Attack on Tai-Ko(part 2)
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"Quick, we've gotta get back to the city," yelled Enjay, rushing back towards the city. "Wait," shouted Throttle, but Enjay had already ran into scorpion's ridge, Throttle slapped her palm on her face, Enjay then came running out of the ridge followed by a herd of raging bullscorpions. As Enjay and the herd flew past Throttle, she threw an explosive canister into the herd, like last time, this one releasing a green gas, knocking out the bullscorpions, Enjay came out of the green cloud all dizzy befoer falling face first on the ground. "Okay, now we go," Enjay said as he got up off the ground. "No, your dad knew that the Dakku general would send troops down as soon as the frigate was stopped, so we had soldier ready. You'll be coming with me," Throttle explained. "Were?" asked Enjay, annoyed. "Follow me if you will," said Throttle, leading Enjay towards a small hill.

Throttle then pressed down on a stone beside the hill, suddenly the mound of sand and dirt opened to reveal two skimmers. "I thought you said we couldn't have skimmers on this mission," said Enjay. "These are no ordinary skimmers, they're Stealthbirds, built with radar jammers to prevent detection," replied Throttle. "Why couldn't we use these to get here in the first-place?" asked Enjay." The Dakku Empire don't know about this class of vehicle in our military. To prevent them from discovering the Stealthbird, we hid them around randomly on planets instead of leaving them in hangers for all to see," answered Throttle hopping onto one of the Stealthbirds. "No one tells me any thing any more," Enjay muttered to him self taking the second one.

The two of them flew the Stealthbirds towards the giant, black frigate. "Wait, won't we just get captured if we just go in unprepared?" asked Enjay as they entered the ship's hanger.

"Bring the intruders to me pawn," said a deep voice with a strong Russian accent. "Ah, so this is what the Earthen Empire have to offer me, three pilots and two snot-nosed brats, let me introduce myself, I'm Nenvajh, general of this small fleet, and you are, well I couldn't care less who you are. Throw them in the prison deck for later, oh, and don't try Firebending, the high vapor level in here will instantly extinguish any flames you fire at me." "Oh, we don't have to worry about anything then," said Throttle, summoning water around her hand-cuffs and breaking free. "What!,a Waterbender, what are you doing on this Fire Nation colony?" Shouted Nenvajh. "Just here to help," said Throttle as she cut through Enjay's and the pilots' hand-cuffs. Enjay punched the Dakku who confiscated his sword and took it back. "Just gotta get to the core engine," Enjay thought to himself.

After running through many hallways and bursting doors open, Enjay finally reached the core engine. He raised his sword and slashed trough the green, glowing globe, turned around and ran for his life. Breaking out in a flurry of water and shadowy smoke, Throttle and Nenvajh battled in the frigates bridge, until the ship shook. "Enjay's done it," said Throttle. "See ya," she followed, as she ran to an air lock took a parachute and jumped out, leaving Nenvajh in the crash landing ship. As Throttle glided down watching the frigate fall apart on its landing, she shed a tear, realizing that she left Enjay on board. When she landed she ran to the wreck, using her Waterbending to burn out the fires in her way and cooling the metal. It was pointless she thought to her self she wasn't going to find him, but as she looked to the heavens, she saw a sparkle in the sky. The object turned out to be a Dakku skimmer as it got closer. As it landed, Throttle readied herself to avenge her fallen friend, but when the hatch opened the three pilots from before came out and following them out was none other than Enjay. "Did ya miss me," he said as Throttle jumped at him and hugged him. "What are you doing," Enjay said pushing her away. "I thought you died," Throttle shouted at him. "You just can't keep me down" Enjay said sniggering. "Ya, cause you're so stubborn," Throttle replied.

General Kahn's speech: "We lost some good solders today, but their loss was not in vain, right now the surviving Dakku troops are being imprisoned in a high security prison on an asteroid several parasects from any of our star systems, and the wreck of the frigate is being cleared. Today was a very important win, and we owe most of the honor to two great heroes, my son Enjay and the brilliant Throttle Bienn, and let this victory be a lesson to any Dakku fleets, never underestimate the Earthen Empire." The crowd roared.

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