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Chapter Five (Viper's Venom)

As the sun shone upon a new day, the people in the Northern capital city were going about their daily business. As odd as it sounds, little has changed in the North Pole, even if their leader Unalaq is now dead. The power has shifted to his twin son and daughter, Desna and Eska, upon default since they are his children.

Ever since the Harmonic Convergence, the twins had been trying to keep the North Pole under control, but it was their father whom was better with words.

Modern Northern Water Tribe capital

Northern City.

As the sun rose for the morning, Eska was looking out her window in the main hall out to the city. Her mind was still on her lover, Bolin. She couldn't get him off her mind since they met at the South Pole during the festival. Being in her own love circle and all. After a bit, Desna, her twin brother, came in to see her.


"Hi brother. Any activities or responsibilities we need to complete?" Eska asked, still having her emotionless, bored voice like Desna.

"I haven't been told of such yet. Still having your thoughts on the earthbender, Bolin?"

"Yes. His establishment of bond is still evident...I wonder how his life is going on in his home of Republic City?"

"It has been a whole year. Perhaps Bolin is partaking in the championship he stated in your letter," Desna stated, walking over to look out the window and looked out to the city with her.

"Perhaps. You think we should take some time to visit?" Eska asked.

"Maybe. Our schedule is overly packed due to your status as Northern Water Tribe princess. It'll be difficult to find and secure a replacement while you're away."

"I'm well aware of that. It's never successful to replace a princess while she is away without some difficulty involved," Eska stated. Desna turned to the door.

"Come, Eska. It's time for our first meal. Then we can discuss on our walk through our city," Desna stated, walking off downstairs. Eska turned to fallow her twin down the halls and stairs to the dining room for breakfast. They were silent on the way, usual behavior for them as they entered the room with their meal prepared already. Desna and Eska took a seat to enjoy their breakfast, but just off to the side...someone else was standing there, outta sight from the royalty of the twins. Eska got her utensil first but just before she touched her food, the figure out of sight snapped his fingers once...then it started.

Eska picked up a part of her morning noodles, but as she lifted up her seaweed stew, her reaction (although very slight) was surprise. instead of noodles in the stew, she ended up holding a horrifying bunch of black rods. Not burnt, but slimy like black worms. Eska quickly closed her eyes and opened them again, seeing regular noodles. She decided not to say anything and continued eating. Desna was next. As he reached to get a sea prune, he was stopped by, instead of sea prunes on the plate, they somehow been turned into eyes! Desna was a bit startled, especially when they all turned to look at him. He turned away for a second and looked back, just seeing sea prunes again. Desna turned over to Eska.

"Did you notice anything odd?"

"No I didn't," she lied. she might as well not tell him about the black worms she saw in her soup. Desna though lost his appetite already seeing the "Eyeball prunes" so he got up.

"My appetite has suddenly been stopped. I'm going to walk now," Desna said. Eska was gonna eat her soup when the worms again, this time they were moving and squirming in her utensil. Suddenly she lost hers too and got up.

"I'm no longer craving either. Come brother." They both went outside, meanwhile the unknown mischief maker snickering to itself.


The two, without assistance given by their servants, went out for a walk in the city. Although they were of royalty, they don't necessarily show it in public, not wanting a ton of attention like any normal royal person would. The residents and civilians of the north city don't pay them any mind but don't treat them rudely. As before, they don't talk to each other, nor anyone else.

"The city is very active today," Desna said.

Desna and Eska laughing

Dry humour.

"Yes. Anymore people who arrive and we'll have to think on restrictions," Eska replied. One thing they both have is a dry sense of humor, as they both chuckled at it. But suddenly, another laugh was heard, making them stop. This one sounded kind of impish, and high pitch in tone. The twins looked around for a clue, but nothing. no one else seemed to notice either so they continued walking. they stopped later on over at a crossing, standing by a crowd of people waiting to cross the street. It came time for the two to go but as they did, the laughing came back again. Eska and Desna ignored it at first until they all noticed some sort of blur bolt between them, knocking them off their feet. This got a bit of attention but the other people around them. Desna and Eska picked themselves up but something again whacked them to the ground, forward this time, again with the impish laughing. Eska jumped up and used her icebending to stop whoever it was before it can try again.

"Why do you take the pleasure of embarrassing us?" Eska demanded, still bored but a hint of anger in her voice as Desna got up to his feet. before they got a chance to look though, whatever it was had disappeared. The ice bending was hollow, signifying something indeed was caught. The crowd kept the distance as Eska and Desna looked around for anything suspicious. Eska just sighed.

"Let's head back. We're only embarrassing ourselves," Desna said. Eska agreed, but was sure something was messing around with them. she made sure to remove the icebended sculpture before leaving.

They kept walking in silence. They occasionally heard the impish laughing but other than that, nothing seemed rather unusual. Desna and Eska were feeling pretty odd about the turn of events. First was the odd food selections, then the public slapstick. Next exactly is unclear at the moment.

"Today sure isn't regular."

"So far anyway. But the odd turn of events are pretty peculiar yes." Desna went on ahead and opened the main doors to their home, but what was waiting for them inside...what IS waiting for them?

Desna and Eska both were looking right at a mutant monster! It had a human-like skin covering its body, but with no facial features on its face, a large baggy skin covering its long arms and legs. They hardly reacted as it immediately began to charge at them! Desna quickly reacted when it lunged at them by pinning it in the air by his icebending, it ended up pinned in midair, an ice pillar covering its hands and feet. It kept screeching like mad, its circular mouth screaming like a banshee as its trying to get itself free. Desna and Eska examined the creature with intense judgment as it's trying to break out.

"What an atrocious being. Where do you suppose it originated from?" Desna asked.

"I am unsure about that. I am aware that it doesn't live here," Eska replied. The creature gave up and was just dangling there above the ground. Where did it come from? Desna and Eska coated the thing in thick ice, easily disposing of it without public knowing. Again, this is surely something new and freaky for the two to deal with right now. However...

"Quick reactions."

Desna and Eska turned around and saw yet another person there. He came literally from nowhere, no possible way from entering beforehand. He looked very sickly. white skin, black hair, green eyes that almost seem to glow. This surely is an odd person.

"And who might you be?" Eska asked. He stared intently right at them both, two eyes eye seemingly fixated on a different twin.

"My identity is no longer of importance. I ask simply of the whereabouts of the latest Avatar....where is she?"

"We are unaware of the Avatar's whereabouts. as far as our knowledge knows, she could be anywhere."

"Anywhere...Don't toy around with me. You are her cousins, I know that. And I humbly ask-"

"How did you know that?" Eska interrupted.

"That information is classified to human ears. So I'll ask you again. Where is the Avatar?" he said, a bit of intensity in his voice. The twins, although not showing, were a bit shocked hearing this random guy know such information.

"Well? Anything to say?"

"What is your purpose with the Avatar?" Eska asked.

"Answer mine first and I'll answer yours," he said. Desna and Eska both didn't care much for the Avatar really, even if they're related but they didn't trust in the information towards this guy. Thus they didn't answer him...deadly flaw.

"Oh very well. If you won't answer me, I'll find it out myself." He gave them an evil psychotic smirk just before he began to charge up. the twins didn't know what he was gonna do...until they saw an energy orb growing in his hands. They recognize it too well, just like the one Vaatu used! The boy suddenly released a huge beam of energy right for them, the two narrowly missing it by inches as it blasted down the palace doors! Of course this huge beam didn't go unnoticed by the public outside, seeing it almost immediately. Eska and Desna tried attacking him but he moved far too fast for any normal person. Desna was thrown aside when he got close and he grabbed Eska by the neck. his grip choked Eska as she was dragged outside. Desna got to his feet just as he got running and gave chase.

He and the thief went in an intense, yet short chase, ending when Desna landed in front of him as a boost of waterbended jets.

"Give my sister back."

"Why should I? Tell me where she is!" he demanded. Desna was getting tense from this.

"I don't know. We were never told of her whereabouts. I already informed you this," Desna said, slight anger in his voice.

"Very well then. If you refuse to talk, then I'll just keep your acquaintance until you do." He began to run but Desna quickly stopped him.

"Eska is my twin sister."

"So what? why would you care anyway? In fact, why don't you show any emotion. you and your sister are nothing but blobs of emotionless skin! I bet you wouldn't even care if she left, it's not like you'll show it anyway. Now if you excuse me, I got an appointment with the Avatar." He started to run again but before Desna can stop him, he quickly turned, charged, and blasted him with another energy beam! The force of the blast knocked Desna out almost immediately.



Dear Bolin...

It took a long while, but the poor waterbender quickly woke up in utter fear, back in his room, late that night. He looked around, thinking it was all just a sick, twisted dream, but the absence of his twin in her bed next to him told him otherwise. Desna didn't sleep that night. After realizing Eska was really gone, he got up and got busy on a letter. he may not know where Korra is, but he does know where Bolin is, and since Bolin's so close to Korra, he can pass the message on to her. After thinking over what to put, he laid out a scroll letter, and began writing away.

Dear Bolin. Due to recent events from an unknown attacker, my dear sister Eska has gone missing. It is with great importance that you pass this on down to my cousin Korra, or if she is somehow there with you, tell her yourself. Please. She is probably the only person that can retrieve my close twin.

Signed - Desna.

Desna thought it over for a little bit and added:

P.S: Make sure the other members see this too. It'll probably be best for all of Team Avatar to help in the matter.

After finishing the letter, he went on out and got his messenger hawk (he had one to send messages to Bolin) and send the bird on its all he has to do is wait...

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