Winter Solstice Part 1
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Winter Solstice Part 1

The time of the year was finally coming, the 21st day of the 12th month. The winter solstice, Vakama thought.

Not only was this specific day special because it is shortest day of the year, with the least amount of sun light. It also represented a part of a year that the physical world and Spirit World were closer intervened then normally, the other part of the year being the summer solstice.

Vakama knew well that it was during these parts of the year that the spiritually enlightened attempted to gain access to the Spirit World because it was easier for them. However it wasn't only easier for beings in the physical world to swap, but spirits too.

His past twenty attempts each failed for Koh would stare at him with undying focus until the solstice finished. Not this time.

A few weeks ago Vakama has been seeing visions of Avatar Kuruk in his dreams. Kuruk would keep telling him that he was getting a clearer visual of Vakama's location and that he will deal with Koh once he got there, in exchange for Vakama keeping up with his emotionless behavior and eventual freedom.

Vakama only agreed to do it for two reasons. The first one was he knew he had no chance at all against Koh. If he even raised a fist to Koh he would be terminated on the spot. Kuruk however, being a past Avatar and having more knowledge with spirits, would have a much better chance. The second reason he agreed to it was because of the hope in his mind and heart which made him survive all these years struck strong to the idea to returning to his family, his village, his life...

The truth of the matter was, Vakama has considered having his face taken away many times before. It would finally end the suffering and pain building up within him. It kept building up, but he couldn't release it, couldn't express his thoughts and feelings, being forced to hold them inside...which were killing him.

"Why carry on with this entire struggle? Why not just end it and move on? I don't know how much longer I can do this...Koh is not a spirit who torments with your body, but your emotions...which takes much longer to heal, and he just plays with them like they're toys..."

However deep down he knew the answer, whenever these negative thoughts filled his mind he always had a vision of something that kept him going. His families eye's, their smiles, their laughter, their warm embrace, those were the things he held on to which made him strong...and incredibly weak.

Vakama thought the plan over. It was plain and simple. By the time the solstice arrives Kuruk would be here. According to Kuruk, he discovered a mysteries sword that is extremely deadly to spirits. A few slashes and the essence of a spirit will eventually evaporate into a mist. The sword however was useless against living things and it would make a rusty old iron sword seem like a razor sharp blade in comparison.

Though it didn't matter. All he needed was for Koh to get out of the way and then he will be free.

At this moment a certain feeling risen within him in which he hasn't felt for in a very long time.


Vakama didn't want to think about how the world must have changed over the years. He wondered how his friends would be like now, ten years older. They probably had their own children now, fought deadly battles, matured, and the possibility of them being dead was also there.

They moved along time like normally, while he was forced to stay behind. They go along with the crowd while he remains isolated.

"Is this why so many spirits have miserable attitudes? Because they have to watch history go by and witness everyone age and die for so many centuries?"

Vakama knew many men in history have tried to seek immortality. They see it as the ultimate gift, the ability to never die. You'd never have to worry about diseases, never have fear about succumbing to injuries, won't have haunting thoughts about how you will be as an elderly man...

It was a curse though, never having the right of every living thing, eternal rest. Vakama knew without death there can't be life. When he was at his village and heard word of an elderly person or soldier who has passed, with their families sopping and remembering the person, he knew somewhere else a new life was just born, with people smiling and looking forward to see how the new born will turn out to be.

Balance, life and death were equal and balanced.

At least during his time trapped he has become much wiser then a person his age due to all the stories Koh told him.

"Thank you Koh...for helping me understand..."

Vakama then went to go get ready for sleep, hoping that will clear his mind from all these babbling thoughts.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day after all...


  • This chapter ended up being longer than I expected so I splited it into two.
  • This chapter is a small referecence to Aang.
  • Vakama has a lot of thoughts running on his mind which is why this chapter seems to which topic quickly.

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