Chapter IV: The Western Air Temple
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The Western Air Temple

Bharato looked, and he was pleased. All these soldiers, preparing to strike at Ba Sing Se. That city would fall, without a doubt. He saw something in the sky. It was white, and fast. "The Avatar's bison", he said out loud. He turned to a captain. "Is my airship ready?" The captain turned to Bharato, and nodded. "Good, then start it up. We're going after the Avatar."


Kumaro looked at Aditi, who was looking out at the clouds. "Aditi, how long before, we get to the temple?"

Aditi turned to Kumaro, and responded, "In about five minutes." They continued to fly for some time, until they saw a massive canyon in the distance. "There it is", Aditi remarked. They saw it com closer, and when they were flying over it, they beheld an amazing sight, They saw people, flying gliders around, without a care in the world. They saw an elder instructing a group of children on how to create an air blast. And, they saw sky bison, flying with people on them.

"Think they'll notice if we land?" Kumaro asked Aditi.

"I don't think it's going to matter", Aditi responded. They flew down to a platform, and got off. A boy, clearly not a master, as he did not have tattoos, saw Kumaro, in his red clothing.

"Are you from the Fire Nation?" he asked.

"Yes", Kumaro responded. The boy started to blast Kumaro with air. "Hey, what gives, what are you doing", Kumaro said, as he was pushed back. Kumaro looked at the boy, and blasted the ground. The boy stopped in fear, but then saw he was unharmed.

"Haaa", he laughed, but he shook a little when Kumaro picked him up by the arms.

"What was that for?" he asked. The boy kneed him in the stomach, and Kumaro bent over. The boy broke free, and prepared to strike Kumaro with an air blade, but as he did, the blade broke up.

"Stop", a voice called. "What is the meaning of this?" a monk walked up to the boy.

"He's Fire Nation, we're at war with them."

"Yes, the monk said, we are at war with the Fire Nation, but he is no soldier. Look, he doesn't wear armor. It is wrong to attack the helpless."

"Besides", Kumaro added, "The war is over."

"What?" Both the monk and the boy were surprised.

"Yeah its been over for about twenty years."


"Yeah", Aditi said. "And they've been the best twenty years in, well a century."

"Go", the monk said to the boy. "I must still ask you about why you are here", the monk said, as the boy walked off.

"Well, my friend, Aditi, and I were going to rest here for the night, then head to Ba Sing Se."

"You are welcome to stay here."

"Can we talk to you for a second?" Aditi asked.

"Sure", the monk said, "but I did not get your name." He pointed at Kumaro.

"Kumaro, I'm Kumaro."

"Well then come Kumaro, Aditi, let us talk. Oh I'm Kato by the way." Kato walked, and Kumaro and Aditi followed.

"How is the civilization, around?" Kumaro asked.

"I'll tell you", Kato said. "When the Fire Nation launched it's first and ony attack, the sisters quickly formed a plan. Three of the council, along with several great Airbenders fought back, creating a diversion, and allowing the other two council members to escape with the rest of the Airbenders. They went down, hiding in the clouds beneath the air temple. When the Fire Nation left, they reclaimed the temple. One of the sisters left, looking for spiritual men who would join to preserve the order. She eventually found them, and thus the Western Air Temple restored. I was the second male to make it onto the Western Air Temple council of elders. When the Avatar came here, we knew it would be best to hide, because we knew the Avatar was wanted, and it was only a matter of time before the Fire Nation came after him, so we hid. When the Fire Nation left, we returned, and have been living here ever since."

"Wow", Aditi said.

"Yeah, wow", Kumaro said.

"Kato, Kato." A female Airbender came running up.

"Ah hello Juna. Kumaro, Aditi, this is Juna."

"Kato, I saw a big flying metal thing heading to the temple."

"One of those?", Kato asked.

"It's called an airship", Kumaro responded. "How do you know this?" Kato said.

"They're almost all built in the Fire Nation", Kumaro replied.

"So, the war is over?", Kato asked.

"Oh, um, by the way, some cities have left the Fire Nation, and they have started another war", Aditi said.

"Did the airship have a Fire Nation insignia on it?" Kumaro asked.

"I didn't see." Juna responded.

"We must prepare to hide", Kato said.

Kumaro turned, preparing to run and alert the temple, when Aditi grabbed his arm. "Kumaro wait, we have to fight."


"These People followed us here, it's our fault they're under attack, we need to fight."

Kumaro sighed. "You're more of a Firebender then I am", he said.

Phoenix Estates Airship

Bharato looked at the air temple. He saw it was deserted. He suddenly saw two objects coming at him. He looked closer at one of the objects, and recognized the headpiece. Kumaro, he thought. He saw them fly to the top of the airship, and walked to a ladder.

Kumaro landed on top of the airship, and collapsed his glider. He began blasting the metal of the airship, hoping to damage it. Eventually he saw that he had damaged the metal enough. He took his staff, and thrust it into the heated metal. Instantly, the staff burst into flames, and a hole opened up. "Okay, the airships going down, now lets." He was cut short by a blast of fire. Kumaro and Aditi turned, and saw Bharato. Aditi leapt into the air, over Bharato, and landed on the other side of him. Bharato looked to both sides of him, and shot two streams of purple fire, one out of each hand, at the pair. Aditi created an air barrier, and Kumaro counterattacked with twin streams of fire. Bharato saw that Aditi was not attacking, and concentrated on Kumaro. Kumro had difficulty blocking the flames, and fell back. Bharato concentrated his attacks on Aditi. She tried to block them, but fell over. Bharato walked closer to her, and created a whip out of fire. He raised it over his head, and prepared to bring it down. Kumaro saw this, and leapt up, screamed, and shot a stream of fire at Bharato. Kumaro was shocked. Normally his flames were red, yellow, or orange. The ones he had just created had been green. Bharato heard the scream, and blocked the flames with his own. He saw that he was, even after Kumaro had gotten these new, more powerful flames, he was still stronger. Suddenly, he felt himself loose his footing. He thought swiftly, and began using jet propulsion to fly away from Kumaro's flames, and towards Aditi. Aditi jumped up, and Bharato flew directly under her. He grabbed her staff, and continued flying. Aditi saw Bharato's flames and she knew she would fall onto them. Using her breath of wind, she stayed up long enough to avoid the flames. She saw Bharato fly to the top of the cliff.

"The Phoenix Estates thank you", he said as he flew. When he reached the top he turned back, and yelled. "You may have won the battle, but you won't win the war." Using jet propulsion, he flew off.

Juna saw the airship go down. "I can't let the crew of that ship die", she said. She got onto her bison, and flew to the airship.

Lee sat in the engine room, when he heard the airship creak and moan. "What's going on?" he asked.

"The ships going down", another engineer said.

"I'm jumping for it", a third engineer said. Lee, along with the rest of the engineers, ran to the outside of the ship.

Juna saw a war balloon fly away fom the airship. She saw five people standing on the sde of the airship. She called out. "Come with me if you want to live." The engineers got on the bison.

"Hey, stop her", a royal Firebender yelled. He shot fire at the bison, causing a panic. The bison threw it's head back, and an engineer almost fell off. Lee reached out and grabbed him. They flew away, as the airship flew into the canyon.

"Now what?" Aditi said, as she and Kumaro fell into the canyon.

"Well, my gliders burnt up, and Bharato stole yours. I don't know". Appa flew over to the top of the airship. Aditi had never been so happy to see that bison in her life. The two of them got on the bison, and flew off to the temple.

"Thanks for fighting for our Temple. If there's anything we can do."

"Kato there is one thing", Kumaro said.

"Yeah, our gliders are gone, so could we have two of yours", Aditi said.

"I'll get right on it", Kato responded.

Lee walked over to the Airbender who had saved him. "Hey I'm Lee." The Airbender turned to look at him.

"Juna", she responded.

"Thanks for saving my life."

"Don't mention it."

"Listen, I need a ride to the Fire Nation, so do the others you rescued, could you give us a lift." Juna turned and smiled at Lee.

"Sure", she responded.

"By the way, I want you to know that I was forced into the army, I didn't want to kill anyone, or attack any place."

"Oh", she said as the two sat down, and continued their conversation.

Jang Hui

The Phoenix Estates general, General Choy looked at the small fishing community, and ordered his men around. "Okay, riverboats, secure the old factory, Jet Skis, destroy the village", he ordered. He watched as his army moved to do his bidding. This would be easy, he told himself, his five boats and twenty jet skis would easily ben enough to handle the police force of this town.

Seedy Merchants Pier 

Admiral Sho watched as his fleet landed at the Pier. In a few days, he would have invaded the whole Earth Kingdom. But now, he had to gain control of the pier, as a launch point for the rest of his invasion. He had to defeat the gangs that controlled it. "Shoot a Trechbuchet", he ordered. One Trechbuchet fired into the city. He grinned, as he could see the criminals who had been fighting start to run.


  • Kato is an African name meaning second, a reference to him being the second male on the council of elders.
  • Juna is taken from the Japanese name Junko, meaning obedient
  • The name Sho came from what Hahn called Zhao
  • Same thing with Choy
  • What Juna said was a reference to the Terminator, 'come with me if you want to live'

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