Chapter I: The Secessions
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Chapter II: The Northern Air Temple

The Fire Lord's Throne Room

Zuko looked around at the arguing governors and governesses. Twenty years, he thought. Twenty years, and still some towns have not recovered from the war.

"I can't take this Zuko." Zuko did not need to hear the voice to know that it was governor Bharato of the city of Aggni. Aggni was a large city with many factories that made weapons, but they were all closed, except for a factory that made balloons for pleasure, and not war now. Crime had risen out of control, as people struggled to feed their families. "The tariffs and tax reliefs are not enough. I speak for all of Aggni when I say we are better off out of the Fire Nation." Zuko began to worry about the state of the world when he heard murmurs of agreement. Aggni was the city where Azula was being held, and when Azula was with war, bad things happened.

The Palace Arena

Kumaro blocked the fire blast that was shot at him. He tried the frie whip, but before he could, two more blasts were shot at him. "Use your head, Kumaro, you don't have time to create a whip," his instructor called. Kumaro ducked, fell over, and saw his instructors fist poised and ready to strike.

"Will do next time On Ji, thanks." On Ji offered her hand to her student, and helped him up. Kumaro saw his father walking in the back rows, and called to him. "Hey dad." Zuko turned to look at his son, with a look of worry on his face. "Something wrong?"

"No, Kumaro, just, you know about the Great War?"

"The war when the Fire Naton tried to take over the world, yeah."

"Well, Aggni has declared its will to leave the Fire Nation."

"So, it's one small, insignificant city, force it back in."

"Three things: One, that city has lots of things that love war. Tanks, weapons, my sister, so it has significance. Two, all cities have significance. Three, other cities also want to leave, so I don't think I can force them all to stay, especially since our current military is one half of our security force." Zuko looked away from his son in thought. "Kumaro, I need you to do something, and I hope it's okay with your mom."

"What is it?" Zuko turned back to his son. "I need you to go to the Northern Air Temple, and tell the Avatar of this. Your going to have a lot of power in what happens in the world, I think you should see it."

"Okay, dad," Kumaro responded.

The Royal Dinner Table

Kumaro chewed on his piece of duck, as he waited for his dad to ask his mom the question.

"Mai, can I ask you something?" Mai turned her head to look at her husband.

"Sure, Zuko," she responded.

"You know that some cities have left the Fire Nation, right?"


"Well, I want Kumaro to go to the Northern Air Temple, and tell Aang about that." Two voices that had been silent before suddenly spoke up.

"How come Kumaro gets to go?"

"Yeah, why can't me or Azara go." Azara and Mainyu, twins, a girl and a boy, were four years younger than Kumaro.

"He's the oldest, that's why. So Mai, what do you think?" Zuko explained.

"If Kumaro wants to go, he should go," Mai responded.

"Great," said Kumaro, "I'll leave as soon as possible."

"You do know that's tomorrow," his father said.

"I know dad," Kumaro said.

"I'll be reading my scrolls," Mainyu said as he left the table.

(The next day)

Kumaro looked at his airship. He turned around, waved goodbye, got aboard, and closed the doors.

"Captain Chey, set a course for the Northern Air Temple."

"Yes sir." Chey ran around the ship, giving orders and commands. Within the hour, the airship was off the ground, and heading to the Northern Air Temple.


Governor Bharato looked to his aide.

"Hide, I have a list of cities who want to leave the Fire Nation here." He handed Hide a piece of paper. "I want you to send each of them this letter." Hide read the letter.

"Uh, governor, this is a declaration of war on the other nations," he said.

"I know, once you've sent that, get word out that our factories are re-opening."

"But, where are we going to get the money to pay the workers?" Hide questioned. Bharato smiled. "My dear Hide, I have been saving up the money made from the tariffs and tax reliefs, that is how I will pay the workers. If you'll excuse me, I need to go to Improbus prison."

Trivia/ References

  • Some minor characters from the original series that get mentioned: Chey, On Ji, Hide
  • The name Improbus is Latin for wicked
  • Bharato is very similar to the Indian name Bharata, for fire
  • Kumaro is very similar to Kumara, also from India
  • Azara is from Azar, an Iranian name for fire
  • I took the last part of the Persian name Aingra Mainyu, which means evil

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