeah!" Varrick exclaimed. "And things can only get better now that you've given me that medal."

Tenzin intervened, "It is true. The people are proud that Varrick had put the Restoration Act in effect―"

"— And might I say that it's about time I got that medal. Not only did I lead the expansionism of Republic City, but I went back and made renovations to the downtown area that you suggested we abandon!" Varrick blurted.

"That's enough of your blabber, Varrick," Raiko said infuriatingly. "All I care about is your division, Lin."

"Sir," Lin began, "the Police force is not the issue. Tenzin and I have been discussing some things—"

"— we thought it best that I tell you that Republic City is on the brink of bankruptcy. There are way more jobless now than ever before in Republic City's short history. You've completely abandoned the budget plan for the city," Tenzin brought up.

"Sir," Zhu Li spoke, "Varrick Industries International has been funding the reconstruction projects for the city for a consistent two years. And quite frankly, we need some way to get back the credits. After all, you need all the help you can get, but we can only offer it as long as you can get us back the money. If nothing changes soon, I'm afraid we'll have to pull out. Republic City may be on the verge of entering . . . a great depression."

Raiko sighed with hands rubbing his forehead. He then uttered, "Everyone out, except . . . for Tenzin." Varrick walked out proudly, hand-in-hand with Zhu Li. Lin was totally bored and angry during the situation. Raiko took a seat, no longer able to stand. "Things are spiraling out of hand Tenzin. The police force is somehow failing. Republic City is going to implode on itself, and all of its citizens . . . . . . it's hard to even think about what's going to happen with them. Right now, you're the only one who seems to be getting things straight."

"I'm here however you need me to be, and so it the Air Nation. Most of them are down in the civilian areas now helping everything run smoother. Most citizens have either settled in downtown or in the newly expanded areas―"

"—But how long will it be before they have to move out?"

"Sir, things are going to be fine, and the Metalbending Police Force is fine . . . hopefully. But if you think Lin's gone soft, you're badly mistaken."

"You know, you're right, about Lin that is. There's no chance that woman's going to crack."

"I suppose Republic City needs its Avatar just like the Earth Kingdom."

"I suppose you're right. Right now, the world really can't afford to face a new problem."

Tu Zin

The darkening sky fell upon the blazing hot of sand jetting through the wind, but hitting the target as glass. It was following by a resounding echo that distorted all in its path, but it appeared as a blast of spiraling air. The last two perfected their abilities as well, and this all haled in comparison to the sinister voice echoing in the shadows.

"Excellent," voiced the shadow. "You're ready. It's been five years since the last mission, and I do not intend to see this one fail. Zaheer may have failed us, but Yosuke, you and your team's abilities are nothing the world could have foreseen. You will not be seeing me for a while as I have places to get to, things I must prepare for myself. Still, your mission will commence tomorrow . . . and it starts with President Raiko.


  • Korra has not been in the Avatar State in two years.
  • Republic City is on the verge of a depression.

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