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May 6, 2015

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A Small Note!

Sorry for not being very active lately! I meant to release this a long time ago but I've been caught up in exams and the end of the school year events. Please feel free to give any tips or anything that you think I should do to improve the series. Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy!


Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Long ago, I had been friends with the Avatar and we had many adventures together, but little did I know we were always being watched so closely. After Korra was murdered, I could never be the same; my life seemed to be over, until I learned of the new Avatar, or should I say, Avatars. I now have devoted the rest of my life to these twins and I know that one day, they can stop this evil of Vaatu that plagues this world!

Previously on Avatar: The Severed Spirit

Lei, Aiya and Puren stopped at the Foggy Swamp to rest after a long journey and encountered some natives, strange spirits, the Society of Faces and two of the Gaoma sisters. They fortunately managed to escape with their lives and new knowledge about the Avatar and their past.

Of Masks and Men

"Ahh!" Hogosha stumbled out of his bedroom and held his head tightly. Moa walked out into the hallway to see what was causing the commotion and was surprised to find that it had been her friend and master.

"What is wrong, Hogosha?" Moa tried helping the man up but he told her to leave him. When she refused to do so, Hogosha became angry and began firebending everything in sight. Moa grabbed onto him and would not let go. "Please stop sir, please!"

After a few short moments, Hogosha stopped and Moa detached herself from him. "I am sorry if I hurt you," Hogosha worriedly stated.

Moa laughed. "No sir, I am fine." Hogosha nodded. "Did you have the dream again, sir?"

Hogosha nodded once more, "I thought I could save Korra... but I failed in doing so... again."

Moa put her hand on the man's shoulder. "I know it is hard, Hogosha. I saw my father die when I was a young girl. I know the pain of losing someone I love... and that means I also know that there comes a time when you must move on with your life."

Hogosha laughed at the girl's brutal honesty. "I suppose you're right. Thank you, Moa."

"Anytime," the apprentice said with a grin. As the two made their way back to their rooms, Moa remembered something. "Sir!" Hogosha turned to her. "I forgot to tell you that the leader of Zaofu, Opal, is going to be here soon."

Hogosha's eyes widened. "Why?"

"The Society of Faces was spotted in Tu Zin and the small state is now under the watchful eye of the Earth King... She also said she wanted to see her brother."

Hogosha walked into his room. "Tell her to go back home."

Moa tried to object, but it was clear that her master had made up his mind about the whole situation. She entered her bedroom, sat down at her desk, and began typing out a message for Opal.

"Here it is folks, the crowned jewel of the United Republic of Nations... Republic City!" Puren cried out and pointed to the beautiful landscape that lay before them. Incredible skyscrapers, oriental parks, and new and luxurious Satomobiles were everywhere the three looked.

Lei smiled at the sight, "I am so glad we are finally here!" He said with exhaustion in his voice.

"It is unlike anything I've ever seen!" Aiya excitedly shouted and ran forward but received a rather unsettling surprise. As Aiya made her way into the streets a car came charging towards her.

"No!" Puren screamed and suddenly metalbent the Satomobile. The two's eyes met and Puren smiled wide. "I can't believe it... I can metalbend?"

The woman driving the vehicle stepped out and frowned, "That's great and all but I would like to know who's going to pay for my Satomobile!" The lady had long black slicked back hair and wore a dazzling scarlet dress.

"I'm so sorry ma'am," Lei began, "But you almost ran my sister over with your careless driving!" The woman held up two fingers and pointed them at Lei. "Go ahead and try," he whispered.

"Gladly." The woman stated and a bolt of lightning went flying towards him, but it was immediately redirected by a stranger who ran up and stopped the fight.

Lei looked at his savior. He wore a kabuki mask and had a tangled mess of hair and ruined clothes. "Moa, what are you thinking attacking the Avatars?"

"Avatars..." Moa looked at Lei and Aiya then understood everything. "I am so sorry!"

Lei crossed his arms while Aiya happily replied, "It is fine. But how did you-" She pointed to the masked man, "Know that we are the Avatars?"

"My name is Hogosha and I was able to feel the Spirit of Raava flowing through you."

Puren stood up and looked at the strangers. "I'm so confused."

Moa giggled, but immediately stopped when everyone looked at her. "Why don't you come over and have some jasmine tea?" The three thought about it for a moment, then agreed, for they really had nowhere else to be.

"Great!" Hogosha quickly handed them a piece of paper with an address on it then went to a telephone booth and called a mechanic.

"Sorry about him." Moa looked at her master and felt sorry for him. "He's been like that for a while..." She suddenly perked up. "But thank you for excepting our offer. Goodbye." Moa slightly blushed as Puren waved bye to her.

"Well," Lei began, "That was... interesting.."

Puren seemed to be in a daydream until Aiya pushed him. "Huh! What?"

The siblings laughed at him. "I think Puren has a little crush!" Puren blushed and Aiya excitedly hit him in the shoulder. "You do! You do!"

"Stop." Puren shyly looked away, "She was just nice..."

The twins laughed again, "Okay buddy." Lei chuckled and led his sister and Puren into Avatar Korra Memorial Park.

"Why must you wear that mask?" Hogosha looked at Moa and slowly removed the mask. Moa was not surprised when she saw the burn that covered his face, she had seen it many times before now.

"That is why," Hogosha gruffly stated.

Moa ran to him and prevented him from putting the mask back on. "Hogosha, please! They don't know you. You have nothing to hide from them!"

"I didn't save Korra," Hogosha coldly stated then exited the room.

The doorbell rang and Moa ran to it to answer. "Hello?" She smiled when she saw Puren, Aiya and Lei at the door. "It's nice to see you again! Right this way." She led them to a small table and began pouring tea. The three marveled at the place where Moa and Hogosha lived. It was a huge warehouse with bright lights and national flags lining every wall.

"Where is Hogosha?" Lei inquired.

Moa looked down and whispered, "He went back to his quarters but will return soon." Aiya raised her hand. "Yes, what is it?" Moa kindly asked.

"Where is the lady's room?" Aiya looked embarrassed as she asked the question.

Moa pointed to a staircase, "It's down there."

"Thank you," Aiya whispered and quietly made her way down the flight of stairs when she heard a strange noise. Aiya, being curious, moved around the corner and saw Hogosha typing away on some machine. "Jamyang Code." Aiya recalled the old code used by the Society of Faces and came to a strange realization. She shivered and put her ear to the door. After a series of taps she made out what he was sending, "They are here."

The Avatar kicked in the door causing Hogosha to nearly jump out of his seat. "What do you think you're doing?" The man angrily questioned.

"What do you think you're doing?" Aiya screamed and pushed Hogosha back using a gust of wind.

The man quickly recovered and sent a bolt of lightning her way. It luckily missed Aiya's head, but angered her greatly. She stepped forward and lifted her hands then performed a terrifying technique that Tarrimae had taught her. Hogosha's body slowly lifted off the ground and he began to contort in a strange way.

Aiya began coughing and dropped the heavy man onto the ground. He looked up at her, still in great pain, and whispered, "You can- you can Bloodbend?"

"I love the Nuktuk Movers!" Moa screamed, "What is your favorite one?" She begged Puren for the answer.

Puren thought for a moment, "Well... probably Nuktuk: The Republic Rescue!"

Moa laughed. "That's my favorite too!"

Lei rolled his eyes. He had been done with their conversation the minute it started. Lei picked up his cup of tip and sipped it when he suddenly heard a loud bang and looked down the stairway to see a flash of light. "Um, Moa! I think something's going on down there."

The three ran down the stairs and saw Hogosha and Aiya in the middle of a bending battle. They were about to strike one another until Puren intervened by bending the floor and causing both to fall down. "What is going on here?" Moa said authoritatively.

Aiya pushed her hair out of her face and pointed to Hogosha, "He is a part of the Society of Faces!"

"No I am not!" Hogosha screeched and stood up.

"Then why were you using Jamyang Code? The Society are the only ones who know it," Aiya accused him and looked at Moa, waiting for her to punish him.

"Aiya, Lei... Puren... We intercepted the Society of Faces' communications a while back and have been using the code for months."

"Why?" Lei inquired.

"Because," Hogosha began, "It is nearly impossible for anyone to translate and is quite useful."

Puren looked at Moa with a face that showed he still didn't believe their story, "We've been working with the White Lotus. We've been trying to find you." Moa's eyes focused on Lei and Aiya. "And now we have."

"What are the White Lotus?" Lei and Aiya said in unison and Puren briefly explained the organization to them.

"I'm so sorry!" Aiya looked as though she were about to cry.

"It's alright." Hogosha chuckled, "It was a good workout." Hogosha began making his way to the damaged room when he remembered something, "Do you three have anywhere you need to be for the next three days?" They shook their heads, "Maybe we can show you the city." He looked directly at Aiya, "And talk about your bending abilities." He then left without saying goodbye.

Moa smiled at her new friends, "Well, I guess he likes you guys." Everyone smiled and laughed. After calming down, Moa began to get some supplies and show them to their rooms.

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