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The Tale of Naton



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May 19, 2014

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Nine: Locked in Combat

Previously on Naton

As the Ben Hai goes forth after the death of their Master Onza, and they travel to the Fire Nation and meet the Flare Rebels, lead by Commander Narkan. But Kian has gone missing, and the darkbenders have sent an ominous letter to the Rebel camp.

Chapter Nine: Locked in Combat

"What does it say, commander?" Zaro asked.

Narkan put the scroll in his pocket. "Prepare for battle."

"What? Prepare for battle."

Narkan entered the fort. "They are marching towards the Fire Nation as we speak."

Gardie ran up to the commander. "Do you have any machines?"

"We have a minimal amount of cannons, and one ironclad ship, but that's it," Zaro replied. "We aren't ready."

"We have to be," Naton said.

Gardie read the scroll. "Prepare your men. We're coming for you, and we won't stop until you all die. We know the Avatar is with you. We are going to destroy the Rebels. Prepare for battle," he read.

"I'm ready to kick some darkbending butt!" Beeno cheered.

"Let's not be hyped up about this," Gardie said. "We don't know what they'll bring. They might bring those dark-benders who take away bending."

"I have a perfect name for those guys! Chi-benders!" Beeno joked. "See? They bend your chi! Like that sage bended Naton's chi! It's perfect!"

"The cannons are ready, commander," Zaro said. "Is there anything else we need?"

"Put some men on the ship", Narkan commanded.

"Yes, commander."

Narkan turned to Gardie. "I've done as much as I can. But it's not much."

"That'll do. We took on an entire darkbending army back the forest. Besides, we can use the spirits," Gardie said.

Narkan grunted. "Even if the Avatar does open the portal, the spirits probably won't help us."

"You'll never know, commander."

"Ohmygosh, Lan!" Karrie hugged her younger brother. "You became the top archer? You do know bows are outdated!"

"Not really. This bow is made specifically for airbenders," Lan said.

Aeron patted his younger cousin on the back. "How was it fighting with the Rebels?"

"It was sort of dangerous, but I usually was in the back, shooting arrows," Lan answered. "How is Aunt Jinora?"

"She's with the UDRF, fighting the darkbenders," Aeron replied. "Come on, airbender hug!" The cousins squeezed each other.

"Lan! You grew hair!"

"I did?"


Zaro approached Lan. "Captain Lan, the commander has ordered you to board the ship. Prepare for battle?"


"The darkbenders are attacking."

The Ben Hai lined up behind the outer wall. Several cannons were positioned on the top, and Commander Narkan and Zaro watched from the tower. "When the ship sends a flare, that means the darkbenders are coming," Narkan said.

"Will Lan be okay?" Aeron asked.

"I hope," the commander replied.

Naton watched the ship leave the shore. He wore light Flare Rebel armor, and held a bladed staff.

"Naton, stay inside the fort. The darkbenders are trying to get you. We'll fight," Gardie said.

"I don't like this. The Avatar is supposed to fight, not stand back," Naton answered. "It's not what I'm here for."

Tazen put a hand on his shoulder. "We'll be fine. Don't worry about us."

"Man, if I see Shin and his stupid sideburns, I'm gonna earthbend him into the ground!" Beeno growled.

A flare launched off of the ship. The Rebels loaded their guns. The benders stood ready. The ship began to go back to shore, but then a dozen dark bolts hit the hull. The front began to tilt up, and the seamen began to jump off into the water. "They're going to die!"

In the distance, a fleet of black ships approached the Rebels ship. "Go!"

Out of the inner wall, four biplanes flew into the sky, and began firing at the darkbenders' ships. Naton could see Lan airbending his way to the shore. Zaro tapped Narkan's shoulder. "That might as well could have been a suicide mission"."

"Look." The commander pointed to a group of dark spirits flying toward the fort. "They brought the baddies."

Lan flew up to the Ben Hai. "There are at least twenty ships, filled to the brim with darkbenders. There are also dark spirits over there. It's too much!"

Gardie put on his helmet. "Don't worry."

The ships hit shore, and the darkbenders ran across the beach. Two biplanes crashed into the sea, and a few dark spirits landed on the outer wall. "Fire the cannons!" The explosive shells hit the dark spirits.

"Fight!" The gates opened, the Rebels flooded into the battle field. 

"See you."

The Ben Hai jumped over the wall, and joined the fight. Naton walked into the inner fort, and confronted the commander. "I'd like to fight."

"No way, Avatar. I understand how you feel, but if you die, we lose the war," Narkan said.

"The dark spirits will attack the fort. Our main goal is to destroy the walls and get the Avatar. Understood?" Shin said.

"Yes. But the darkbenders aren't very good in hand to hand combat," the waterbender replied.

"Patience, Bai. I have a friend who can take care of them," Shin grinned.

A darkbender walked behind Bai. He wore black clothes, and his hair was messy. "My name is Venja. I will kill the Avatar."

"Lan! Over there!" Lan aimed and fired at an approaching dark spirit.

"Zaro! On your left!"

Zaro shot a fireball at a bombshell. The three fell back.

"We can't hold them off!"

Narkan crawled over to his sword. It glowed brightly. He stood up and slashed a dark spirit. "Zaro! Lan! Just defend the fort!"

Narkan leaned over the wall. The darkbenders were pushing the Rebels towards the fort. Shin smashed the ground, and a pillar of earth rose up to meet Narkan. Venja and Shin climbed up the pillar, and Shin knocked Narkan to the ground. Zaro flung a fireball, Venja ducked under, and fired a dark bolt at him. Lan tackled Zaro out of the way, and Shin and Venja rushed into the inner fort. The two quickly made waste of the Rebel guards.

"That way." Venja pointed to a long hallway. Naton jumped out of the door, and air-blasted them out into an open space.

"It's the Avatar!"

Shin grabbed two swords, and flung them at Naton. He deflected them with fire, and then shot a fireball at Venja. Shin held out his hands, and three metal platforms ripped from the wall and flew towards Naton. Naton created a sphere of air, and he shot ice beams at Shin and Venja. Venja jumped up, and charged a dark orb. Naton dodged the orb, and slammed his foot into the ground. A rock pillar hit Venja square in the face, and he flew back. Shin levitated a dozen spears, and threw them at Naton. He dodged the weapons, and froze Shin in a block of ice. Naton then ran over to Venja, and was about to burn him, when Venja stood up and grabbed Naton's head. Naton felt the energy seep out of him, and he blacked out.

Gardie and Tazen ran up behind Venja, and Tazen knocked the darkbender to the ground. Gardie sent a crashing wave towards Venja, and Tazen picked up Naton. "He's unconscious."

Venja groggily stood up, and held out his hand. His palm turned purple, and a vortex appeared behind Tazen. "What the-!" Tazen slipped, and was sucked into the portal. Gardie grabbed hold of Naton, and he hit Venja with a block of ice. Behind him, Bai freed Shin from the ice, and the three villains ran out of the camp. Gardie set Naton on the ground, and Beeno, Aeron and Karrie ran up to Gardie.

"What did that nasty, stupid Shin do?!" Beeno growled. "Where's Tazen?"

"He's been teleported somewhere," Gardie replied.

"Is Naton okay?" Aeron asked.

"He'll be fine."

Commander Narkan and Zaro approached Gardie. "The battle is a short victory. We barely won. We lost our last ship, and both the outer and inner walls have been destroyed. What happened to the Avatar?"

"A darkbender got to him," Gardie answered. "And Tazen has disappeared."

Lan and the remaining Rebels entered the fort. "Commander, we let the three benders escape."

"It's fine. We'll get them later. Lan and Zaro, get the Avatar to a safe place," Narkan said.

"Why do we keep losing members?" Beeno whined. "First Onza, then Kian, now Tazen! Who's next? Me?"

The commander held out a hand. "That's not entirely true, my earthbender," he said. Narkan pulled off his mask.

"Kian?!" Aeron and Karrie jumped back in surprise. "You're Commander Narkan?"

"Indeed. I went off ahead to return to my position as Flare Rebel leader. It was originally my father's, but then he passed it down to me," Kian said.

"So.... you're Commander Kian? It has a nice ring to it!" Beeno added.

Gardie bowed. "I thought we had lost you."

Kian smiled. "I'm very good at keeping secrets. Well, we have to get our firebender back. I think he was teleported to the Spirit World."


Writer- GretriXcape

Illustrator- GretriXcape

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