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Chapter 8: The Woodbender of Wulong Forest

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Chapter 10: Master of Wood and Fire

In the middle of Wulong Forest.

"To bend wood, you must find the life energy within the wood," said Hiko. "Once you find it, you must lift it with your strength."

"I got it. I can bend wood," said Ryu.

"To cut wood, you must split the life energy to cut it. Bend the life energy to the form you wish and it will appear in the wood," said Ryu.

"Okay. I can do it".

Ryu then lifts the wood and splits it in half.

"I did it!" said Ryu.


Meanwhile in the Spirit World.

Aang stares at the pool, looking at his reflection.

"He is learning woodbending," said Aang as he talks to himself. "This will help him. Woodbending requires control. It will help him during his avatar journey."

Suddenly Aang has a vision.

He sees the new timeline and the evil energybender.

"Oh no. Avatar Korra, I call you here."

Korra rises from the pool.

"What is it Aang?"

"He is coming soon."

"Oh no! You don't mean that evil energybender, do you?"

"Yes, Korra.".

"We need an Avatar with more experience than both of us," said Aang.

"I know!" said Korra.

"Who?" asked Aang.

"Avatar Wan, I call you here."

Wan appears from the fog.

"Hi, Korra, what is it? said Wan.

"We need you to help Ryu. We already have Hei Bai to help him, now we need you."

"Okay, Korra. I shall return."

Wan then disappears.

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