Chapter II: The Northern Air Temple
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Chapter III: The Journey

The Northern Air Temple

Kumaro looked at the Northern Air Temple. It had been a long journey, but he had finally arrived. "Sir, we have a problem." Kumaro turned to face the airships captain.

"What is it Chey?"

"Um, the airship is too big to land on the temple, so...."

"Do we have a balloon?"

"Yes, there's a balloon that we can launch from the airship. Why?"

"If you need me Chey, I'll be taking that balloon to the temple. I'm pretty sure the balloon is small enough to land on the temple." Kumaro left the bridge, preparing to land on the temple.

Aditi landed her glider. It wasn't every day a Fire Nation airship landed at the Northern Air Temple, and she thought telling the other people at the temple of it would be the sensible thing to do. She was a little surprised when she saw an orange balloon come out of the airship. That things so big, it probably can't land here, she thought. She watched as the balloon slowly came to the temple. When it landed, she saw a man, about her age, get out. "Who are you, and why are you here?" she asked.

"My name is Kumaro, son of Zuko and Mai. I've come to speak to the Avatar."

"One moment, let me get him", she called back. Aditi ran to the temple, and right before she entered, she saw her father come out.

"Aditi, what's going on?" he asked.

"There's someone here who wants to see you, he says he's the Fire Lord's son", Aditi informed. Aang looked at Kumaro.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"To talk about something very important."

"Fine, later. For now, enjoy yourself," Aang said

"Um, okay." Kumaro was surprised. His father had always described the Avatar as fun loving, but he never thought like this. Aang walked back inside. Kumaro saw an air bender fly past him on a glider, and thought. "Hey, do you have any more of those, gliders?" Aditi looked at him.

"Yeah, why?" she asked.

"Could I have one?"

"Sure, follow me." Aditi walked off, and Kumaro followed her inside. When she showed him a glider, he picked it up, looked at it, and smiled. Kumaro went back outside, ran off the edge of the temple past his balloon, and began to glide. He smiled, and then, using fire streams from his feet, began to fly under his own power. He looked behind himself, and saw Aditi flying right behind him.

"Bet I can get higher than you", Kumaro called, as he got into a climb.

"You're on", Aditi called back, as she flew right next to him. To demonstrate their skill, they began flying in a circular motion around each other. After a while, Kumaro began to notice the air was getting thinner. He felt his ability to produce fire to send him upward leaving him. The streams of fire he generated died down.

"Woohoo" Aditi yelled, as she flew directly above him. "I win." Kumaro couldn't help but nod.

"Yes, you did." He looked down to the ground. "But I'm landing first," Kumaro called. He pointed his glider down, and started flying. down.

"Kumaro, you can't do that. Your glider can't take that speed. It's going to fall apart." Aditi watched as Kumaro flew down to the temple. "Arghh" she groaned, as she made her glider back into a staff. Kumaro raced through the sky. he heard the wind rip at his cloths, but over that, he heard something else. He looked at his glider, and saw it was coming apart.

"Uh oh," he said. He saw Aditi flying past him.

"Let go of the glider if you don't want to go splat," she said. Kumaro saw the fast approaching temple, and knew she was right. He let go of the glider, and watched as Aditi moved closer to him. He grabbed on to her, and she made her staff back into a glider. She pulled upwards, trying to slow down and come out of the dive. Aditi flew around to the glider launch point, and stood up. She fell over, as Kumaro, who hadn't stopped yet fell on her.

"Sorry, um, what was your name again?"

"Aditi, I'm Aditi, and it's okay."

"Why didn't you tell me that if I did that the glider would come apart?"

"I did, you were just moving so fast you couldn't hear me." The two got up to their feet, and Kumaro put his hand behind his head. "So, um, I kind of need a new glider." Aditi looked at him.

"Fine, but try not to make this one into kindling," Aditi responded. Kumro got his second glider, and spent the rest of the day enjoying himself with Aditi. Later at dinner, he looked at her, and she looked at him. Aang noticed.

"Why are you two staring at each other?" he asked.

"I'm not staring at her," Kumaro said.

Surprisingly, at the same time, Aditi said, "I'm not staring at him."

"Anyway", said Kumaro, eager to change the subject, "Now, can I talk to you Aang?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Several cities have left the Fire Nation. One of them has war factories, and the prison where they are holding Azula."

"What are you saying?," Aang asked Kumaro closed his eyes, and sighed.

"I'm saying we may have a war on our hands."

"I hope you're wrong." Aditi knew that unfortunately, Kumaro was right. Katara, just as eager to change the subject as Kumaro had been, took the conversation in a new direction.

"So, Kumaro, you Zuko's only child?"

"No, oldest of three," he responded.

"Oh, you hear that Aang, the oldest of three," Katara said, putting emphasis on the three.

"You want another kid?" Aang asked.

"Yes", Katara responded.

Fire Nation Capital

Zuko did not enjoy having to come to Mainyu's school. "Headmaster, what is it now?"

"Fire Lord Zuko, Mainyu has openly been claiming that the 100 year war was our pride, even after all I taught of it being the Fire Nations shame. He also claims my teaching are those of a weak man who thinks fire is not the superior element. I am reluctant to tell this to the Fire Lord, but I think Mainyu needs to be suspended." Zuko thought for a moment.

"I agree, Mainyu needs to be punished. He should be suspended for however long you think."

"A week then, Fire Lord Zuko?"

"Yes, headmaster, a week. If you'll excuse me, I need to speak with my son alone." Zuko left the office, and headed back to the palace.

(In the palace)

"Suspended?" Mainyu cried. "For saying what I believe is right?"

"Mainyu, the war is not our pride, it's..."

"Our shame, I know, but I don't agree with it." Mainyu ran off into his room, angry.

Improbus Prison

Improbus prison was well built. Many of the former soldiers in the army had worked on it when the war had ended. It had only one prisoner, and many steps had been taken to keep her from escaping. A massive steel box surrounded her, and surrounding the only entrance/exit to the box was surrounded by a labyrinth. And even if you could solve that puzzel, there were two more on top of it. The people who had to feed the prisoner, and bring her clothes, never did so without a light source, and a map. Bharato knew that this was, possibly, his stupidest decision ever. "Governor, nice to see you."

"Warden", he responded. "I want to see the prisoner, come with me, and bring a map, but no crystal lanterns."

"If you say so", the warden said. He was surprised to hear this. Crystal lanterns were the only kind allowed in the prison, as fire near the prisoner was not allowed. The two of them entered the first labyrinth. Bharato smiled, and stuck out his hand. a small, purple flame appeared in his hand."How are you..."

"I'm a prodigy warden, I can generate flames other than the simple red, orange, and yellow. Luck of the draw I got purple. The two walked through the first maze, using the map to go directly to the ladder that took them to the second maze. They swiftly solved that, and moved on to the third. Once they got to the steel box, even in the purple light Bharato cast on him, the warden looked white as a spirit. "Your key, warden." The warden fumbled around, and got out his key. He placed it in the lock, and turned it. The door opened, and Bharato looked at the former Fire Nation Princess. Her arms and legs were bound by chains, and she had on two bracelets that stuck into her wrists, inhibiting her bending. "Give me the key to those bracelets."

"Sir, its not just one key, its two. One is probably at the Fire Lords palace, and the other, the Northern Air Temple." Bharato pulled out a knife."No matter", he said. He brought the knife down on the bracelets with tremendous force. After four cuts, the bracelets fell off, and Azula was free.

Outskirts of Aggni

Lee ran through the town, hoping he could escape.If I can just make it out of town, he thought, then I won't have to fight in that war. He ran around a corner, looked for an army recruiter, and ran off. He saw the road head off into the distance.I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it. "Hey, you, stop." I'm not gonna make it. The recruiter was on a komodo rhino, he couldn't outrun him. The recruiter fired a pair of arrows that hed been tied together with a rope. They quickly wrapped around Lee, and brought him to the ground. "Your coming into the army, whether you like it or not", the recruiter taunted, as he dragged Lee away.

Mining Village, Earth Kingdom

"Come on, weakling, Mr.can't bend." Wei growled, as the bullies continued to Earthbend rocks at him. They had been doing this for about a week, and Wei was very angry.

"You think you fight so good, beat me without Earthbending", Wei called, issuing a challenge.

"Okay, I will", the lead bully responded. the two squared off. The bully threw a punch. Wei ducked under it, screamed, and threw a punch to the bully's stomach. When his fist made contact, a small amount of fire shot around it. The bully bent over in pain. "Owww!" Wei was shocked by what he did.

"Let's get out of here", one of the bullies said. The three bullies ran, scared. Wei walked home, a sinking feeling in his stomach.

At the dinner table, Wei looked at his mom and dad, Ty Lee and Haru. "Mom. Dad. I have to show you something?"

"Okay, what is it?", Ty Lee asked. Wei stepped outside, and thrust his fist into the air. Fire shot out from his fist. "Oh" Ty Lee and Haru went inside to discuss the matter. After a while, they stepped back outside.

"Wei, we decided that you need to find a Firebending master", Haru said.

"In the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, my best friend's husband's uncle owns a tea shop. He'll probably teach you. He's a Firebending master." Wei looked at his parents.

"I don't see how this could happen, I'm a citizen of the Earth Kingdom."

"Maybe, but your mom was born in the Fire Nation, you were born in summer, so, maybe", Haru said.

"I see", Wei responded. "Heres some money", Haru said, as he handed his son the money. "Tomorrow, take the ostrich horse, and head to Ba Sing Se."


  • Wei, is a Chinese name meaning power.
  • I decided to have Firebending prodigies able to bend flames, either blue, purple, or green.
  • Aditi is an Indian name for sky.

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