Attack on Tai-Ko(part 1)
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Water, earth, fire, air.....darkness. Thousands of years ago, the Hundred Year War broke out between the four nations; the Fire Nation almost took over the world until the Avatar rose up and stopped their rampage and the war. Peace reigned all over the world and never again where the four nations divided by war. With co-operation we grew and spared across the galaxy and never was there fighting...that was, until now.

"Hay, wake up sleeping beauty," said the pilot in the driver seat of the skimmer. "What, oh sorry," said Enjay in the passenger seat. "You've gotta stop day-dreaming man, I almost thought your oxygen tank ran out," said the pilot. "Ya, I know," replied Enjay. "No matter, we're here, Tai-Ko," said the pilot as the skimmer gently flew down to a city in the middle of a desert.

General Khan enters a hall. "Soldiers, you are here today to defend Tai-Ko, a Dakku frigate was detected seven parasects away two hours ago and is coming in our direction. It is believed that Dakku spies discovered the pheonix stone mines on this planet, without pheonix stones, our fire benders will be limited to land battles only, we can't lose Tai-Ko, it's too important, am I clear?!" "SIR, YES SIR!" roared the crowd of soldiers. "My son Enjay will be trusted with the mission of destroying the frigates thrusters when it enters atmosphere, disabling its movement," he added.

"Okay son you will taking this remote controlled missile to the area shown on the map," said General Khan. "Wait a sec, this route goes through Scorpian's Ridge. Don't the bullscorpians mate there this time of year?" Enjay told his father in a concerned tone. "Yes, that is why I am sending Throttle with you," replied his father. "What! Did you say Throttle? But she can hardly fight, how can she possibly help me?" asked Enjay. "I have some skills, and you will need the help of my water bending if you get injured," said Throttle as she peered out of the shadows. "Oh great, she's here now," complained Enjay. They both slam their heads together, growling. "Okay you two; you'll have time to get reacquainted after the mission, now off!"

"Wait, why aren't taking a skimmer? Wouldn't it be easier?" asked Enjay as the two crossed the crusty desert ground. "Because, wouldn't it be suspicious when the Dakku get here and they find a skimmer just lying in the desert?" replied Throttle. "No need for the attitude little miss knows it all," Enjay said as they reached the ridge. "Okay, I see the bullscorpions, if we can sneak around that cliff up there, we're home free," said Throttle. "I hope you know what your doing," Enjay said staring at the bullscorpions with a worried look on his face. The two of them crawled across the cliffside, Enjay still staring at the bullscorpions. "Yes," Throttle said quietly as they exited the ridge, but Enjay continued, walking backwards until he bumped into something big. He slowly turned around to see a bullscorpion looking right at him. He let out a loud yelp as he was chased back into the ridge. Throttle put her palm to her face as she followed the beast. Enjay was surrounded. "Come at me, I'll cut through each and every one of ya," he said as he took out both his swords. A small silver sphere dropped on the ground and a sudden flash burst out of it. "Quick grab my hand," shouted Throttle. "I can't see," Enjay yelled as they ran out of the ridge again.

The Dakku frigate entered Tai-Ko's atmosphere with a large boom. "Okay, we've got one shot at this so let's do it right," said Enjay. He took the remote controlled missile out of its container and set it up. "Ready!" he shouted as the missile took off into the air. "Nearly have it," he said but suddenly a gust of wind knocked the missile off course. "I'll take control now!" Throttle yelled as she snapped the remote out of Enjay's hands. She perfectly navigated it back on course and into the frigates rear thrusters. "Yes!" they both shouted with joy. "Now they're sitting duck when we fight back," Throttle said. "I think we were too early to celebrate there, look," said Enjay, pointing to the city. There was a large fire near the entrance.

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