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Battle of Demons

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Chapter Six (Viper's Venom)

In a remote area, after seeing Desna and Eska, the thief stopped in a remote part of the Earth Kingdom forest, where he dropped Eska in it.

"What do you want with me?" Eska panted, tired from the struggling.

"I've wanted the Avatar. There's no danger in a hostage is there? Now where is she?"

"For the final conclusion. I'm not aware of her presence! How many times do I have to repeat it?" Eska groaned in anger. The figure stood there, looking down at her.

"Fine...just fine. I'm hoping on her location. But I have other means..." The man snapped his fingers and suddenly a shadow appeared behind him.

"You've heard what I want. Think you can handle it?" He asked the shadow.

"Of course. I'm not the demon master for nothing."


Back in Republic City, the Fire Ferrets were beginning their activity and prepared themselves for today. Today's preparation? For the finals in the championship. They were waiting for this moment in time, Bolin especially. In the rest area, Carra and Honsho were chilling as Bolin was on his feet, too excited to really rest as the championship was in only a few minutes.

New Fire Ferrets

The team's lack of motivation...

"Okay team! You ready to give it your all? It all comes down to this! No backing down. Time to show them what the Fire Ferrets can really do!" Bolin said, trying to encourage. Carra and Honsho though weren't too thrilled about this. Honsho looked a bit bland about it and Carra, her usual shy look. Bolin was worried, this is how they got the "fastest knockout of the ring" before, them being knocked out.

"Guys?" Honsho knew Carra won't say anything, so he got up.

"Okay Bolin. But just don't forget about our deal, alright?"

"I know I know. After this we can retire from the ring, I promise. Let's try our best though anyway, can we?" Bolin asked.

"...well alright. I may not be up for this, but being called a coward isn't my forte."

"Alright! Carra what about you? You ready?" Bolin asked. Oddly though, Carra didn't look at them, and slowly shook her head.

"Carra?...everything okay?"

"...I can't..." Bolin and Honsho looked to each other in confusion as Carra just stood there.

"You can't?"

"Yeah...I can't...please Bolin. Go without me."

"What? But Carra-" before they can continue, suddenly the planner came in saying "got 2 minutes Fire Ferrets.". Now it's worrying.

"So soon? If she can't go we'll get disqualified." Honsho said. He and Bolin were trying to think of something but there wasn't much time right now. Carra was just about to leave when suddenly she found someone else right by the door.

"Oh! Tanin."

"Hello Fire Ferrets. Thought I bring you something before you start," Tanin said, walking in with a box in his hand, and his butterfly friend on his shoulders. He opened it to show three small bracelets, each having a fire ferret face on it, color coated to match each member of the team.

"Thanks Tanin," Honsho said.

"No problem. It wasn't easy but I got them done just in time. So you all ready to go?"

"Me and Bolin are, but Carra isn't so sure. She's just saying she can't." Tanin looked to Carra. She isn't in her uniform like Bolin and Honsho are, in her usual attire. Tanin can see from the look on her face that something was stopping her. Something forbidding her from helping her friends out in this.

"What member of the team is she in?"

"The fire bender. Why?" Tanin smiled.

"Well then. If she can't go, mind if I take her place?" Honsho, Bolin and Carra were surprised hearing this, especially Carra.

"You? Are you even a firebender?"

"Can you afford not to find out?" Before Bolin or Honsho can answer, the official then came on in, saying out "time to start."

"Looks like we don't have much choice. Alright, hurry and suit up." Honsho said. Bolin and Honsho left but Carra stopped Tanin nervously.

"Thank you...but you're not a firebender."

"I know, but they don't. It's like a play, I just have to do the part. You relax, okay Carra?" Tanin said, his hands on her shoulders. Carra smiled and nodded as Tanin joined the others. Carra looked down to the red fire ferret bracelet and a smile of relief began to appear on her face.


Now taking their seats, the teams got ready to watch the Fire Ferrets in the finals. Korra, Asami and Mako were there, but also were Jinora, Ikki and Meelo after getting permission from their parents.

"Here we are," Korra said, just after they found their seats in the stands.

"This is so exciting! Isn't it?" Ikki said in glee.

"You bet. Bolin always dreamed of getting up to the championship, and now he's gonna give it his all. I just know it," Mako said. Just then, as if on cue, the announcer goes up.

"Ladies and gentleman! The finals are about to begin! Let's give it for the challengers, you know 'em, you love 'em. The Fire Ferrets!!" The crowd got in a cheer filled uproar as Bolin, Honsho and Tanin got in the arena. Bolin can easily see his friends in the stands and gave them a wave. The Fire Ferrets got in position, Tanin had to be told first, as the announcer began again.

"And the opposition! The lean, the mean, the bending machines! The killer Crocabears!!" The cheers went up as the team came out in the arena. The Fire Ferrets weren't very intimidated, although they appear rather buff and threatening already. The Crocabears got in position across from the Fire Ferrets as the official got himself ready. With a wave of the hand, the battle began.

The fire, water, and stone rings began flying almost immediately. Each side countering and attacking each other. Tanin though, not being a firebender, just blocked and avoided the incoming attacks as Bolin and Honsho kept the fighting going for their side. Their friends from the stands watched and cheered in anticipation of the Fire Ferrets' victory. Carra, although apart of the Fire Ferrets herself, could only watch from the exit. Not the best view, but a view regardless. She was still amazed Tanin, whom she knew never been in the arena before, would take a place like hers.

Tanin was having his own trouble on this. Since he can't firebend, he can't exactly keep up his charade much longer, seeing Honsho and Bolin were having serious trouble by themselves.

"Come on Tanin! A bit of fire would be nice by now!" Bolin shouted, getting hit with water afterward.

"Give me a minute!" Tanin replied, blocking an incoming stone disk. The opponents were beginning to see what is going on with the Fire Ferrets and the leader quickly got a plan passed to the other two teammates. Suddenly, only Bolin and Honsho were being hit, Tanin not even being bothered with. The team in the stands were getting worried now.

"They're leaving Tanin alone?" Korra wondered.

"Why?" Added Ikki. Mako, being a detective, can figure out right away what is really going on.

"They know Tanin isn't a firebender." The team turned to him in shock.

"How can that be?" Asami asked.

"Don't you see? Tanin hasn't attacked once in this match, and he is the supposed firebender on the team. If they get Honsho and Bolin off the ring and leave Tanin, he won't attack, risking disqualification." Mako explained. The rest turned to the arena, seeing exactly what Mako had said.

"Tanin! Don't just stand there!" Honsho yelled. Tanin knew he couldn't do anything but before he can react, a full 3-way hit caused Bolin and Honsho to fall off all at once! Leaving Tanin alone.

"OUCH! It looks like the Fire Ferrets have one chance left in their final player!" The announcer said.

"Uh oh...all alone." Tanin turned to the other team, in a battle stance. Everyone in the stands, including Carra, were watching in worry and wonder of what'll happen next. Carra was seeing all of this but was oddly feeling something else. Her sudden worry made her bolt around, thinking she heard something...nothing. Her attention quickly got back to Tanin, whom didn't know what to do anymore. Adding further insult to injury, one of them shouted "make a move fire boy!" Tanin was trying to think on what to do, as everyone was holding their breath to see what'll happen next. Tanin examined the situation a little bit.

"Okay let's Fire. Water. That's the main elements needed for a I'm alone, not knowing fire bending. My team mates are in the water." His thoughts were cut off when he looked to the ceiling above the stands...something is behind the glass, but he couldn't make it out. This distraction made him get knocked back by an impatient waterbender, almost knocking him off the ring entirely. He got a hold of himself as the team advanced around him, whom was on the third and final area of the battlefield. This is bad...but something else just felt off. Something worse.

He wasn't the only one, back at the exit, Carra too was feeling rather worried, feeling something wasn't right. She took a few steps out, looking around to make sure nothing was wrong. She can see Tanin having a lot of trouble, but off the corner of her eye, she could of sworn something zoomed by towards the announcer's booth. After about a minute, something zoomed out again. It looked like some sort of shadow, but it moved too fast to get an exact picture. Carra was the only one who saw it as it stopped behind the opposing team's shadow. Now stopped, the shadow was invisible in the other shadows. Tanin at this point decided to just give up.

"Do it fast," he said, standing up in a submissive stance.

"You got it." The waterbender said. However, when he tried to finish, suddenly he found himself unable to end it...he can't control his arms! They were lodged in place! He tried fighting it but suddenly they got a mind of their own, and suddenly found himself tossing the water at his teammates! The earthbender, and only girl on the team, got very mad.

"What was that for?!"

"That wasn't me, honest! I didn't do that!" Tanin saw the argument continue but suddenly the earthbender girl suddenly got under a different control as she was forced to bend backwards. A sudden whip caused her to fly right at Tanin, who dodged fast. She however fell off the ring, into the water. Bolin and Honsho saw her fall, and helped her out.

"You alright?" Bolin asked. She got up, rather shaken and scared outta her mind.

"There's something wrong up there man!" she said. Bolin and Honsho looked up in the arena. They need to get up there. Tanin meanwhile was just staring in confusion off the cliff, down to the earthbender. They all were...unaware something is forming behind them. The crowd was becoming scared, but it was loud Ikki who screamed "BEHIND YOU!" As the figure took shape.

This figure looked like a devil from an old cartoon. It was pure black, round head, red eyes, triangle teeth. Tanin turned around with the other two to see the creature. It looked rather small, about their height, but it still was enough to surprise them, especially since the announcer had gone quiet about it.

"Hello kids. Having fun with your game?" Tanin immediately got aggressive as the other two just stood there. The figure turned to the crowd, eying out the Avatar almost immediately.

"You're all enjoying the show?! You like this violence eh? Let me hook you in to the show!" It suddenly sprouted arms, ending in claw-like fingers, as it quickly sliced into the ground. The cut made into the earth created a powerful force, a portal, which opened up rather large. Whoever was in the ring was in dead sight on whatever is coming next. Korra, Mako and Asami got up and were going to run in to help but the figure had this planned already as they ran into a wall of psychic energy! He laughed at how stupid that was.

"What are you?!" One of the fighters gasped.

"What am I? Isn't it obvious or are you that dumb?...whatever. Time for some parade beat. Maestro?" He tapped the ground, as suddenly some vibration was felt. It began small but quickly grew and grew until suddenly they began to see shapes crawl out of the opening...more demons!

There were many different shapes and forms that crawled out and soon enough there were a good large group of evil spirits standing by. Tanin didn't move but the other two quickly bolted for it, jumping into the water. Tanin was alone again. The black devil smiled, showing his teeth. He then turned to the demon group...raised his arms...and aim two fingers at the targets: one at Tanin, one at the crowd!

"-Oh crud.- (Turns to the crowd) EVERYBODY RUN!!" The crowd didn't need to be told twice, but the demons kept them in! Korra and Mako stayed to fight as they charged into the arena. The demon removed the force field so they weren't as restricted anymore. Jinora, Ikki and Meelo even joined in with their airbending. All this commotion brought Bolin and Honsho up, immediately fighting as well. Tanin saw Bolin come in, with an Arial demon flying at him.

"Bolin, incoming!" Tanin yelled. He charged over, immediately hitting it with a waterbending hit!

"You're a waterbender?"

"Do you REALLY wanna discuss it now?!" Tanin yelled. Bolin didn't bother as he fought as well. However, Tanin then looked and saw one of them actually fly out. He was too busy to worry about that though.

The only one who stayed yet wasn't fighting was Carra, whom gripped the wall. The demon noticed her after a bit and turned to her as everyone else was distracted with fighting. Carra froze as he called in a demon with large crab claws. He whispered something in its ear and got its attention to Carra, whom it swiftly bolted over and snatched her legs, like handcuffs. Carra looked back to her friends, all fighting these demons off.

"My friends...they're all fighting but can I just sit aside and watch? I'm such a coward..." She thought. After she said that, she saw something was Meelo. He was pinned down in her sight by a large thin demon, his claws were digging into him as he screamed in sheer pain...the sights. The sounds. The horror...something snapped.

Carra began to run, the demon trying to keep her under control. As she jumped in the arena, a quick air split got the demon to let go as she charged blindly into the fight, blood boiling. First strike was the demon on Meelo, whom was shot with a giant fire ball, into about 3 other demons before slamming into the wall! All the demons hardly reacted as she went complete psycho on all of them, raining fiery rage like there's no tomorrow. A wall of demons tried to destroy her but she summoned up enough firepower for a gigantic wall of blazing inferno! Her friends jumped behind Bolin and Korra who made an earth shield as the firewall shot every single demon to the back. The demon master was angry at her.

"HEY! Why don't you-" before he can finish, Carra spun around, and suddenly fired her flaming breath at him, kinda spooking him. He decided to forget it and disappeared.

For everyone that is there, it was absolute silence at first...and suddenly it was an uproar of cheering. Oddly but surely, now the announcer got back.

"INCREDIBLE!! The firebender of the Fire Ferrets single-handedly cleared out the demon attack!" was the call out to Carra. Her friends were cheering for her victory too...but Carra didn't hear any of it. She felt the powerful yet unstable beating of her heart as a pain, turning from dull to great, formed in her chest.

"I did it...I saved my family...I did it...well done. Carra." She told herself. With a tear in her eye, and a smile on her face, she felt very she turned and collapsed onto the arena floor. While laying, her ears could only hear "CARRA!" From her close friend Tanin, before she was out...

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