Burning eyes
Chapter Nine (Spirit Saga)
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August 12, 2012

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"Your face is so beautiful -it's almost a shame I have to take it...almost," Koh said.

"Koh, stop!" Aang screamd with all his might. He tried desperately to open his cell, but nothing worked. He had no water or earth to bend. Airbending did nothing. Firebending would be of no use...or would it? "Aha!"

Aang ran over to the door. He touched the door, feeling it for anything feeling different from the rest of the door. The lock! He found the lock, then created a small flame. He burned the lock until it snapped. Aang airbended the door open. He opened Toph's wooden cell.

"Get everyone out of here, Toph!" Aang yelled.

"You got it, Twinkle Toes! Toph ran over to each cell and metalbended the doors open. Aang rushed to Katara's cell, where he had her pinned down on the ground.

"No, please!" Katara screamed.

"STOP!" Aang screamed. He sent a flurry of attacks at Koh, who easily dodged them.

"I think it's time you see your mother," Koh said. He switched his face to a beautiful woman from the Southern Water Tribe, many years ago.

"Ummi!" Aang exclaimed. Koh quickly changed his face to a blue-faced wolfbat.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Katara screamed.

"Say goodbye, waterbender!" He reached for Katara's face. There was nothing that could stop him.

And an arrow flew through the air at an incredible speed. It hit Koh's eye. Aang looked behind him, where he saw Longshot.

"Get out of here. It'll hold him off for a bit, but not for long. Go," he said. Aang nodded. He hurried to Katara, picked her up, and rushed out of the prison. He climbed the steps leading to above ground. The rest of Team Avatar was there, with Smellerbee.

"We have to get out of here!" Aang yelled. He pulled his whistle out of his pocket and blew it. In a few seconds, Appa landed next to them. They all climbed onto the sky bison's back. "Yip yip!" Aang exclaimed. Appa took off. They were about a hundred feet in the air when Smellerbee noticed something.

"Wait, what about Longshot?" Smellerbee worrily yelled. They all looked to the ground where they saw Longshot standing at the entrance of Koh's underground prison. "We have to go back!" she yelled.

"Are you crazy?" Sokka asked. "We can't go back when there's a crazy face-stealing spirit back there!"

"Sokka!" Aang yelled. "Longshot's the only reason we got away. We have to go back down."

"Aang..." Katara said as tears rolled down her face. She clung to Aang. He turned Appa around and headed for the ground.

"Get on!" Zuko exclaimed. Longshot did nothing.

"Come on!" Sokka yelled.

"I'm not going," he said.

"What?" Smellerbee said. "C'mon, Longshot! We're not playing! We have to get out of here!"

Longshot took a step towards Appa, then a step back, another step towards Appa, and finally turned around and headed back into the prison.

"No!" Smellerbee exclaimed.

"We have to go!" Aang screamed. "Yip yip!"

"I can't leave without him," said Smellerbee. Shet ook one look at Team Avatar, then jumped off of Appa.

"No!" Katara said. She pushed Aang aside and took control of Appa. She turned him around and caught Smellerbee a few seconds before she hit the ground.

"Longshot..." she said.

Suddenly, the prison shook. A few seconds later, Longshot came running out. He sprinted past Appa and towards the ocean.

"Huh?" Zuko said, confused. "What's he...?"

"Oh no!" Katara said.

Longshot took a sharp right turn down the street and headed for what would become City Hall. Appa followed him. Eventually, Longshot stopped. Appa stopped flying and landed next to him. Longshot readied an arrow at the base of a large fire that was burning.

"Longshot, no!" Aang screamed.

But it was too late. Longshot didn't only die instantly, he died a hero. Why?

Because Koh was dead, too.

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