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Chapter Eight (Spirit Saga)
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August 12, 2012

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Aang and Zuko meditaded in their respective cells. Katara slept. Sokka banged on the door of his cell. Toph kicked the wooden walls of her prison. Suki sat, and did nothing. They heard the creak of a metal door open.

"You've got company," Jet said. He strided into the room, dragging two prisoners by their arms.

"Jet, let us out of here!" Aang yelled.

"Well, well, well. Look who finally woke up," Jet responded.

"As the Avatar, I demand you let us out of here right now!" Aang screamed. Jet ignored him. He opened two more cells, and threw his two prisoners into each of them.

"Ungh," Smellerbee said, barely conscious. "Jet, what are you doing?"

"Smellerbee?!" Aang asked.


"Quiet!" Jet yelled at Smellerbee. He threw him into the cell. Then, he threw Longshot into the cell next to Smellerbee's. He shut the doors.

"Hello there, sleepyhead," Jet said as he opened the door of Katara's prison. Her throat was dry. Her arms and legs were in chains. She needed water, desperately.

"Get. Away. From. Me," Katara said angrily.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Katara."

"Then go away."

"Whatever you say," Jet replied. He walked out of the cell and shut the door. Katara shed a tear at the fact that her first crush had become such a monster.

"This is enough, Jet!" Sokka yelled.

"...Guys. He's...he's not Jet," Aang said.

"What are you talking about, Twinkle Toes?" Toph asked.

"I went to the Spirit World and learned the truth. When Jet died, he went to the Spirit World. Jet made a deal with the devil...or rather, Koh, the facestealer. But Koh cheated the deal! He took over Jet's body and is keeping Jet's spirit prisoner!"

Team Avatar gasped.

"You're wrong, Avatar...that boy's request was simple: bring the waterbender girl to the Spirit World. But when he realized the consequences..."

"Katara!" Aang yelled.

"Stay away from my sister!" Sokka yelled.

As Katara saw the door of her prison cell open, she remembered what Aang had told her about Koh. He was one of the oldest spirits in the Spirit World. He can steal your face, but he won't, unless you show any emotion. She closed her eyes and looked down.

"Why so serious?" Jet asked. Katara showed no emotion. "You'll have to open your eyes sooner or later..."

Koh's spirit left Jet's body. The empty corpse slumped on the ground. In the Spirit World, the Spirit of Jet felt an unbelievable pain.

"Open your eyes, Katara...don't you want to see...your mother?"

Katara couldn't do it any longer. She opened her eyes and peeked at the spirit, who was currently wearing the face of her mother, Kya.

"What have you done with my mother?" Katara said, emotionless.

"Katara! You can't give in!" Aang exclaimed.

" mother..."

"Katara, stay strong!" Zuko exclaimed.

" monster..."

"C'mon Katara, be strong!" Toph exclaimed.

" could you..."

"Katara..." Suki said.

"I...I can't...take it...any...more..."

"Katara!" everyone yelled.

"No!" Katara yelled. She stared into her mother's eyes. She trembled...and finally shed a tear.

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