Chapter I (The Story of Tui and La)
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The Story of Tui and La





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A word before you read...

I know it isn't the greatest story, who am I kidding, it's horrible, I hope that you like the story. I have worked on it in 1 week. It has been deleted and remade once. I hope you like it.


"C'mon!" said a voice. It was La, the to-be-Ocean Spirit. Tui and La were from the Northern Water Tribe. In the summer, when it was warm, they would race through the Water Tribe School courtyard when the students weren't training. Tui had long, white hair that followed behind her like a river of foamy water. La had messy, black hair that, in the winter, got little caps of ice around the tips. Tui liked La but never told her before.

"I'll beat you!" Tui shouted, keeping her eye on her path. They were racing to the Palace as quick as they could. Tui was the fist to arrive. When they got there, the Tribal Chiefs of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes were there. Their feeling of joyfulness was replaced with something else: worry. If the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe had come all the way across the globe, it had to be important.

"This is Tahn, the Tribal Chief of our Sister Tribe, and his daughter," said Laoak, the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Tahn had a long, brown beard covering a necklace made of sharp polar bear-dog teeth and sparkling eyes. His daughter was about twelve, and had even sparklier eyes. La loved her, no doubt. Almost like he was hypnotized. He walked up to Tahn and said, "I'll guard her!"

"Well, okay." Tahn said. He looked at Laoak and pulled out a little, wooden box with red paint stored inside. La kneeled as Tahn drew the markings of a warrior.

La walked over to her and grabbed her arm. "What's your name?"

"I'm Nu Hai," she said.

"Hey, you... uh... wanna go to... uh... the one bridge on...uh...a walk?" La asked her on a date. It was really hard. His heart was beating faster than a tiger-armadillo chasing a rabberoo

Tui was just behind a column listening to their conversation. She stamped her left foot on the ground in jealousy.

At the bridge, later that night, La and Nu Hai walked along the right side holding hands and *surprise, surprise* Tui was standing on a little boat made of ice under the bridge. She growled. She was angry. That wasn't good. She, again, stomped on the ground causing the bridge to collapse, leaving the couple in the frigid water.

They decided to have a second first date. This time, to the Icy Ice Cream Parlor. Nu Hai ordered the ocean kumquat sorbet. La just sat back and in a seat stared at Nu Hai. Again, Tui was at a different table eating ice cream, scowling at Nu Hai. A rage flooded her body. She slammed her fist on the table and the ice cream in the dish that Nu Hai was eating floated up and smashed in her face.

"This is the worst date ever!" Nu Hai said. With that, she stood up and walked out of the ice cream parlor. La followed.

When he got out of the parlor, he went up to her and tried to apologize.

"No!" she said. "You try to destroy every one of our dates. I-I thought you loved me."

When La got back to his house, Tui was waiting for him.

"It was me." she confessed. "I was the one who's been ruining your dates. I destroyed the bridge, I shoved-"

La interrupted her with a kiss. La kissed Tui's blue lips. He liked it. He loved Tui. When the kiss was done they looked at each other's eyes. The Moon was full and, in the Water Tribe, was a symbol of love. Then, holding hands and not saying anything, La walked Tui home. When they arrived to her home, they gave ach other another kiss. Tui shut the door quietly. Once La knew that he couldn't be heard, he said quietly to himself, "Score!". <3

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