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The Rise Of Haman: Book 1 Light





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Miguel Claridy


Miguel Claridy

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8-7-2011 to present

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Chapter 5:Journey

Aimi's combat boots squeaked as she walked down a dimly lit hallway. The fluorescent lights flickered. The walls of the hallway were painted a dark shade of blue with white trims and the floor was made of marble. Prison cells lined the hallway on both sides. They were all clean and all but one were empty.

'Haman sure treats his prisoners well,' Aimi thought. She held in her hands a tray of food that she was taking to the prisoner.

Korra sat at the edge of the bed, in her cell. The cell was just furnished with a small bed, a sink, and a curtain that gave some privacy whenever anyone had to use the toilet.

"So you're finally up," Aimi said when she reached Korra's cell.

"How long was I out?" Korra asked.

"Two days."

"What happ-" Korra remembered in a flash. 'I was tracking Haman,' Korra thought, 'when... he attacked me and SHE helped!' Korra glared at Aimi. If looks could kill Korra could have wiped out an army. "You!. You blocked my Chi!" Korra yelled. She shot up and grabbed the bars of her cell so hard her knuckles were turning white. "Who are you people! And how did Haman learn energy bending?"

"All will be answered soon," Aimi said, "but for now here's your food." She slipped the tray through the space under the door. Korra snatched at Aimi's hands but she stepped back out of reach just on time.

"Why are you helping him?" Korra asked. "He wants to take over the world!"

"You're wrong," Aimi said and walked away.

Korra glowered at her as she left.

"Lord Haman," Aimi said when she entered Haman's office.

It was more like a throne room, with a floor to ceiling window that engulfed one entire wall. The room was huge and clean. Just one half circle desk and a couple of chairs decorated the room. But what took your breath away when you entered the room, was the waterfall. The room was part of a building that was built into a cliff. And the cliff had a waterfall pouring off of it. The huge window was hidden right behind the curtain of water. Whenever Haman wanted to he'd press a button and the waterfall would part like a curtain. It was parted when Aimi walked in and a beautiful view of a tropical island stretched out before them.

Haman stood in front of the window, with his hands clasped behind his back, looking out at the lush geen forest below. "Yes, Aimi," he said without turning around. "Come here."

She walked up to him and stood in silence.

"What you did was foolish," Haman said.

"What? Sir if you are-"

"Don't defend yourself," Haman interrupted. "I've decided that you will be demoted to being in charge of the prison."

"All because I blocked Korra's bending?" Aimi asked in surprise.

"I specifically said for you not to interfere when I bend her."

'If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have Korra in that cell right now,' Aimi thought,'I should be getting a promotion!' But she knew better than to argue with Haman.

"You do still have a job of great importance," Haman said. "Make sure Korra is well taken care of. I have plans for her. You're Dismissed."

Aimi turned and walked out of the room. 'He gets rid of his greatest threat because of my help, and this is how I'm rewarded?' Aimi thought.

She was fuming mad. So much so that the irises of her eyes flashed white and a gust of wind slammed the doors closed behind her. She jumped and turned in surprise, 'did I do that?' she wondered in amazement.

Inside his office Haman didn't even flinch, when the doors slammed shut. He just stood there, looking out of the window. 'Aimi absorbed some of Korra's energy when she touched her,' he thought, 'this could be a problem.'

A few minuets later Dranok came in. He stood in front of the desk and Haman said," How's the training going?"

"We are ready to go," Dranok said.

"Good," Haman smiled, "then we'll launch in two weeks."

Bo woke up before everyone else and went to use the bathroom. When he was walking back to his room, he passed by Jia's room and got an idea.

'This girl's always yelling at me about something or another,' he thought. He remembered her yelling at him when he saved them on the ship, and when she fell on him back in the hotel.'And never a complement it's payback time,' he thought.

Bo gathered some supplies and rigged a water balloon trap. he opened Jia's door a little, and set the balloon so it was balancing on the top edge of the door. So that when she pushed opened the door it would fall and soak her. He stuck a rolled up newspaper under the door so the wind didn't blow it open. "Perfect," Bo said.

One hour later it was time to go. Bo walked to Jia's room. "Hey Jia, you ready yet?" he said.

"In a minuet," Jia said.

"We're waiting on you."

"Alright alright I'm co-" she was cut off when she opened the door, and the water balloon fell on her head. Bursting on impact.

Bo made sure he was standing back when the balloon fell. "Ha ha ha!" he laughed, with a smile that practically split his face, "worked like a charm."

"Bo! You!" Jia lunged at Bo but he sidestepped her and ran. Jia chased him down the hallway.

Aya was thanking Junjie for letting them stay the night when Bo busted in the kitchen door.

"Don't tell Jia I'm here," he said.

"Why not?" Aya asked.

"She wants to kill me."

Aya raised an eyebrow. "Any particular reason?"

"I dropped a water balloon on her."

"Of course," Aya said.

"Paint," Horou said.

"Huh?" Bo asked. He hadn't noticed that Horou was in the kitchen.

"It lasts longer," Horou said and smiled.

Bo grinned and said, "I'll keep that in mind."

A few minuets later they had left Junjie's and were heading towards the docs. Jia was only being civil towards Bo because Aya was there.

It was another cool morning. The sun was rising up behind some distant mountains and the street lights were turning off.

Da trotted beside Jia. They gave the attendant their tickets, and boarded the ship. It was a large ship with two decks. Painted white with blue trims. The top deck covered half of the lower one. The captain's cabin was on the top deck, and portholes lined the side of the ship.

' Talk about Deja vu, ' Jia thought.

"We're back, in a ship, again," Bo said.

They went to their rooms, and saw that they were much larger than the hotel's rooms. But otherwise identical.

Their trip took about a week, and while they were on the ship they met Sorako. He was a nice guy in his late teens. He had straight black hair and a confident look about him. He quickly became friends with Bo and Jia. Sorako seemed to be able to make anybody like him. He talked about his adventures as he toured the world, using his parents fortune to just have a good time.

Near the end of their trip, he overheard Aya talking to the team about the Lightbending scroll.

"Well isn't that interesting?" Sorako said and smiled as he approached the four friends? "You guys were holding out on me."

'I thought we were alone,' Aya thought." Were you spying on us?" she asked him suspiciously.

"Uh, no. But I couldn't help overhearing you guys, and I'd like to join you. Why would I spy on you anyway?"

"Some people are after us," Jia said. "They want the scroll for themselves."

"Well, I'm good in the forest," Sorako said. "I can tell you what berries are edible, and how to cover your tracks and stuff. Why not let me help you all?"

"Even if you don't have an ulterior motive," Aya said, "the answer is still no. We're nearly done with this search, so thanks but no thanks."

"Why not?" Jia asked, "we are headed to a deserted island aren't we? He could help us."

"No," Aya said. "You've already got Da. We don't need to pick up anymore strays."

"I'm a pretty rich stray," Sorako said with a lopsided smile.

"But..." Jia was cut off when Sorako said, "No, it's alright. This stray doesn't beg. Aya says no, so fine. I just thought it'd be fun. Anyway see you guys later," he said and left.

'This woman is so suspicious. Ugh!' Jia thought in frustration.

"Too bad," Bo said, "he seemed like fun. But why did you want him to come along so bad?" he asked Jia.

"Shut up," she said to him.

They arrived at the island and, since the captain wouldn't dock on the island, the crew gave them a spare rowboat. "There have been too many stories," he told them, "of a tribe on that island, that can control your every move. Once they see you it's over."

Jia and Bo waved goodbye to Sokaro as they rowed away. "Don't worry we'll meet again!" Sokaro yelled as they left.

They were a mile away from the island when Da started barking.

"What is it boy?" Jia asked Da, "you see a catfish?"

"Is that supposed to be a joke?" Bo asked her. But Jia ignored him. Then he looked up and groaned. "Not them again," he whined.

Not too far away a black speedboat was headed towards the island. One of the men on it turned and saw them.

"Uh oh," Horou said.

The men on the speed boat started launching fireballs at them. There were five men on the boat. All of them were dressed in black soldiers uniforms. Two of the men were firing at the team's rowboat. And the other two leaped into the sea.

"Duck!" Bo yelled.

Jia bent a wall of water up, and it absorbed the fireballs. Then she made the wall of water fall down on the soldiers. But it evaporated. The men had bent a huge disc of fire above their heads to protect themselves. Then they tossed the disc at the guys. Jia split it with pillars of water and Aya sent fireballs to extinguish the rest of it.

The driver sped up the speed boat and the soldiers headed to shore.

"We've gotta go!" Bo shouted. He was looking at the water. Two shapes were headed right towards the boat. Like two sharks closing in on a victim. The water benders were closing in on them.

Jia stood up and bent the water around the boat, propelling it through the water. The little boat cut through the water like a barracuda.

Then three icicles shot through the hull of the boat. Da yelped and jumped back as one of them nearly took off his head.

The two soldiers rose up out of the sea. Each riding on a wave like a surfer. They shot a dozen icicles at the guys, but before Aya or Jia could do anything. Da sent a sound wave at the soldiers. It was so powerful that it shattered the icicles, and destroyed the waves that the soldiers were riding.

Everyone turned and stared at Da.

The Rise Of Haman
Book 1: Light
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