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The Decision
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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 11, 2013

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Chapter 8 - Broken Hearted

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Chapter 10 - Back to the North Pole


With the supposed idea of Aang dying earlier than thought, Katara decides for the family to go to the Northern Water Tribe to get more Spirit Oasis water.

It's a quiet morning on Air Temple Island. Aang and Katara are at the dining table. Katara is eating some stewed sea prunes and Aang is reading the newspaper. Bumi enters the room and starts walking towards the table

Bumi: Good morning mom and dad.

Katara looks up and sees Bumi

Katara: Good morning sweetheart. How are you?

Bumi: I'm fine.

Aang: Are you still upset about yesterday?

Bumi: Well I'm not totally over it, but eventually I will.

Bumi sits down in a criss-cross-applesauce position and rests his head in his hand.

Bumi: I still wish she would have listened to me before she left. If I could have explained what happened, maybe I wouldn't be in this mess. Are all girls this complicated?

Katara: Well girls aren't always complicated. When girls feel hurt and anger, we're too much in a rage to listen, but it usually depends on the situation. Her heart became broken yesterday, and she was upset, angry and hurt. 

Bumi: Well so was I, but I didn't interrupt her.

Aang: Boys work differently Bumi, but just remember this, if she wants to talk about this in the future, try to work it out. If she doesn't want to work it out, then just remember that there are other girls out there.

Bumi: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure I went through the worst breakup in the history of breakups.

Katara: That's not true. Remember your Uncle Sokka's first girlfriend turned into the moon, and she was already engaged to another person.

Bumi: I guess you're right mom. Well *stands up* I'm going to go to my room.

Bumi starts walking to the door

Katara: You haven't even eaten your breakfast yet.

Bumi: I'm not hungry, I got to figure out some girl stuff right now. 

Bumi walks out of the room and walks back upstairs to his room. Aang continues to read the newspaper with a disappointed expression on his face

Aang: I don't think he realizes that I could talk to him about his girl problems.

Katara: Aang, you do realize we got together and we barely had any problems in the past. 

Aang: Yeah, but my biggest problem was keeping my love a secret from you throughout our journey.

Katara:Oh Aang

Katara leans her head towards Aang's face and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. She looks at him a smiles, but the smile quickly turns into a concerned expression. Aang looks at Katara puzzled

Aang: What's wrong Katara?

Katara: I've been thinking about what Zuko said, when he was telling us about how your life energy will drain and you'll die younger than you should, are you worried about it?

Aang sighs sadly and looks down, composing himself

Aang: I haven't really thought about it that much. Between Zuko almost getting killed and us having to travel around the city to save him, I haven't really been able to seriously think about it.

Katara: Well what's going through you're mind right now?

Aang: Obviously the thought of dying is never a good thought, but I'm also thinking about the last time you saved me after Azula shot me with lightning. Even though it's more of a spiritual thing to deal with, would you be able to heal me?

Katara looks down avoiding eye contact. After thinking a couple seconds, she looks back at Aang

Katara: I don't know if I'd be able to heal you so you'd be able to live longer, I could try, but I don't have anymore spirit oasis water from the North Pole. As much as I don't want you to die, the next Avatar will have to eventually be born, and I promise if I'm still around, I'll teach the next Avatar waterbending.

Aang: Thank you Katara. I want the next Avatar to be safe while they master all elements. I don't want him or her to go through training the elements the way I did.

Suddenly, someone opens the door dramatically. Sokka comes barging in through the door and walks into the dining room.

Sokka:Good morning family!

Aang: Good morning Sokka.

Sokka sits down where Bumi sat not too long ago

Sokka: How's Bumi doing? Is he getting over Zuko's daughter well?

Katara: Yeah, he's in his room trying to figure out girl stuff, so I'm sure he'll come up with something brilliant.

Aang: Anyway, we've been talking about what Zuko said. 

Sokka: Oh about your life energy draining? Well maybe the solution to your problem is to not use the Avatar State for the rest of your life and you'll live longer!

Aang: Spiritual energy doesn't work like that Sokka. Besides, I have to go into the Avatar State sometime.

Katara: I think the best decision right now is to go to the North Pole and try to get more Spirit Oasis water. I can try to heal Aang as spiritual as I can, but when he passes, my duty is to teach the next Avatar waterbending. You wanna come to the North Pole with us Sokka?

Sokka: I don't know, if you recall, I've had some bad memories there.

Katara: Sokka, Bumi is up in his room trying to figure out girl stuff. I think you should come if you have nothing else planned. You have to show him you're not afraid of feeling pain again.

Sokka sighs out of frustration

Sokka: I guess you're right. 

Katara smiles at her brother. She looks at the door and her facial expression goes from happy to tense

Katara: *at the kids* KIDS, GET IN HERE!

Not too long after, Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin all rush into the dining room and stand in front of Katara

Katara: Kids, guess what we're going to do?

Kya: Sing songs?

Bumi: Help me on relationship advice?

Tenzin: Have a bending battle?

Aang, who now has the newspaper laying on the dining table, starts laughing to himself

Aang: All good ideas--

Sokka: *cuts Aang of mid sentence* Except the singing one.

Aang: But you're all wrong.

Katara: We're going on vacation!

Kya: Are we going to the South Pole?

Katara: Close. We're going to the North Pole! Pack your bags kids, because we'll be staying at the icy fortress that is the North Pole for a few days. 

Bumi: Why are we going to the North Pole mom?

Katara: I'll explain later, just pack everything you want to take!

The kids rush out of the dining room and run upstairs

Aang: Do you think we should invite Toph?

Katara: Normally I would, but the North Pole is all ice, she won't be able to see.

Sokka: What about the spirit oasis, it has grass and earth in there.

Katara: I don't think that will be enough earth to her liking. 

Aang: I can't wait to see the North Pole again. After all the reconstruction from the last time we were there, I bet it looks brand new.

Katara: I can't wait for our kids to see the North Pole, they'll be amazed by its structure. 

Sokka: It is a magnificent view, at least this time you won't have to learn waterbending by a sour old man who turns out to have a soft spot and marries our grandmother.

Katara: Gran Gran.

Katara starts to frowning and looks down at the floor sadly. She lets out a really sad sigh

Katara: I miss her so much. 

Aang walks over to Katara, wraps one arm around her neck and gives her a side hug

Aang: I know, but one day, our kids are going to make you a Gran Gran.

Sokka: And you a Gramp Gramp!

Aang: I don't think I would want to be called Gramp Gramp, something simple and sweet like Grandpa Aang. 

Sokka thinks about what Aang just said and looks back at him with a smirk on his face

Sokka:Yeah.....I still like Gramp Gramp!

Katara: Well, lets get packed Aang, we have a long journey ahead of us.

Aang and Katara walk up to their room. They get out a few bags and start packing in some clothes and blankets

Aang: I can't wait to see the North Pole again, just thinking about it brings back memories when we were kids. 

Katara: Yeah, but we don't have time to relax when we get there. We need to get there, tell someone about the condition you'll be in one day, get the water, and whatever happens next happens.

Aang: You seem very tense about this vacation Katara, why don't you just rest for a few minutes.

Katara: I can't rest! Aang, I know you're going to have to die one day, but--

Tears start to form in Katara's eyes and her voice starts to break

Katara: I just never pictured it being so soon. *cries*

Katara lets the tears fall from her eyes and run down her face. Aang wraps his arms around Katara's neck and upper body and hugs her tightly.

Aang: I don't want to lose you either, you know I love you and our family and friends more than anyone else, but the new Avatar has so be born. I can't promise this, but I will try my best to show a part of me through the new Avatar.

Katara looks at Aang and starts smiling

Katara:Thank you Aang

Katara gives Aang a hug back. She lets go of him a few seconds later and stands up with a proud and happy facial expression. Aang stands up with her

Aang: Come on, we have some stuff to pack for a vacation, and try to enjoy yourself. I'm not dying yet.

Aang and Katara continue to put various items in their bags and smile at each other


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