Republic City pt 2
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Red Chi



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1 5 alkatraz

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February 24, 2013

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Chapter 8:Republic City

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Chapter 10: Runner Boy

The Apartment

Asami and Yamato stood at the entrance to their new apartment. It was a color they had rarely seen in such a quantity, a red, mahogany door, with a simple, plastic 27 in the center. They stood there for a few seconds longer, transfixed with the simple barrier. Yamato moved his hand slowly, towards the key hole.

"You know...It will never be the same...If we walk in now...that will be that, we'll be citizens of the republic."

"I know...I'm scared...but I'm excited at the same time! I've never been outside of Silver Town! This whole night has been amazing and I can't wait till tomorrow! Although..."

"Yes...I know, it's so strange. I've never seen anything like this place, all the colors, the buildings, the parks and the people...All of the freedom and will, it's almost too much to take in."

"Not almost, it's too much to take in, and I know I said I was excited, and scared but I just don't want to get lost in all of this...I don't know."

Her eyebrows furrowed, like she was stuck in deep thought. She grabbed his hand, pulled it forward and made the twist.

"We've been through too much to stop now, we'll make new friends, we'll get by some how and enjoy living just like every body else in Republic City."

He smiled as he pushed open the door. It swung slowly, inching forward with sorrowful creaks. It revealed darkness, barely anything could be seen except for the passage that stretched into two. From the first room was one passage that led to the right, the other led straight forward, and turned to an L half way across. They both stepped together, only stepped with one another as they explored their new home. Yamato grazed the grainy wall paper and searched for some kind of switch, he had found it, and pushed down. A light flicked on, a blinding light burst from a glass bulb, causing them both to flinch. They fully took in their surroundings. A pleasant white apartment, with warm fuzzy carpet laid along the floor. They took off their shoes, and let, for the first time in years, their toes sink into a field of fabric. They chose to go right first, leading to a clean, shiny bathroom, with reflective tiles, and their new bedroom. Only filled with the basics of furniture, a king sized bed and a closet, as well as with a bedside table, the room was cozy and warm. They retraced their steps back to the first room, and went down to the L fork. From there they took a right, which led to two more bedrooms, again with simplistic furniture, just beds and closets. Finally, the last passage became a kitchen and living room, the kitchen housing a stove, an empty fridge and washing machine. Their living room was a large space with sofas covered by plastic, with a large radio on the window sill, it's back towards the darkness that was Republic City.

"It's...nice?" He asked, hoping for a good answer.

"It's absolutely perfect!" she said, a wide smile revealing shiny white teeth. "I'm tired! Really tired!" she said as she melodramatically yawned, her arms rotating, like she had just woken from a wonder full night's sleep. "I've had enough of exploring our empty apartment!" she said with a giggle.

"Then let's go to bed...Just you, me, and that really large radio!" he whispered in her ear. He was off, flying to the living room. Asami made her way back to her bed room, the lights already switched on. The door to the closet was wide open, revealing a miserably empty clothes space. She stared into the empty space, wondering what they would do without clothes, money or food. She shut the door feeling hollow and slightly depressed, and out of curiosity opened the second compartment. What she found left her with a massive grin, there, waiting for her was tubs of paint...and brushes.

Yamato lifted the radio up, and stopped to take one last glimpse at the magnificent city. The golden blaze no longer existed. It was just night, accompanied by stars. A million gleaming eyes, spirits watching from the distance he told himself. With that, he headed back to his new room. He stopped, gasping at what he saw. Asami, bent towards the wall. A brush in one hand, cans of paint surrounding her as she created a replica of the sky. A dark, purple blanket, with grey blue clouds and millions of stars. A moon hanging, as if on string, shining upon a little pond surrounded by trees.

"How long was I staring at the sky for you to do all of this?" He asked, his mouth still gaping open.

"A very long time!" she replied. "Do you want to help?"

"Yeah sure..." He went over and picked his own brush. "Where did you find them?"

He began painting, at the current point, it looked like messy blobs.

"Stop! You're ruining it!"

"No I'm not, just wait..."

"No you're really ruining it!! Stop!"

"I said to let me finish!" he groaned.

Asami gave up, turned around and turned the radio on. She twisted the knob, tuning in, looking for something to listen to. She stopped when she heard a husky, romantic guitar, strumming calm, titillating notes. She laid herself upon the naked bed, and fell asleep, drowning in the relaxing music. She felt a hand stroke her brow, slowly but surely speeding up. Her eyes blinked open, she woke to see Yamato with paint bits dried all over his face. He looked excited, he stroked her cheek and told her "Get up! I want you to see this!" She reluctantly rose from the bed.

"What do you want?" she asks as she realized the radio was still on.

"What do you think?" he asked with obvious zeal.

Her attention turned to her wall. Now, in between trees, was a pink white squared blanket. Upon the blanket sat a glass of white wine, a bouquet of flowers, and a beautiful women in a white and red qipao, the dress traditionally cut by her waist. Her long black flowing hair sprayed in the direction of the wind, she sat there, looking gorgeous, staring above at the sky. Her slender shoulders colored with perfect tones, her cheeks painted a rosy red, her hips large, her dress of red cherry blossoms. He had painted her, in a dress she never owned, in a park she never visited.

"It looks beautiful...if I do say myself!" she laughs out, still gasping. Awe struck, she had never known that he paid so much attention to her.

Her reached for her waist, lifted her up and laid her down. He joined her, laying down, holding her in a warm embrace. "Good night Asami."

"Goodnight Yamato." They slept together, warm, dreaming of days to come, places they might work, people they might meet, problems they might face...

Glazed duck

Yamato woke from his deep slumber, his body was tense and heavy, so instead of straining his body, he remained still, allowing life to slowly creep in in...Allowing the blood to stealthily surge through his stone body. He felt like he weighed a tonne, that he would never leave his bed, but the blood was rushing, his exhaustion was leaving quickly. Still, all too aware that he no longer had purpose, he took comfort on the sheet less bed. He inhaled long, deep breaths of air. He imagined, and watched plumes of icy cold smoke rise, only to be removed by the streaks of sun peaking through chinks in the curtains, spraying in, only bathing half of the room with light. Little rings of light burned downwards, with millions of dust particles blowing. He noticed that Asami was still sleeping in his arms, tightly locked around him. When his tongue rolled over his teeth, he grimaced to find a new layer of plaque, and when he tasted his tongue it self, he grimaced again. He unlatched himself from Asami, and quickly made his way to the bathroom. The bathroom was a medium-sized expanse with a shower, bath, toilet and sink. Above the sink was a mirror, speckled with white dots, either from condensing water or constant use while the previous owners brushed their teeth. He opened the closet the mirror was attached to, luckily he found ground leechy leaves, ideal to scrub and clean teeth...also lucky for him was that ground leaves didn't go bad, and tasted a lot like leechy nuts. He scrubbed robot-like, up, down, side to side, scrubbed down his tongue and gurgled out the rest with warm water. The liquid taking on the color of the powder.

Warm water and leechy powder...better than nothing...

He allowed his thoughts to wonder, down the hall, into the living room, back down to the bed room, where he was sure Asami would be awake. His thoughts then took a sharp turn. His stomach pulled in and rippled, releasing a large, gassy note. The rumble was load and audible, while he stared down he fought You always only realize how hungry you are after brushing your teeth...

BRRRGHHHHHH! rippled another time, only this was not Yamato's stomach, he turned around to see Asami, awake but tired. Dark bags circled her eyes, like as if her mother was a panda. She looked ill, not yellow but not the right tone either, obviously due to her hunger.

"Where going to have to eat..."

"Good morning to you too!" He replied.

"Yeah...(BRRRGHHHH) "Yamato I'm hungry," she said, flat toned and decisive.

"We've no money, what do you suggest we do?" he asked.

"I don't know.". Asami always knew what to do. No matter the situation she came up with something. But then at that moment she simply looked into Yamato's eyes. Her eyes had turned darker, with very little traces of hope. Her clothes were slightly soggy, indicating to him that she had a rough night. Maybe she was dreaming, but either way she seemed to be in a sorrier state than he, and he felt useless.

"There's hot water...and leechy powder, hath a bath and relax, I'll find us some food, and possibly some new clothes." He declared as he rose up and marched to the door wear they left their dirty jackets. He pulled his over his shoulders when she called out

"How? You just said that we had no money?"

He only looked at her for a second, and she already knew the answer. She began undressing, she gracefully slipped out of her garments in front of him, she turned the hot water on and waited for the water to raise.

"Don't do anything too dangerous." and with that, he left. He closed the all red door, and skipped down the plain dark blue stairs.

He came to the large main gate that closed the apartment, he pushed and the door opened. He looked up and down both streets of the industrial city, and decided to go right, as it seemed the busiest, and seemed most likely to be the site of any business. He strolled down, but slowed and lifted his hood when he passed a possible tavern or cafe. No, too much people. The taverns were filled by workers, or bums, and the cafes were too open. Couples, groups, police and animals stalked the streets, power cables over hang above, passing electricity to every household. The streets were a bustle of activity, a mass of confusion. People ran and walked in all directions, they shuffled and bumped each other, all trying to get from point A to point B in ample time. So many possible witnesses... He continued along the path he was already on, going down to central city station. There he rested only for a moment. He was out of options, he didn't know where to go. It became apparent to him that Asami couldn't wait for ever... At the bench opposite him sat a happy couple. They giggled, hugged and giggled some more. But it was not them that caught his attention, it was the steaming, mouth watering, spicy glazed duck sitting in white wrapping paper. The brown golden sauce with its fried vegetables sliding down it's crispy skin, the smell of lemony flesh over came him, his fingers clenched the bench he was sitting on.

He sprang forward, demanding the location of the diner. The bemused couple directed him away from the lit golden station, to a bright red restaurant. With silk curtains of red and white. The place smelt great and looked expensive. The sun only made the place look dazzling, and he noticed the long Que positioned at the entrance, guarded by a nasty looking cell of two bouncers. His hood was still covering his face. He observed for a few moments, there by the right corner of the joint, away from view came a little motor cycle, the same red and white symbol appeared on the body, steam rose from the pack at the back. A delivery, this had to mean the kitchen was around the back. He briskly made his way across, careful not to attract attention as he silently entered the alley. The other motor cycles sat there, their engines dead. At the back of the restaurant was an open window, a delivery boy was having words with the chef, who's large pointy hat crumpled under the edges of the window. He approached after the chef nodded, the delivery boy walked off, a thumbs up pointing towards the chef. Yamato quickly positioned himself below the edges, out of sight.

"I have a glazed duck with steaming veg and rice for order!" The chef declared, placing the duck and veg in a large container, matching the size of duck. He sealed the top, and then placed the box in paper, wrapped it and left it the window sill.

"What was that? black bean rice with king prawns? yes, it will be ready in no time!" Declared the chef. As he began preparing the next dish, he left the side of the duck.

Now was the time! his heart raced! He had done worse things, but stealing was never one of them, it seemed even worse because the person you stole from was still conscious, and would know it had happened. He waited a few more seconds, and allowed himself to let go. He reached out, things around seemed to move slower, his heart beat seemed to beat like a gong, his hand landed on the wrapper and suddenly he was off like a bullet. He ran and ran, sure the chef had seen. Yes, he would be, had to be chasing him right then and there, but there was no way he could keep up, was there? No. He turned, the chef hadn't seen, he hadn't chased him. He breathed hard, his heart trying pump faster, he breathed again and slowed down. He felt the warm meat inside, his fingers burning with energy. He smiled to himself, for the first time, Yamato had stolen.

My name is Yaku

After half an hour, Yamato still patrolled the streets, looking for clothes lines. Wondering if it would be as easy. He retraced his steps, found again the cafes. He stopped and sat down at one of the tables. There he picked up the newspapers and began reading a little bit.

"Most people ask before reading someone else's papers," said the strangest voice he had ever heard. Like a steely metal voice, warping it self into some thing more cheerful, forcing it self to be soft and delicate. Turning itself into the voice of some strange boy, when what was looking at him, taking the opposite seat, relighting a cigar that had been left in an ash tray, was a man. The man had a messy, scrappy head of hair, the strangest hair he had ever seen. It was neither brown nor black nor red, it was sandy, like golden wheat. His eyes were electric bluey gray. His brows could be barely seen, his mustache a burly beast with combed fur. His nose was rather angular. His suit was slick, a strange mix between kimono and suit. All in all, he looked somewhat dangerous.

"I'm sorry?"

"Thank you!, Don't worry about it."-He stuck out his hand--"My name is Yaku."

Yamato took his hand and replied "I'm Yamato!"

"Well it's nice to meet you...I don't I've ever seen you around! So tell me, what brings monkey sock to the banana's den?"

"Excuse me?" Yamato coughed, completely taken aback by such strange words.

"Your obviously species-a-new, what convinced you to board the flying road to our not so humble abode?"

"I'm sorry I still don't understand..."

"Your an Alpha wolf but you act like the best sausage!"

"Sorry to disturb you, now that your done wasting my time, I'll be on my way!"

"Woah!-grabs Yamato's hand--"Sit! Apologies for strange ways, just a simple test of character!" said the soft, yet metallic voice. "You look like man on a mission? Anything your searching for in particular?"

Yamato considered his situation. "Just looking for a clothes market..."

"Down two roads, and then a right! Hope it proves helpful. You know, as a way of apologetic means, now, if you ever need me again, I'm here the same time every day!" He said with a massive grin.

Yamato thanked the man and quickly made his way there. He looked around, it was a large factory. The sound of machinery and spinning gizmos echoed throughout the building. Random orders could be heard from within, with several Sato-Vans being loaded and then sent off every 10 or so minutes. He watched closely as the latest van was loaded, trunks full of clothes, and qipaos! He could see them being loaded. He fled into a dark alley, bended his way up to the roof of a nearby building. He stepped to the edge, in position far away enough to not attract attention. As he prepared the van began driving to wards him, about 200 meters away. He closed his fist, scraps of earth quickly pulled in and meshed together, making familiar rock gloves. He jabbed forward, the fist shot of and levitated, the van was approaching his spot, he quickly decided to jump down, his body on the floor where as his rock glove revolved to the side of the road.

The driver within was an over weight man, with an un-kept beard and a locket around his neck, pictured of a little toddler girl could be seen within. He did deliveries, and had been for as long as he could remember. On his usual route, he passed down a dark alley, dark even though it was still morning. He began opening a snack, tasting the chips before it entered his mouth.

Yamato kicked down upon the floor, the vibrations causing a chunk of rock to jut out.

The driver's body suddenly jumped up, the whole van burst upwards and landed down with a quake. His head rammed against the roof, as he massaged his new lump, a finger tapped on the window, and pointed to the right. The driver instinctively looked, to see a witching hand, sustaining it self like it was possessed, in his shaken state he hadn't considered earth bending. The hand closed and with lightning speed it pummeled through the glass towards him, smashing him full on the face, just above his brows where his skin thinnest. It ripped his flesh and fractured his skull, some blood leaked out. His world faded, only a burning sting could be felt.

Yamato quickly jumped into the car, he laid the mans head down, used tissue he found to clean the wound, then used the man shirt as a band-aid to help support him. He checked for a pulse, his heart was still beating. He ran to the back and opened the door, he pulled out a large chest, returned to the back where he saw a bottle of water. He opened the cap and splashed the man's face. When he saw the man stirring he quickly fled from the scene. One day in this city and I've stolen twice in row...

Asami had waited two whole hours. Although she felt clean, and the temperature was warm she was starving, and she didn't want to just put back on her rags. She was in her under garments, and she could swear she had lost weight. She was worried about the color of her skin, how tiny she looked in the mirror. When she could hear the lock turn and open, she ran to meet Yamato.

Yamato stopped dead in his tracks, he had walked in to find HIS beautiful wife half naked.

"What? I don't have clothes!" She said stroppily.

"Well good thing I'm here?" he replied as he put down a large chest.

Her eyes widened, then visibly struggled with her inner conflict of right and wrong. She approached and then backed away.

"It's already been done....I can't take them please just..."

"I know, it must have been difficult. She opened the chest and gasped. She quickly picked a robe of blue flowers and put it on. She separated his and her clothes, gasping when she found a nice qipao, especially if she found a matching robe for him. He walked over to her, knelt down and opened the large white packet. The smell intoxicated them both. Her mouth watered at the fought of biting into the warm, glazed duck, with the steaming vegetables and white rice. He opened the packet completely, and they both tucked in, sadly aware that this would the first of stolen ducks, but neither could help but feel satisfaction when their stomachs no longer hurt from hunger...

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