Giant Evil Demon Bird!
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Shattered Balance


Book One: The Avatar



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The Journey Begins with a Single Word

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Suzaku's Ambition

Urgent Message

Suzaku's head throbbed as he started fixing up his room. Even with the shades closed and the door shut, the ambient light still bothered him. As he gathered things into one hand and rubbed the back of his head with another, he gently picked up the letter that gave him his nightmare from a few nights ago. Sighing, he quickly put it into his bags. As he started placing the bags into the bed, the door slammed open and Seiryuu walked two steps into the room, obviously pissed off.

"So apparently everyone in the freakin place knows that you woke up, and yet no one notified me, your BEST FRIEND. I'll give you about five seconds to explain this abnormality to me...starting now."

Suzaku shrugged "I thought you were already told to be honest."

Seiryuu looked at him with an unsatisfactory look "Not the right answer."

She charged him. Suzaku rose his hands to defend himself from the incoming impact, but instead of being blown out of the room, he was crushingly hugged.

"Don't EVER do that again!" Seiryuu said. Suzaku tried to reply, but her hug was starting to affect his lungs.

"" Suzaku breathed, and Seiryuu finally let go.

Suzaku took a few deep breaths in order to catch his long gone air supply. While he resupplied, Seiryuu slipped out a message from the bag she was wearing.

"Oh Suzaku, did they tell you? About the message?"

He looked questioningly at her "What message?"

She passed him the message in her hand, which he quickly looked over.

"The Oracle of the Northern Water Tribe wants to see us? But why? It doesn't say here."

Seiryuu shrugged "I don't know either. The messenger said that she wanted to keep the matter private."

"So does this mean we aren't going to the Capital then?" Suzaku asked.

"Yeah. We're going to some northern village instead, and then to the Northern Water Tribe," Seiryuu replied.

"What village?"

"Err...hold on," Seiryuu said, and pulled out a small paper, "Some town named Toyohime."

Suzaku tensed for a second at the name, but before Seiryuu could ask, Suzaku quickly replied, "I...I live in that general area."

"Oh, cool." Seiryuu said, obviously unconvinced, "Anyway, the Shogun said we should go as soon as possible. Are you okay to fly?"

Suzaku nodded "I should be fine Seiryuu."

Seiryuu gave him an unconvinced stare and crossed her arms "Should is totally different from can Suzaku."

Suzaku sighed "I'm still getting used to the light a bit, it still gives me a bit of a headache. After a few hours flying I'll be perfectly fine."

"Suzaku, if we crash I'm totally blaming it on you."

Suzaku chuckled "Fine. Now let's go before the Oracle sends some spirits to get us."

Seiryuu rolled her eyes, and walked out along with Suzaku in order to pack their stuff on Azura. As they were finishing packing, Seiryuu's head suddenly pounded like a hammer was slamming on her head and her vision blacked out.

Go little Akucho. Shred them like they were the light itself!

Seiryuu's vision slowly returned to normal, at which she realized she was on her hands and knees. Suzaku was on his knees too, shaking her.

"Seiryuu? Seiryuu?!"

"Huh?!" Seiryuu gasped, blinking for a few seconds to affirm her sight had returned. She shook her head, and then got up slowly.

"I think you need to go to the infirmary Seiryuu. You just blanked out..." Suzaku said.

"No! I'm fine. It was just wierd..." Seiryuu protested.

"But Seiryuu, you just-"

"I KNOW Suzaku, but I'm fine now. I'm not some little girl who almost dies every time something are we going or not?" Seiryuu demanded.

"Huh...fine. There's no arguing with you is there?"

With that, he leaped onto the saddle and heat-signaled Azura to fly to Toyohime. With a growl of approval, Azura flew off, and Suzaku and Sieryuu got their last view of the island before they disappeared into the clouds.

It would be the last time they ever saw the place.

Giant Evil Demon Bird!

Azura glided among the clouds, doing flips and spins as usual. Azura loved flying even more than the average dragon. At least that was what Suzaku could figure out through the beast's heat-signals and the way he flew. Seiryuu enjoyed it too. She would probably be flying alongside Azura now if Suzaku hadn't somehow convinced her to stay put, just in case she blanked out again.

"How you doing Suzaku?" Seiryuu asked.

"I should be asking you the same." Suzaku retorted back.

"I blank out for a second and you go all paranoid father on me. Meanwhile, you pass out for two days and I shouldn't even be slightly worried?"

Suzaku chuckled and shrugged "I don't know Seiryuu. Women are usually more...delicate?"

At this Seiryuu laughed so hard that she started coughing from the thin air "ME? DELICATE? YOU'RE MORE DELICATE THAN ME!" she choked out.

"Seiryuu, calm down! You're gonna choke yourself."

Breathing slowly and using some Airbending, she was able to regain her breath "I'm sorry, but that was too funny!"

Before Suzaku could reply, a strange roar echoed through the sky.

"Is that another dragon?" Seiryuu asked, looking around.

"No, it isn't deep enough to be a dragon roar."

"But then..." Seiryuu asked, "What flies as high as a dragon and still roars that loud if it isn't a dragon?"

"I...I don't know." Suzaku said, looking around for the source as well.

Suddenly, the message Seiryuu had heard before echoed in her head:

Go little Akucho. Shred them like they were the light itself!"

Seiryuu tried to shake the feeling away, but the roar returned again, and Seiryuu gut feeling began to panic. They were in trouble.

"Suzaku, fly lower!" Seiryuu suddenly commanded, grabbing on to her glider.

"What for?!" Suzaku asked.

"I think we're gonna be att-" Seiryuu started, but then Azura was slammed to the side as a massive...beast charged him and flew upwards, roaring once again.

"What the hell is that!?" Seiryuu screamed.

In front of them was a massive bird-like creature. It's body was that of a powerfully built condor, with large, cruel talons. It's wings were black, with grey splattered as if the cloud it had passed through were paint. On a large crooked neck was a plump head. Red beady eyes glared out at them, it's powerful and jagged beak clacked, and a slimy dark crimson tongue licked the edges of the beak. The bird was hungry...for them.

"Its'...its a GIANT EVIL DEMON BIRD!" Seiryuu whispered, and then opened her glider.

"Let's do this Suzaku!" Seiryuu yelled, and flew off.

"Seiryuu!" Suzaku cried, but Seiryuu still flew "Oh gods, c'mon Azura...let's go!"

Azura let out a bloodcurdling growl and with a might wing beat flew straight at the bird. Suzaku was barely able to hang on as the dragon slashed at the bird, but to no avail. It quickly swooped up and curved back, aiming for Suzaku.

"OH MY-" Suzaku cried as he ducked his head, bracing for the impact. However; suddenly Azura whipped his tail upwards, slamming the bird squarely in the chest. Suzaku held on for dear life as Azura did a 360 spin.

Meanwhile, the bird flew backwards a few feet from the impact of Azura's tail. Flecks of blood flew out as it roared and flew upwards for another attack. But it never got there. Seiryuu appeared from a cloud and a wind arc slammed it down. As it fell, Seiryuu charged after it.

"Seiryuu, no!" Suzaku called, noticing something Seiryuu hadn't. But it was too late.

As Seiryuu shot downward the bird shot it's neck upwards, grabbed onto the glider, and tore it from Seiryuu hands and destroyed it. As she spun in midair, the bird caught her in its claw.

"HELP!" Seiryuu screamed.

Azura and Suzaku were already on their way. As Azura slammed into the bird's claws, Suzaku sprayed fire across it's face. Dropping Seiryuu, it quickly flapped away from the purple blaze. Azura was able to grab Seiryuu with his claw, though it tore at her leg. However; the bird had recovered faster than Suzaku had anticipated, and reared back to attack. Suzaku cowered, preparing for the inevitable.

Suddenly, Azura jerked his head backwards and snapped up the bird neck, just as its beak reached Suzaku. Forcing his head forward, Azura pulled at the neck as the bird slashed at Azura to free itself.


The bird's head was ripped free from its crooked neck as Azura and the bird fought. However; the rip sound didn't only come from the bird's neck. It's talons has ripped great scars across Azura's left wing and flank. Growling in pain, he began to fall to the ground below.

"You have to spread your wings Azura! Or else we'll all die!" Suzaku shouted and heat-signaled at the same time. Azura groaned in pain.

"Please! We're almost there!"

Azura groaned, and with a pained roar lifted his wings to full length. The wind caught under the wings and Azura's angle quickly changes from straight down to a downward slant. With Suzaku urging him on, they barely made it over the woods surrounding the town and landed at the gates. People rushed over to help them. One lady in particular rushed over to Suzaku.

"Suzaku! It's been too long!" she said with a smile, and hugged him.

"Welcome Home!"


Dakuasu gathered the small obsidian stones from his pocket into his hand, making sure that they did not scratch each other. Gently placing them within a circle, a dark sphere of energy rose up from them, and a dark figure appeared within.

"Great master, how may I be of service?" Dakuasu asked.

"Did you take care of the threats Dakuasu?" The figure asked.

"Hopefully the Akucho was able to do the job. A report is coming in any moment now."

"...What?" The figure asked. Though he spoke with a calm tone, his anger emanated through the sphere.

"Y-you said to take care of them Master!" Dakuasu said, almost pleadingly.

The figure sighed, "Must I be so specific?! You know I want them both alive. The boy I need!"

"And the girl?"

"To sate a little...anger of mine. Don't tell me I need Tasogare to clean up after you." The figure demanded.

Dakuasu began to reply, but then a scout quickly interjected with a note. After obliterating the scout, he read the paper and breathed a silent sigh of relief.

"Nope, they both survived master. No need for...Tasogare," he said the name like one would speak of venom.

"Now, now. Tasogare is your commerade. You will speak of him with respect. In any case, make sure they come to me ALIVE. Anything else and I will personally come and repeat that little trick you used on the scout." Dakuasu eyes turned wide at the notion and nodded.

"Good, then let's hope next time you have the two Dakuasu." The figure said, before waving his hand and making the sphere disappear. Dakuasu turned to the figure behind him, who had been listening the whole time.

"You heard what he said Shadow Dragon. I know it's unusual for you, but I need them at least barely alive. Now go!"

As the Shadow Dragon left, a bird got in his way. Without even thinking, he sliced the poor thing in half with a small arc of shadow.

It's hard keeping a target alive with shadowbending.

Shattered Balance
Book One: The Avatar
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