Senlin Taofan
The Escape Part 1: New Identity
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 9

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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September 21, 2012

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Chapter 8: The Bounty

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Introduction of the main antagonist, and his story. One of the first few chapters dedicated to him. He tries to find a way to escape Ba Sing Se.

Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Book 1: Air

Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Book 1: Air

Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

The scene appears in the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se.

The scene disappears, and reappears in the prison within Ba Sing Se.

Prison door

The latched metal door, leading to the hallway of cells where Senlin is held.

An Earth Kingdom jailor is walking down the hall, of dark hallway of cells, dimly lit by green lights. Holding something in his hands, the average height jailor, wearing dark green robes, kneels down towards a metal door. He opens the small opening, and kicks the food inside, the cup of water spilling onto the ground, and food scattering onto the cell floor.

In a dark corner sits a muscular man in torn green jail clothing, his right foot being held by metal chain. The man stands up and jumps at the food, the chain being too short stops the man in mid air as he falls to the ground making a loud thud. Reaching for his food, he begins to quickly chow down on the food, the jailor looking at the disgusting man begins to laugh at him.

Senlin Taofan

In a dark corner sits a muscular man in torn green jail clothing, his right foot being held by metal chain.

"You're an animal, Senlin." the jailor said chuckling, Senlin eats the remainder of his meal, his face had wrinkles here and there, and his hair was long and was beginning to gray. Senlin has a full grown beard, and has green eyes the color of the earth. The jailor walks away and says, "Avatar Ku Tei, should've killed you..traitor.." Hearing those exact words, Senlin crawls back into the dark corner.

The jailor walks out of the hallways, and closes the door, and turns the wheel counter-clockwise, the door is then sealed shut. Outside, the sounds of children are heard, Senlin looks up as he sees the light of the sun coming from the small window.

Out from nowhere a large rock big enough to fit through the window comes flying in, and hits up against the chain that does not allow Senlin to go very far within the cell.

Senlin lifts his head up, sees the large rock, placing his hands over his eyes begins to rub them, looking at the metal floor once again, he really sees it! Its right there!

A large rock, maybe one of the children that he hears playing outside accidentally threw it into the window. What a miracle, Senlin grins and lifts his hand, and closes his fist, the large rock crumbles, and forms around the chain.

Standing to his feet, he stomps on the rock and the chain breaks, grinning wickedly, he lifts himself up to look out the window, and sees that the walls of the prison from the outside are made of earth. Again grinning, he bends his head to the left and three large segments of earth the size of the window, slide on through the window itself.

Senlin stomps on the all three of the segments of large earth, and the crumpled rock forms an earth fist, stomping then punching with both fists forward, the large earth fist flies toward the metal door, inside of the cell and hallway loud thuds can be heard, the prisoners that were asleep began to awaken because of the disturbance.

As the metal begins to bend, from the outside, nothing is heard outside of the hallways, due to the thickness of the latched metal door that the jailor entered and exited through. After about four more hits from the large earth fist, the door folds into a strange shape, the former Earth Kingdom general had finally broken out of the cell.

Looking both ways of the ends of the hallway, Senlin walks to the left and places his right ear on the metal door, and begins to listen to the voices outside of the door. Running to the right there was nothing but a wall of earth, stomping onto the ground and slamming his fists onto the wall, the wall shapes into a rectangle door, and sinks down into the earth.

Revealing a small room with some crates, and iron bracelets. He walks into the small room where on one of the crates he sees a key, fitting the key into the keyhole, he turns the key hearing a small click sound, the iron ankle bracelet, makes a soft thud as it hits the floor.

Earthbending the secret door up, he looks around the small room removing the crates from their place, he slides them to the side, and notices a steel latch door. He kneels down and begins to turn the wheel on the latched door, after a few turns it pops open.

Climbing down the ladder, he begins to stick to the dark corners and shade in the basement. Continuing to walk he walks to a dead end, placing his hands on the wall, he stomps down and the walls falls.

Inhaling the fresh air, Senlin looks at the sky, it being afternoon, he bends the wall back into place, and begins to run to a flight of stairs, running down the stairs he notices he's in the middle ring. The citizens begin to look and stare at the former general, being the fact that he is dirty and looks very poor, an old woman of the middle class notices and approaches him.

"You poor man, it looks like you crawled out of a sewer, come..come to my must bathe, child." the old woman said not hesitating due to the fact that she does not know who he is. The old woman grabs a hold of his hand, and leads him to her house, walking through the streets, citizens stare as an small old woman leads a large muscular man around the middle ring.

Finally, arriving at her house she introduces herself to Senlin, "I am Haoke, what is your name?" the old woman began. Senlin not eager to give the old woman his name he replies, "Taofan."

"Well Taofan, it is truly nice to meet you, go to the last door on the left." Haoke said, smiling at Senlin handing him a towel, and giving him a light push in the direction of the bathroom.

Walking down the hallway, he walks into the door of the left, placing the towel on a small dresser. His clothes magically drop to the tile floor, and he gets into the already prepared bath tub with bubbles on top of the water. Folding his arms behind his head, he closes his eyes as he relaxes.

"General!" a soldier greets General Senlin with a salute, and hands him a scroll, "Reports, say the Water Tribes are moving forward to the village of Ta Shu, they will soon devastate the village and move forward here in Ba Sing Se, sir." the soldier explained, taking the scroll from the soldier, Senlin opens it and begins to read it. Looking around he sticks it into his pocket and, walks away the flashback ends.

Earth Kingdom general

General Senlin, receiving the report from the squad in Ta Shu.

Opening his eyes again, he walks out of the tub, and puts a towel on. He walks out of the bathroom in front of him there is a small table with folded clothing on it. Senlin dresses himself up in his new threads, and begins to walk towards the living room, the woman was pouring soup into a bowl, on the table. As Senlin walks over to it, and sits down on the table, and grabs a spoon.

Five-flavor soup

Haoke places the soup on the table, and serves Senlin.

"Eat," Haoke suggested, putting the spoon into his soup, Senlin begins to eat his dinner. "Taofan, my friend I must let you in on something. I am a Criminal Assistance Agent, I assist criminals to leave this city and begin 'life anew', I will take you to the crime boss here in Ba Sing Se named Baotu, Baotu will instruct you on what to do from there," Haoke said, as she finishes her bowl of soup first, and walks into another room. She comes out of the room and hands him a straw hat then asks, "Bender or non-bender?" he looks at her and replies, "Earthbender."

"Okay, then. Is Taofan your real name?" the old woman asked, Senlin shakes his head, "My name is General Senlin, ex..Ex-General Senlin, I was a general within the Earth Kingdom army, during the Thirty Year War, I betrayed my country and gave the Water Tribes, our war plans." he replied.

"That damned Avatar threw me in prison because of it." he finished.

"Let us walk then to Baotu, he'll tell you what to do next," she said, Senlin places the hat on his head, and follows the old woman out the door. Closing the door behind them, the old woman locks it and they begin to walk towards, the border of the middle and lower ring.

Approaching the stairs, Senlin is stopped by the old woman who chuckles, with her head nudging to the right where there appears to be a sewer tunnel in the distance.

Walking over to the sewer tunnel, Haoke opens the lid open, with her hand she points Senlin to walk in, he shakes his head, grabs the lid, and looks at Haoke, and then at the tunnel. Haoke places her hand to cover her face for a few seconds shakes her head, and walks in, right behind her goes Senlin and he closes the lid.

Walking down the large tunnel, they turn through a series of tunnels, and they take a right, they enter a larger tunnel, that leads to a small room, the room ends up to be a dead end.

Placing her hands on the wall, with her index finger she signals Senlin to come towards her, motioning an earthbending form, he looks at her, then stomps the ground and the wall drops down as a door and sinks into the ground.

Omashu Resistance

The underground headquarters of Baotu's Dixia gang.

Walking through comes Haoke, and then Senlin, he looks around the giant sewer chamber, and sees a couple of earthbenders, and men holding weapons guarding a man on throne. In a deep voice the man stood from his throne walks past his guards, "Haoke, you've returned...who is this man?" he asked.

The man eyes Senlin, and Senlin looks back at the man, in a green suit, he looked a little younger than Senlin, his hair was graying and it was styled greased and combed back, showing signs of aging and some wrinkles, the man wore a pendant with the Earth Kingdom insignia, and on the back of his neck he had a tattoo of an armadillo lion. As well as his rings, had decorations of an armadillo lion on the jewels.


What Baotu the Fanzui de laoban of the Dixia gang, is described to look like.

Looking at the man, Haoke replies, "Baotu, this is Senlin." Baotu again looks at Senlin, and stretches out his hand, Senlin looks at Baotu's hand, and reaches his to shake Baotu's, shaking each other's hands, Baotu lets go.

"It is truly an meet you..general.." Baotu greeted. "Ex-General.." Senlin replied, turning his head back at Senlin, "What was that?" Baotu asked, "Ex-General Senlin." Senlin replied again.

Placing his hands behind his back, Baotu looks at Senlin and nods, and then walks.

"Tell me, Gen-..-ex-General Senlin..why is it that you're here?" Baotu asked.

"I want to leave the city.." Senlin replied.

"You think its that easy to leave the city?" Baotu asked again.

"No." Senlin replied.

"Do you have an alternative name?" Baotu asked once more.

"Taofan." Senlin replied.

"..Taofan." Baotu said rolling it on his tongue, then continuing, "Seems convincing..Okay, Taofan, I will help you leave, the city..if you do a couple of things for the Dixia gang.." Baotu replied.

"You will go to the southern lower ring, you will go to Dufan's restaurant, there you will speak to Dufan. Ask him if my canteens are ready.." Baotu said pausing, Baotu signals one of his men, with his hand, the man throws a sack of gold at Senlin, who catches it.

"'s a sack of gold, you pay him that sack of gold for my canteens." Baotu finished.

"After you have done so, go to the house behind his restaurant, there I will await patiently for you.." Baotu said, Senlin nodded in agreement, and Haoke climbs up the ladder and opens the lid, of a manhole, climbing out, as Senlin grabs hold of the sack, and climbs the ladder a little, then jumps down, he lands on the ground again, then a large pillar raises and shoots him out of the manhole. Landing next to Haoke, he carries the sack, and they begin to walk towards the restaurant.

Walking down the streets, they eventually reach the restaurant, as they see a skinny man with brown hair tied in a topknot, in a green set of clothing, leaning on one of the wooden beams of the restaurant. They approach the man, and Senlin notices he doesn't have any tattoos, looking closer he notices the man has an ornament of an ostrich horse holding his hair together.

Lifting his head the man asks, "What's the password?"

Haoke makes the hand sign of a "D" and an "H" and an "S". The man nods, and jumps over the rail to the restaurant.

Ba Sing Se restaurant

Dufan's restaurant.

He signals them to follow him into the room in the back of the restaurant, the room is dark, the man closes the door, and turns on a candle. The candle brightly lights the entire room and the room is filled with all sorts of boxes, and sacks of money.

"So..I have Baotu's canteen of goods here.." the man paused then said, "By the way..names Dufan, ..what's yours, newcomer?" Dufan asked, stretching out his hand, Senlin reaches his out, and they shake hands.."Senlin." he replied.

Kicking the floor, two boxes of canteens, fly up in the air, and Dufan catches them, and hands them to Senlin. Grabbing the large sack of gold, Dufan opens it then closes the sack. Tying the sack with a small rope, he tosses it in the pile of other sacks of gold.

Senlin and Haoke walk out of the restaurant and walk behind it and as Senlin knocks on the door with his foot. The small window on the door slides open, two eyes look through the window, "Password?" the man said, Haoke walks over and does the gang sign, then a noise of locks unlocking occurs, and the door opens.


Dixia gang member asks Haoke and Senlin for the password.

Senlin walks in with the boxes of canteens, the gang members take the boxes off his hands, Baotu walks up to him.

"Good job, I want you to go to the Ba Sing Se prison..I'm losing the prison there is a man, named Qian Zei..he is my right hand man, and my best friend since I was a young adult..he's good with numbers.." Baotu explained.

"What's he look like?" Senlin asked.

"Long brown hair, glasses, look on his neck..he'll have a tattoo of a armadillo lion's head." Baotu replied. Walking out of the building, Haoke follows him. Walking down the streets of the early night, Senlin eventually makes it to upper ring after two hours of walking the sky had gotten dark, Senlin and Haoke run to the left, and encounter a stream, they both jump into the small stream, and begin to walk across it, as the prison is across the stream. Looking around the area, he sees the wall he exited out of.

Stomping near the wall, it sinks down into the earth, as Haoke slips in, and he does as well. The inside the prison's basement it was very dark. Haoke reaches into her pocket, and grabs something somewhat pointy, lighting the thing with a small match, the fire lightened torch lights the room dimly. Stomping on the ground again the hole, shuts as the window wall rises up again.

They begin to walk as Senlin touches the things around, feeling a wall, he feels the lines of the earth he made in the wall earlier, and stomps down and pulls the wall down. Haoke walks again, and so does he, stomping down again he raises the wall, the old woman looks around, and sees that the secret latch door was open.

She points up, he looks up and punches the left wall, rising from the ground a pillar raises Haoke, as she begins to reach the ladder within the tunnel, she climbs up the ladder and climbs out the tunnel.

Senlin with the boost of pillar shoots up the tunnel and jumps then lands on the other side walking out of the small room. Senlin closes the secret door wall to the small room with the latched door with a tunnel.

Haoke pushing Senlin into a dark corner, in the distance whistling is heard, and the close of door. A dimming green light is seen as a man walks over the large dented metal door, not noticing it. Turning the corner to the small room, he earthbends it and enters the small room, rummaging through boxes.

Haoke unsheathes a small dagger, and sneaks behind the jailor, slicing his throat, a cough his heard, and silent squeal, the man falls over, and Senlin walks into the small room, looking at the dying man.

The man with bulging eyes of terror he looks at the traitor, Senlin forms a fist as he places his fist on the wall, walking up slowly to the man, he punches the man's face breaking his nose, and part of his right eye socket, the man already dead, amounts of blood pours out of his body.

Senlin rolls the body over to the latched door, taking the keys from the jailor's pocket, and taking his sword, Senlin kicks the corpse down the secret tunnel. Hearing a thud, and a couple cracks, with psychopathic serious face, Senlin looks at Haoke, who nods at him.

Wiping the small dagger on a small piece of cloth, Haoke takes the keys from Senlin and walks over and opens another door leading to another hallway. Looking through every hole of each metal door, she finally cheers as she opens the door of the third cell on the right wall. A man sitting on his cot with long brown hair, and an armadillo lion tattoo on his neck, grabs his glasses and looks at the old woman.

"Come on, come on! I have numbers to count!" the man said. Opening the door, Qian Zei walked out, running down the hallway, he turns to the left into the secret room, Qian Zei punches the walls of the secret room and the walls collapse in. Climbing down the tunnel, and into the basement of the prison, Senlin bends the window and makes a large hole, where they crawl out of.

Running down into the stream, then quickly running down the stairs, into the middle ring, looking around Haoke sees a cart she looks at Qian Zei and points at it, Qian Zei runs over to it, and hides in the cart of hay. Senlin walks over and begins to push it with Haoke walking by his side. After an hour of reaching the border of the middle and lower ring, they stop by the tunnel.

Qian Zei jumps out of the cart, and opens the lid, holding it for himself, Haoke, and Senlin. He walks in after Senlin and closes it, walking down the same tunnels, Qian Zei earthbends the wall and they enter the room where Senlin met Baotu.

"Qian Zei!" Baotu said excitedly running up to his friend and giving him a pat on the back, handing him his wooden Chinese calculator. Pushing the beads up and down on the calculator, Qian Zei walks off.

"Thanks, Senlin we'll be back on top in no time." Baotu said.

"One of my men made you your new identity passport." Baotu said, handing Senlin the passport, then shaking Baotu's hand, looking at Haoke.

Beifong family document

Baotu, hands Senlin his passport. It says, "Taofan, traveler."

"Baotu." Senlin called out.

Baotu turns to face Senlin, "Yes?"

Baotu asked, "I want to help out Haoke.."

Flashback appears.

Walking into the Southern Water Tribe palace, General Senlin kneels before Chief Aput, "What is it, Earth Kingdom General Senlin?" Chief Aput asked, standing up and pulling out a scroll.

"It is the plans of the Earth Kingdom, chief." Senlin replied, handing it to Chief Aput, the chief opens it and reads the plans. Chief Aput closes the scroll, and places it in his pocket, then looks at Senlin, and with his hand signals him to get out.

Senlin walks out of the palace. Flashback disappears.

Scene ends.

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