The Siege of Kepler 22b
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and almost didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

After the Washington War Room Incident, Mike, Anna, Olaf and the Grand Admirals Taro Yamamoto and Ahmad Saûd want to stop Johnston's forces from reaching the planet of Avatara, but fail as they see no current chance to defeat them in battle. While Mike flies off to warn the inhabitants of Avatara, which soon is reached by war, the others, led by Anna, fly to the Kepler 22 sector to gather their forces and cripple Johnston's Space Navy.

Retreating? We're advancing in another direction!

Hundreds of spaceships emerged from hyperspace, right into the Kepler 22-system, the heart of the sector of the same name. On the bridge of the huge force's flagship stood four persons debating about what to do. These were a man wearing a white uniform and a headband of the same colour, but with red writing on it: Grand Admiral Taro Yamamoto, another man wearing a turban of red colour and an ordinary, beige Arabic array: Grand Admiral Ahmad Saûd, and a man and a woman in common European Space Fleet uniforms: Admirals Olaf Janssen and Anna Visconti.
"So... who's our leader after all? In this case, a democracy would just hinder us - if we intend to win this war," Taro stated.
"You're right on this one. I'd say... the Grand Admiral of Europe, but Mike - I mean, Grand Admiral Přemysl - is on his way to Avatara," Olaf said, continuing everyone's thoughts aloud.
"At least we're of one opinion in this case... Well, I doubt... Mike left without announcing his successor, probably in private. And I think his successor might be... this young lady..." Ahmad referred to Anna, who just sat there, doing nothing at all, but as the three high-ranked officers turned to her, looking hopeful, she could feel her courage increase, as she stood up and confidently said, "So it shall be... "
The huge mass of spaceships flew to the planet they were originally headed to gather their forces and launch a deadly strike against Johnston's Kriegsmarine, but only five of theirs, all three battleships of the same class, descended to the planet. These five were the Nemesis, the Garibaldi, the Napoléon, the Red October and the Gustav Adolf, and now were landing in five separate landing bays, which were made of concrete and steel and formed one wing of one of the many spaceports of Kepler 22b. The entire planet, which was an independent republic within the CHP, was preparing for war, as the whole sector was. Bridges were laid to the five ships to establish connections, as the military of Kepler 22b, or Dvadseddvje, as its inhabitants, mostly of Slavonic origin, called their planet, began to load the ships with fuel, which mainly was a special kind of antimatter, and ammunition of all calibres. The four officers walked straight towards a car which was waiting for them to take them to the Planetary Parliament of the planet, where the political and military leaders who now stood against Johnston would meet. The car kept on driving for almost four hours to the capital, whose architecture was a mixture of Eastern European (Russian, to be specific) and ancient Greek architecture. When they had reached its outskirts, they saw how the sector prepared for war: soldiers marching on both sides of the road, greeting the passing officers, the mere seize of the crowd made it look like total war. However, the huge structure of the parliament was, after another hour of driving through the crowd, the two cars and half a dozen of shuttles landed right in front of the palace and the dozens of military and political leaders got into it. In the huge building, the leaders assembled in the semi-circular assembly hall. After a whole day of debating, in which they agreed to use the name Allies, Anna got terribly bored, as now the political part began, so the huge cupola of glass above them got her attention. Before she almost doze off, she looked up once again, noticing a spaceship jumping out of hyperspace, bearing the symbol of the swastika. She jumped up, fully awake, running to the cars. Olaf, Ahmad and Taro followed her and asked, almost in unison, "What the hell's going on? Do you want to retreat even further?"
"Retreating? We're advancing in another direction! Johnston's here... to say hello I guess..." she answered shouting.

The First in a long Row

The five battleships and their twenty escort cruisers, which had landed as well, ascended again and prepared for battle. The coil guns were loaded and fired at the total of three battleships that were here now, which were the Germania, the Bismarck and the Hindenburg. The latter of them was hit by all nine of the seven hundred sixty-two millimetre main guns of the Nemesis and now lose its bow, revealing its vulnerable inside. Without mercy, the Red October fired its main guns, which were of the calibre of five hundred seventy millimetres, on what was left of the Hindenburg's interplanetary missiles, detonating even the reactor core beneath the bridge, while the Garibaldi, the Napoléon and the Gustav Adolf were caught up by the Germania and the Bismarck, as reinforcements of the Aryan League arrived. The rest of the huge Allies' force gathered to ambush them to defeat them. If they would have been defeated here and right now, the planet of Avatara would have had nothing to worry about, or at least less to worry. The dozens of spaceships arrived and cut the Germania's way to hyperspace off and fired broadsides on the enemy ships while passing them. Noticing a gap, through which the Germania could have had broken out, Anna ordered the Nemesis to cut the way off, which failed as the Germania and the Bismarck entered hyperspace and jumped back to the Solar System. Johnston's entire force entered hyperspace soon thereafter, leaving five of their capital ships behind. Anna, Olaf, Rasheed and the two Grand Admirals whispered, all simultaneous and for themselves, "The first battle in a long row..." before Anna continued aloud, "Quick! We've got to get information out of this flying wreckage and prepare for another attack! GO!"

Planet under Siege

As the Germania travelled with far more than light speed towards the Aryan League's headquarters, the Earth, the Führer, Lloyd F. Johnston, began to speak to his second-in-command, Propaganda minister Leonard T. Stuart, "Minister, the removal of these rebellious traitors is of the highest priority, therefore I give you the command over the Space Fleets of North and South America, Africa and Oceania. The colonial ones shall deal with the likes of them. But you must eliminate the European one as a relevant factor. The Nemesis is a mighty battleship, and their commanders are experienced as they fought in the three hyperspace wars. Therefore, be careful. We don't have infinite spaceships, but we're superior in numbers. This is all. Dismiss."
The minister, an experienced commander himself, nodded as his superior left to the hangars, escorted by two men in black uniforms. As he had left, the ships emerged, unlike planned, in the Alpha Centauri system, where hundreds of ships assembled, with only one goal: to defeat the last hope for a free humanity and the last stand against the genocide, the Space Fleets of Europe and Asia.

Debris of a dozen of destroyed ships fell, as the Nemesis descended to the ground of the planet of Kepler 22b, ordering the locals per radio. Those set up AA-guns of many calibres, from light forty-millimetre guns, like they were used on the spaceships, to heavy railway guns which could have shot the Germania down and had a calibre of five hundred millimetres, to defend their planet from the Aryan League. Billions lives in the entire galaxy were at stake, the two billion people inhabiting in the Kepler 22-sector alone. The following days turned out to be the calm before the storm, as, on the seventh day of Anna's, Olaf's, Yamamoto's and Saûd's arrival on the planet, an even greater force of warships arrived in its orbit, being greeted by the fire of hundreds of railway AA-guns, which showed little to no effect. Anna, who had slept on the Nemesis' bridge, already awaiting their arrival, rose and ordered, "Guys, doom's arrived - if we don't act fast. This so-called Aryan-League is no enemy to have mercy with! Shoot 'em to pieces! But with tactics..." before she paused, looking at the huge force which had gathered in space, continuing, "Well, West Asian Fleet, take the right flank, alongside the Gliese 370 one's, East Asian, take the left flank, with the Gliese 581 Fleet. We take the centre. GO!"
As their flagship neared the Aryan League's, Anna witnessed how the Fleets of the 55 Cancri and the CoRoT-7 Sectors jumped out of hyperspace, assuming their positions around the planet to blockade it. The rest of the huge force dissolved their combat unit and began bombing the planet, except for the Germania, which flew to encounter its counterpart, the battle-proven Nemesis. Noticing the rest of the ships had gone to encounter the stretched-thin forces of Johnston, Anna ordered her fellow Admirals to get off to their own command ships to minimalize the damage in the case of a strike of the kind that had killed her father. She now grabbed the railing of the bridge and leaned over it to get a better sight of the enemy, whose ship flew right to encounter them. She halted the main guns' fire and ordered to turn the ship left, while all the guns available aimed at the mighty Germania, the only ship comparable to the Nemesis in the matter of firepower and morale. The Nemesis and the Germania both raised the power of their shields, waiting for the other to strike.
"Wait for it... Wait... Now! Deactivate the shields and fire a real broadside! Go!" ordered Anna screaming and sweating. All the guns which could fire directly did so, even the light AA-guns, before the Nemesis fled a few kilometres to turn around and repeat the action. The only projectiles that were powerful enough to pierce the Germania's shields were the ones of the secondary, one-hundred fifty millimetre armour-piercing guns of the huge battleship, which now severely damaged the Germania's turrets, detonating two of the four triple turrets which housed the main guns. As a shell detonated at the bottom of the bridge, the Germania fired all of its forward guns, failing to do any damage with both their main forward guns down. The Germania entered hyperspace soon thereafter, while the Nemesis returned to the Space Port. The war had reached the humanity's outposts.

Days passed and the first symptoms of the siege were noticeable, such as a shortage of fuel. The defenders had to break out to even get some again, which challenged Anna's skills as a military leader and tactician. The siege was going on for more than a month by now, and the political leaders of the Allies demanded the Grand Admirals Visconti, Saûd and Yamamoto to finally break the siege. They gathered their ships using the public transport system, such as trains, to get those to a second spaceport on the opposite of the planet, which took more than a week and barely was noticed by the enemy. They gathered a bomber squadron here and there to bomb cities and, more important, their industry districts, whose success was kept within limits by the effective AA-defence. By the end of the week, the losses increased and in the capital, the AA-guns now shot every few minutes due to often raids, vast parts of it were burned and bombed to ruins, which were inhabited by AA-guns' crews. The ships which were required for the assault were concentrated in the one, second largest spaceport on this planet. Fuel, which could, to a certain degree, be produced on the planet itself, was brought there per underground pipelines, while ammunition travelled parallel to the ships and the fuel, but underground. After seven days, during which the efficiency of the League's raids increased, the assault was ready to break through the siege lines. The second, but bigger, Earth was counting on the few battleships that had been assembled on the spaceport. Anna went right onto the Nemesis' bridge, while her high-ranked comrades went on the bridges of each of their flagships, the Caliph and the Tenno, and ordered their forces to ascend into the night-time sky. Fifteen battleships, one-hundred twenty cruisers, battlecruisers and heavy cruisers, as well as one-hundred fifty frigates, corvettes and destroyers ascended into the sky, outside the atmosphere, only to be encountered by an outnumbering force. Anna, seeing red, shouted, "All ships! Full broadsides! GO!"
Every of the ships turned their right side to the enemy and fired a huge wave of projectiles, bringing down a few of the minor enemy ships. Regardless of the consequences, Anna ordered her force to advance towards the enemy and fire a broadside. Every of the ships directed almost all of their energy to their shields and propulsions, reducing their distance to the enemy to just a kilometre, only to fire a full broadside, which damaged even capital ships, such as the Germania, severely. The League's ships now entrapped this reckless attack by firing all firing all batteries at the ships. Strengthening their ships' shields again after their attack, the Allies' force could prevent high losses, however, many ships still were damaged. The League's forces withdrew due to their losses, as did the Allies. The siege lines were burst, Kepler 22b was free. The Allies had one on this frontline - for now.


The Germania arrived, alongside the rest of the League's force, in the Alpha Centauri system again. Heavily damaged were not only the weapon systems, but also the communication systems, which were important to repair now. The Propaganda minister, and also de facto commander of the League's military, flew to the biggest base in the entire system, which was - unlike in the most colonised systems - a space station. There, he walked past the saluting soldiers right to the next radio device, where a communication officer from his flagship established a connection to Washington. As the connection was stable, the Führer's voice sounded from the speakers, saying, "What justifies your interruption of my war business?"
Stuart took a deep breath and answered, "Mein Führer, uh... We have been defeated over Kepler 22b. Until our ships are repaired, the enemy's force is free to go anywhere. Therefore I request engineers here, in the Alpha Centauri system, to get our force on line again. Also, I request new orders."
Stuart could literally feel Johnston stare at him in disappointment, before the latter spoke, "Contain them in the system, or at least in the sector. They must not be able to move free. Also, the Germania is about to get some new weaponry... "
Johnston disconnected and left Stuart behind with a question, "What's this new weaponry?"

Notes and Trivia

  • The alternate name of Kepler 22b is a poor attempt by the author to write "twenty-two" in Czech, as he can only talk and read it.
  • The fate of the Hindenburg is a reference to the fate of the zeppelin of the same name, which burned down at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
  • Now, I (the author, obviously), have to say you guys are lucky I don't write this by hand, since my handwriting is, according to several of my teachers, almost unreadable.
  • A few more chapters like this one, which don't revolve around the Team, are going to be written, revolving around Arzowa, Olaf and Anna etc.
  • The new weaponry of the Germania will be important in the last few chapters of the fanon.

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