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Yosuke and Azu head to the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Team Avatar must keep the port bridge from collapsing.

Republic City Port Bridge

The splitting sound of a bridge unhinging was prominent through the streets of Republic City. Though few vehicles traveled on the closing bridge, if it fell, the only means to road deliveries would be closed off. Metalbenders arrived on cables, a mere one of them shifted the bridge. Saikhan soon arrived on the bridge questioning his officers. "What happened here?"

"Sir, the fugitives escaped on the bridge and dismantled the supports. If it falls, all road imports will cease. The majority of the city's assets and resources will freeze," one of them said.

"Then let's move as much dead weight off of it as we can," Saikhan responded.

"Sir, exerting physical force towards the civilian public can only be done with the chief's consent."

"Well, Lin's not here, and I'm not letting her call the shots with our approval ratings falling into the abyss. You can radio her, but I'm taking charge. Get the metalbenders into two lines, one on each side where the bridge split in two." As commanded, the metalbenders each formed two lines on each side of the bridge. "Now!" Saikhan exclaimed.

The metalbenders metalbent all of the vehicles on the bridge, lifting them into the air. In a simultaneous motion, they moved them back until the bridge was clear. In a matter of seconds though, the bridge continued to collapse. In an abrupt second, a series of cracks formed on the bridge, sending most of the metalbenders off of it. They shot their cables at the supports to hold on, but they too were failing. In a few minutes, the bridge would fall.

Republic City Harbor

Security had almost doubled in a matter of a week on the outskirts of the city. The harbor, the port bridge, and even the local businesses were all under guard.

"Azu," Yosuke whispered behind a barrel, "how many?"

She answered him. "It's heavy on the dock. All of the ships are under guard."

"How about the speedboats?" Yosuke questioned.

"Well, no one expects you to steal those, but I'll need a distraction."

"No problem," Youske said as he vanished. He scaled a building with ease and stealth. Then, with spiraling motions, a resounding thud like sound filled the air. Metalbenders could feel the vibrations of the sound waves in their suits. They turned to see Yosuke and began advancing toward him, but before they could do anything, he pounded his hands together, taking a strong stance. A sphere of sound spread from his body and surged in every direction. Metalbenders were sent flying in every direction, some into the harbor. Windows of glass were torn apart. The metalbenders recollected themselves and advanced. They fired their cables at him and shots of earth, but Azu took his staff and tore the earth apart, using his soundbending to distort the movements of the cables. He then glided into the air, but a cable was shot at his foot and sent him down. He then released a violent wave of sound in the air, a screech of pure agony. The metalbending suits were pried from the polices' bodies.

Meanwhile, Azu got to a speedboat and started it up. Just as she was on her way to leaving, a metal cable jetted through the wind and grazed her side. She turned to see to police on her trail. They hopped in the boat and jot their cables, also metalbending parts of the boat. Azu dodged them and blinded them with her blue flames before bending her plasma lightning at them in a wave that sliced the suits apart. She threw her incapacitated opponents into the ocean and started the speedboat. Yosuke saw Azu riding off. He quickly sent the rest of the metalbenders on the roof into the air and jumped with his airbending from building to building, letting a vortex catch his feet over the ocean. When the ocean could no longer support the air vortex, he expelled himself and let out a breath of sound waves that kept him suspended in the air until he landed in the speed boat.

City Hall

Asami stood by the radio as she regularly would, awaiting more news. Korra and Kya had healed Raiko interchangeably for over an hour, but there was no sign of recovery. Mako talked with Lin about his job; Lin often responded saying it would be out of her hands in time. Bolin rekindled his companionship with Varrick, but Varrick was often occupied with Zhu Li.

"Everyone," Asami started, "I've just got word that the port bridge is falling."

"What?" Korra responded.

"Yeah, those criminals took it down while they were escaping. And two of them snuck away on a speedboat on the West Harbor."

"No need to talk anymore. Let's get down there. Lin, you signal the full force of your metalbenders. We'll need all the help we can get. Asami, do you have a welding torch?"

"Never leave home without it."

"Great, you and Mako stay together."


"— Just go!"

"But Korra," Asami said walking to Korra.

"No," Korra responded. "Just go." A serious look donned Korra's face while Asami questioned the behavior. Something was wrong. "Bolin, stay close to me."

Team Avatar soon arrived to the port bridge. Korra interrogated Saikhan with Lin. "What happened exactly?"

Saikhan answered, "The fugitives escaped."

"Tell me something I don't know," Lin intruded. "How did it go down."

"The supports were fractured, and if you can't see already, the bridge sort of split in two. The pavement's cracking, and if the bridge goes down then, well, I try not to think about that."

"And you exerted force on the civilian population?"

"Well Lin, you didn't really give me much of an option. The bridge was collapsing, and I didn't know how much longer we'd have. I had to do something."

"You couldn't radio me beforehand. We weren't that far away."

"Enough!" Korra said, Bolin by her side. "Saikhan, I need some cables. Get the metalbenders suspended over the bridge, and I need large metal plates. Mako and Asami will weld the cracks in the pavement. Keep a few of the metalbenders up here. On my signal, you'll bring the bridge back together. Bolin and I will create some temporary supports. C'mon Bolin."

"You heard the Avatar!" Lin exclaimed. Get in position!"

Trucks were on their way with metal plates. Metalbenders were suspended on the sides of the bridge, and some were ready to unite the pieces of the bridge. But it was continuing to collapse. There was no time to waste. "Hit it now!" Bolin shouted.

Korra went into the Avatar State and ensnared herself and Bolin in a whirlwind as they tumbled off of the bridge. Korra parted the waters until the port bridge was dry for Bolin to stand. Together, they created earth supports to buy the metalbenders some time. Bolin returned to the top of the bridge. The metalbenders earthbent the bridge back to one. Bolin lavabent and cooled the lava. The bridge was whole. Still, Mako and Asami had to weld the cracks in the pavement. The metal plates arrived. Slowly, they were passed down by the metalbenders. When metalbenders were ready, they attached the plates to the supports to restore the foundation. All of the metalbenders looked upon the restored bridge. The vehicles were allowed to proceed. The bridge had been fixed. There was applause for everyone who worked to fix it, but Korra had to quickly move on.

Nightfall came quick. Asami had prepped the airship for Team Avatar's departure to Zaofu. Tenzin took Oogi.

"Lin, I didn't think this was enough to make you resign. I mean c'mon, you had one bad day," Saikhan argued.

"I'm going in the interest of everyone. I failed, and Raiko paid the price. I'm not resigning, but while I'm gone, the police force is in your command." Lin walked up the ramp, Mako pressing to her side.

"So about my job as a detective?" Mako asked her.

Tenzin talked with Kya as she was about to get on Varrick's yacht. "I'll be meeting up with you soon."

"Well," Kya started, "not soon enough."

"Don't worry. And I'm pretty sure Varrick will keep you entertained. Try to stay optimistic."

"Yeah, I'll just do that. At least I won't be on baby duty with Pema."

"Yeah, Rohan may just be worse than Meelo." Tenzin and Kya hugged before she departed.

After Team Avatar had loaded the airship, Asami went to Korra for a question. "Korra, can I talk to you about something?"

"Yeah, sure."

"You've been blocking everyone out lately. I just wanted to know if something was bugging you."

"Asami, this isn't something I can just discuss. You . . . you wouldn't understand."

"Oh. Well, goodnight."

Korra didn't answer. Asami shut the door. Korra had trouble falling asleep that night.


Jiro and Kala arrived in Zaofu on the truck. They hid in the density of the forest.

Kala started, "Let's just go in now."

"Patience, Kala. You'll have your chance," Jiro responded. "We're busting in tomorrow." The two of them looked upon the naked city. Jiro thought to himself that it would certainly fall.

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