Chapter III: The Journey
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The Phoenix Estates



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Chapter II: The Northern Air Temple

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Chapter IV: The Western Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple

Aditi quietly packed her things as she prepared to go off. She knew that a war would start, and she knew that she would have to fight in it. She quietly walked in the hall, past her parents room. She quietly made a turn, and started walking down the hall of the temple. She walked past a guest room, where Kumaro was sleeping, and quietly descended down a flight of stairs. She walked down the hall, and came to a large chamber with the floor completely covered in hay and fur. She turned to Appa, and held a finger to her lips. "Shhh" she loaded her things onto the bison, when she heard footsteps.

She got her staff ready, and hid by the doorway. As soon as whoever was coming came, she would hit that person over the head, knock them out, and she could finish packing, and leave. The person came in. Aditi swung her staff. "Woah," Kumaro cried, as he ducked underneath the blow.

"Oh, it's you, sorry about that."

Kumaro stood upright once more. "It's okay, what are you doing?"

Aditi looked at her things, turned back to Kumaro, and said, "I'm going to look at the cities that left the Fire Nation, and see if they're up to anything."

"I really don't think you should go Aditi."

"Well, I am going, and you can't stop me Kumaro."

"You're gonna get killed."

"No I'm not."

Kumaro sighed, and said, "Look, if you are going, and I can't stop you, I'm coming with you."

Aditi, who was now climbing on to Appa, turned around. "You're sure?"

"Yes. Besides, it'll help if there's strength in numbers." Aditi looked at the airship Kumaro had brought, as it hovered near the temple.

"Can't we take your airship?"

"No," Kumaro responded.

"Why not?"

"Chey may listen to me, but my father told Chey to bring me to the Air Temple and back, so he'll probably just take me home. Give me ten minutes to get my stuff."

Aditi looked at Kumaro, and smiled "you have five."

"Great, thanks," Kumaro said, as he took Aditi's glider from her, and flew to the airship.

"Hey, what was, never mind," she said. She wrote on a note, "Gone with Kumaro to investigate cities. Be back in a year or less." She leapt on Appa, grabbed the reins, and called. "Yip yip." Appa grunted, as he took off. Aditi flew past the airship, and saw, to her surprise, Kumaro jumping off of it, with his belongings in his hands. He landed on the saddle, the sudden added weight causing Appa to drop down a bit. The two headed off, towards the seceding cities.

Fire Nation Capital

Mai woke up, and saw her husband still sleeping. She nudged him. "Come on Zuko, you need to get up." Zuko woke up, and got out of bed. He headed down to the breakfast table, along with Mai. He saw that Azara was already there, and he sat down. "Wheres Mainyu?" Mai asked.

"I don't know," Zuko responded.

"I'll go and check on him," Azara said. She walked to Mainyu's room, and knocked on the door. "Mainyu?" She called. When there was no response, she came in. She saw there was no one in bed, she walked closer, and saw there was a note. She read it, and in shock, called out. "Dad, mom, you may want to see this."

Somewhere in the Fire Nation

Mainyu rode his komodo rhino. His mind was still thinking about what he had done. No he thought. I did what I had to do. I can't reach my full potential there. He continued riding towards the seceding cities.


"Azula, we have a massive amount of war devices assembling at the Western Air Temple preparing to strike at Ba Sing Se. We have also sent a small fleet of war ships to the Earth Kingdom, and several Tanks to the Fire Nation. I have timed it so they will strike on the summer solstice."

Azula smiled. "Good Bharato."

Bharato looked back at Azula. "If you need me I will be going to the Western Air Temple, and preparing to strike Ba Sing Se." Bharato left the building, and headed to the airship base.

"The Phoenix Estates shall dominate the world," Azula said, as she smiled evilly.

Aditi and Kumaro looked over the city. "Aditi, look, all those factories are weapons factories. See the smoke?"

Aditi looked and said, "Yeah, I see. Oh spirits, there is a war coming."

"We've got to warn the Earth King. Next stop, Ba Sing Se."

"Um, Kumaro, Appa can't fly that long."

"Fine, next stop, the Western Air Temple, then Ba Sing Se," Kumaro proclaimed.

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