Into the Past
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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August 1, 2013

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The gang shares stories around the campfire.

Chapter 9: Into the Past

Book 2: Water

Chapter 9: Into the Past

Sakana approaches his satchel and belongings, and begins to scuffle through them looking for important parchments and maps. As he's looking through he hears footsteps behind him. And then he hides the maps and parchments back in the satchel.

Gyomo, puts his hand on Sakana's left shoulder then asks, "Sakana, is every thing alright?"

"Yes. Yes, every thing's fine." Sakana answered.

"Well when you're ready, you may come back and share a story with us. We're sitting around the campfire." Gyomo said.

"I'll be there in a short while." Sakana replied.

Gyomo nodded at Sakana and walked back to the group by the campfire.

Sitting by the campfire, Gyomo, tells the group, "Share your stories of the past, does not matter how sad, or how personal, we all here will not judge, we are only hearing it to be here for you. If its funny, scary, whatever share your story."

"ME! Me first!" Tako shouted.

"Alright Tako, you go first." Gyomo said.

Story of Tako

"Well it all started back home in the Southern Water Tribe, it was a normal typical day for me. Nothing unusual but it seemed too quiet. I was going to go fishing alone because, well sometimes I enjoy fishing alone." Tako started.

"As I prepared my supplies for the single trip, I met a baby sealizard. Kind fellow, he was stuck so I put him on the ground next to the gutter pipes." Tako said.

Grabbing the reptilian, Tako places it on the ground. Grabbing his things and getting on a small canoe.

"I got on the boat and I was off to sea." Tako added.

"After hours out at sea, I spotted something huge in the water. I quickly put the fishing net out in the water and tried to catch it. All of a sudden, a large squid emerged from the water, carrying a beautiful Water Tribe woman. She was screaming for help." Tako claimed.

The large squid was, holding a beautiful woman within its tentacles, she began screaming as loud as she can for someone to rescue her. It was her lucky day, Tako was there to save the day.

"So I jumped in the water and wrestled the beast. I had fended it off with my bare hands. After my victory, I had the woman's heart. She kissed me, and then we fell in love. The end." Tako proclaimed.

"Tako, what was the woman's name?" Unaraq asked.

"You know..I don't know, good question. Do you?" Tako answered.

Everyone laughed at Tako's story.

"Well here's my story and unlike my twin brother's this one is real and happened today." Sake said.

Story of Sake

"Before coming to the Yantai River, here and discovering your group. We were on another river, we do not know the name either to be exact. But, we were fishing for dinner." Sake began.

"Sakana, and the rest us, had gathered our materials and other supplies and began our daily job. Fishing, we all struck our fishing poles in the direction of the water on either sides of the boat. The day seemed slow for myself, as everyone else was able to catch fish. Even Tako. I had bait on my fishing hook but to no avail I was not able to catch a single fish. I found it to be odd, but I stood there for another hour or so." Sake explained.

Everyone in the crew but Sake was, catching fish. Sakana, Gyomo, Tako, and Kuma all had buckets or nets full of small fish. But Sake, was standing alone on one side of the boat, still wondering why he hadn't caught a single fish.

"After resting for half an hour, I got back up and tried again. Everyone had full nets and buckets of squirming and wriggling fish. I had attempted once again to capture at least one small measly fish. Whether it was too small to be edible or large enough to feed us for days. I prayed to the Ocean Spirit. Thank Tui, that all of a sudden, my hook had grab a hold onto something. I tried pulling it but it wouldn't budge out of the water. I yelled to Sakana to run over." Sake continued.

Sake tried his best, and put all his strength into pulling on his fishing line and try to capture the miracle fish that he prayed to the spirits for. He yelled for Sakana to assist him.

Sakana yelled, "Kuma, we need to bend the fish out of the water. Sake's fishing line is too weak to reel in a big one!"

Kuma ran right over, and both of them concentrated on the body of water, where the large fish was in. Pushing and pulling the water, both of them then caught the fish in the large portion of water they had bended. Dropping the large fish on the boat, Sakana froze the fish in place, so that it didn't escape.

Gyomo quickly grabbed a large blade, and began to stab and hack away at the large fish, and after a few minutes he finally killed it.

"He ran over along with Kuma, and they bended a large portion of water with large fish inside. It was incredibly bigger than any other catch that we've seen in the South Pole waters. Tako, and Gyomo quickly killed the fish before it jumped back into the water. That fish, is what we're eating right now. There's sure to be left overs for the next two or three days for all of us. Even if we run out of this fish we still have the other fish that could feed us for weeks. If we decide not to sell it to the merchants that is." Sake finished his story.

"Alright Kuma, its your turn!" Sake said.

Story of Kuma

"Mine turn already? This story is about my best friend, and the day I met him." Kuma said, looking up at Sakana who had just sat right next to Unaraq.

"When I was about eight years old, my mother and I had a mother-son day out. It was a day that she rewarded me because I had advanced in my education and in my skills of a waterbender." Kuma began.

"My mother took me to the market, she usually spoiled me with a treat or a toy. After buying a wooden figure of a Water Tribe soldier we headed off to the park, before going to eat at a restaurant." Kuma said.

"There I met a boy, much older than I was." Kuma added.

Kuma looked at the older boy, and walked over to him to introduced himself. Kuma stuck out his hand shyfully.

" name is..K-kuma. What's yours?" Kuma introduced himself.

"Hi there, my name is Sakana. Are you a waterbender like me?" Sakana shook Kuma's hand. And asked him a question.

"Y-yes, yes I am!" Kuma responded.

"Great me too! Let's go bend that puddle over there!" Sakana said excitedly.

They both ran to a nearby puddle and began to bend the water, and play with it. Kuma's mother smiled, when she saw her son had made a new friend. After they were done bending the puddle, they ran around trying to tag each other. Chasing after flying insects, and small critters in hopes of catching them and keeping them as pets.

"Kuma, sweety. It's time to go." Kuma's mother said.

"Alright mom. It was nice meeting you, Sakana. I hope I see you soon." Kuma shouted looking back at Sakana as he walked away.

Sakana waved goodbye to Kuma and walked back to his mother.

"Years later, had past by, and I was put in the same class as Sakana was. I didn't understand the more advanced waterbending moves though. So if I failed, my master had Sakana tutor me, and help me practice for my tests." Kuma explained.

"After the years had passed, Sakana and I were best friends, I felt like he was a big brother to me. We would be each other's wingmen on winning a girl's heart. Those were the good ol' days!" Kuma finished.

Sakana, was talking to a girl, when Kuma was waiting in the back. Sakana runs back to Kuma, and Kuma begins to explain to him things about girls. Then the same thing happens vice versa.

Story of Gyomo

"When I was a young man, at the age of twenty, I went to a party that one of my cousins had invited me to. It was big party. My cousin was middle class within our society. Not that he was a noble or anything. His father was one of the chief's hunters, who hunted rare game for the chief for his feasts." Gyomo said.

"He had this big party, and a lot of people were invited." Gyomo added.

The party was booming, the musicians were playing loud, and were playing all night. Gyomo's cousin spots him, and walks up to Gyomo.

"Gyomo! You made it! What do you think?" his cousin asked.

"It's very...lively, cousin." Gyomo answered.

"Good. Enjoy yourself, I want you to meet one of my friend's sisters. Come along with me, sport." his cousin said.

Gyomo, was single during his early adulthood years. No girlfriend, no children, nothing other than being a fisherman. He followed his cousin, throughout the crowd of Water Tribe folk, dancing and conversating and doing what people do at parties.

There off in the distance, he saw a beautiful woman standing alone against a pole. The woman was shy since she did not talk, or dance with anyone. Gyomo, walked away from his cousin, and towards the woman. His cousin looked back, at Gyomo and shouted, "GYOMO!"

Gyomo, pretended like he did not listen to his cousin, and continued to walk through the crowd towards this stunning woman. He walked right up to her, and she looked away shyly, as Gyomo stuck out his hand for her to shake it as he introduced himself.

"Hi..I'm Gyomo. I saw you here all by yourself. And I wanted to get your name, and maybe get to know you better." Gyomo introduced himself.

"I-I'm Sakari, nice to meet you, Gyomo." Sakari introduced herself as well, but very shyly.

"There's no need to be shy. I too was shy when I approached you." Gyomo said.

"Really?" Sakari asked.

"Yes, please take my hand let us go dance." Gyomo said.

"I don't know how to dance." Sakari shyly answered.

"Follow with my footsteps, you'll be fine." Gyomo claimed.

The two had danced the night away, and talked all night as well. Both of them laughed throughout their conversations. Gyomo's cousin, looked over the balcony at his cousin, and smiled. He was glad his cousin had might've found love, nonetheless, the One.

Kuruk kissing Ummi

Gyomo and Sakari, first kissed on the night they met.

Years had passed by, Gyomo and Sakari, had gotten to know each other, and their relationship grew. Eventually, the time came, when Gyomo had carved a necklace for Sakari, and proposed at a family party, where all of Gyomo's family members were attending. Even his great grandmother was there, and had given them her blessing.

The wedding ceremony came, and the Water Tribe head shaman, was the one to give out the traditional speech. With Gyomo's cousin, as the best man, and Sakari's sister as the maid of honor. Two years later, had passed and Gyomo, and Sakari had there first born. A daughter.

Years later, Sakari bore Gyomo a second child, and a second daughter. The second born was named after his great-grandmother, who had passed three months before she was born.

Life for Gyomo, was the best a man could ever have. He met Unaraq and joined his crew. His life was perfect.

"Then came one night wh-" Gyomo cut himself off, and began to cry.

"Gyomo, what's wrong buddy?" Rong Yan asked.

Trying to regain himself to finish the story, Gyomo continued, "One night my wife, was coming back from a visit from her mother's house. She walking home alone. I should've accompanied her to her mother's house and back home. But I was gone for the night on another fishing trip."

Sakari, began walking home, around the two blocks from her house, walking past an alley, a man had appeared from the shadows. Sakari, jumped when she saw the man. The man walked past her, and then turned around only to throw icicles to pin her to the wall of one of the buildings.

Reaching for a blade, he pointed it at her throat, and told her, "Give me any of your valuables and I will let you go!"

"NO!" Sakari yelled at the man.

Sakari let out a scream in hopes for someone to hear her, especially her husband. Upon arriving home Gyomo heard the frantic scream of a woman. And then later another scream but that of agonizing pain. The mugger, had stabbed Sakari in her lower torso, dragging her into the alley as she bled.

Gyomo, recognized the screams of that of her wife, he dropped his things, and ran to where he heard the screams. Meanwhile, the mugger, had bent water out of the canals. He wrapped the water around Sakari's head, she screamed but began to drown within the ball of water. Struggling and squirming for a just a breathe of air.

When Gyomo, reached the alley where Sakari was killed. The mugger was long gone, around the body of a woman he found there was puddles of water around her head, and blood around her torso. Drenched in her own blood, he ran to the lifeless body of his wife, and got on his knees and began to weep loudly.

Some men ran out of their homes to find Gyomo, by his dead wife's side, some men ran to get some guards. Gyomo yelled, "HELP! Somebody! Please! My wife! Someone stabbed her! HELP!"

Tears filled the mourning man, for the loss of his wife struck him. That night when they had removed the body of his wife. He lay right next to where her body lay, and slept there.

The next morning, he had gone home. Depressed, his daughters were soon later picked up that morning by Gyomo's mother. Weeks turned into months, that Gyomo, had fallen into deep depression. The only thing that reminded him of his wife, was his eldest daughter who was spitting image of Sakari.

Months, had passed that he had not seen his children. Gyomo became ill, not shown up to work. His crew had become very worried of their crew member and friend. He had gotten visitations of the prince himself along with Sakana, the twins, and Kuma.

Gyomo, never left his house, with barely anything to eat. At one point in time he had thoughts of suicide. But then he thought about his two daughters, who were broken after the death of their mother. He didn't want them to feel worse if he had died.

He thought of his family. His mother most of all, since he was very close to her. Two years had passed, and Gyomo, had moved on. Still emotional about his wife's passing, but he had self-control, he was able to resume his life. His daughter's had moved back in with him. Life was good once again. But since the death of Sakari, it wasn't the same nor was it perfect.

Story of Tanaraq

"I'm curious, how you were born with white hair Tanaraq." Rong Yan mentioned.

"I wasn't born with white hair silly." Tanaraq replied.

"Many years ago, when I was born, I was born a very sick baby. I had rare illness at birth. The shaman had told my mother that I would not live. But my father wanted to find someone to heal me from this illness. No one could, not even the world's best healers. Then one night, a woman had come to the palace, seeking audience with my father. She did not say where she was from though. Which was strange to him." Tanaraq began.

The chief sat alone, in his throne thinking, his family asleep, and the caretakers watching over the newborn princess as she slept. Time was running out, and the newborn baby would soon pass.

That night one of the guard's passed by to the throne room and notified the chief. "Chief, there is someone here to see you." the royal guard notified the Chief.

"Bring this person in." Unirak ordered.

A beautiful woman, had walked into the throne room, wearing a long white dress, the woman was pretty tall, she had blue eyes, and long white hair. She discussed the condition that his newborn daughter was in.

"I know of your daughter's illness, Chief Unirak. I can help you." the strange woman said.

"How do you know about my daughter?" Unirak asked.

"Please chief, I can healer her. My name is La." La introduced herself.

"How are you different from the other healers?" the chief asked.

"Because, I studied ancient healing practices." La replied.

"Your daughter, may someday be taken away from you, when the time is right. Maybe not unless someone takes the position. Such as myself." La added.

"Taken away? What are you talking about?" Unirak asked confused.

"Please listen carefully, you will grab your newborn child, and take her to the Southern Water Tribe Spirit Oasis. There you will dip your daughter's hair into the pond, the Moon Spirit, will give your daughter some of its life essence. That is when you will know that your daughter was given life to live." La replied.

La left, the palace, when the Chief ran after her she was gone. Unirak ran into Tanaraq's room, and wrapped his daughter in some blankets. He had awoken his wife, and his son. And they had gone to the Spirit Oasis.

There the chief, had felt a strong, calming presence of love and warmth. There within the pond he had seen two fish swimming in an endless circle. One fish was black, and the other was white. None other than known as, Tui and Jinsei. Unirak, had dipped his daughter's hair into the oasis.

The black hair, had quickly began to take a white hue. Immediately the baby's hair turned white, and the baby awoke and began to cry loudly. The royal family, had a group hug, as they walked back to the palace.

The baby had become alive, she interacted with things, and she felt more lively. The chief and his wife couldn't have been more happy.

"Years, passed and I grew up, and well. News, had passed that Jinsei was killed by someone who wanted to capture the fish within the oasis. I knew my duty came, but every one announced, that there was a woman with white hair who given her life away to Jinsei. That's when I knew the woman who had saved my life, had become the new Moon spirit. Her name was La. Tui and La continued to swim in their endless circle." Tanaraq finished.

Story of Aloi

"Well I guess its my turn, I was once a playful, and adventurous child. And I still am. I'm going to tell the tale of my journey to Ba Sing Se." Aloi began.

Back in the Eastern Air Temple, there in a classroom there stood a nun, teaching the young girls sitting in the room with her who were sitting at desks. The woman was teaching them history of the Air Nomads.

"..and that is how we Air Nomads have gotten our name. Any questions?" the teacher said.

The room grew silent.

"No? Okay, well let's move on. I promised you, girls a history lesson on the soundbenders." the teacher added.

"Alright well where shall I start? Oh yes, the Soundbenders are powerful master airbenders, who are able to bend the sound within the air waves to quietly move about in dangerous situations or cause immense damage when provoked." the teacher began.

"The soundbenders originated two centuries after the Air Nomads had adopted airbending abilities. The creators of Soundbending, were an elite group known as, "The Vibrant Ones". Such a silly name, but around the world they were feared and well respected Air Nomad monks or nuns." the teacher explained.

"The art of soundbending was forgotten centuries ago. The last known Air Nomad Avatar that was able to bend sound was none other than, Avatar Mun Jin. Mun Jin, regardless of being a peaceful monk, he was a very powerful Avatar. He taught many of the nomads at each of the four temples soundbending. But over the years, even the masters had forgotten the art." the teacher said.

"Mun Jin, wanted his people to carry this art form for many many years to come. So that in the future or even today that soundbending may be common." the teacher finished.

Aloi raised her hand, the teacher had picked her.

"Aloi." the teacher had called upon her.

"I have two questions. Do we have a book on soundbending? And do you believe there is any soundbenders still in the world?" Aloi asked curiously.

"Good questions, young one. Yes, but the book does not have any forms, just more detailed history on the art of soundbending. Do I believe? I believe anything is possible, so yes I do believe there are still soundbenders in our world. Though they are super rare and might be somewhere in the world." the teacher replied.

"Looks like that is it for today, girls! See you tomorrow, and good luck with airbending training!" the teacher said.

Aloi, throughout her entire day, she was thinking about the soundbenders, and what it must be like to be one. Being the rebel that she is, she did not want to wait until she was able to leave the temple.

In fact, the monks and nuns are never able to leave the temple. Unless otherwise they're on an important mission of some sort.

Night time came that day, and she decided to pay a visit to the library. She had look through the various shelves for the book. A large gray book had caught her eye. The bookbinding had the words "History of Soundbending" etched onto it.

Grabbing the book, it was kind of heavy. She had placed it on the table, and opened to the first page. She began reading what she could understand, which was not very much. You'd expect a five year old to only be able to read certain words.

Anyways, not being able to understand much, she had examined the book cover. The cover had writing on it, it said, "To those who read this, it took a long time to construct this book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it and recording what I could about the amazing art form known as soundbending. You may write to me if you have any questions. I live by the Ba Sing Se University, and I am a historian professor of the Four Nations. - Tenzin"

She grabbed the book, and walked out of the library, and towards the temple. Looking down the stairs, she looked at the bison they had given her. She knew little geography on the world. But she knew that from the Eastern Air Temple to Ba Sing Se, she get there in less than a day.

Aloi climbed onto her sky bison, and grabbed her things and flew off to the Earth Kingdom capital city. Almost a complete day later, she had reached her destination flying over the walls. She had landed by a large building that read "Ba Sing Se.." she couldn't make out the last word but she knew that was how 'University' must have been spelled.

Walking into the courtyard of the university, a tall, slender man was walking around wearing traditional Air Nomad robes. The man also had tattoos all over his body. The man noticed something small.

Walking over to it with caution, he had seen a little girl standing right in front of him clutching a large gray book.

He let out a hearty chuckle and bent down to the little girl's size. The little girl looked up at him, he asked, "Are you lost, sweetheart?"

"No, are you Tenzin?" Aloi asked.

"Yes, yes I am. What brings you here? May I see that book?" Tenzin asked back. Aloi nodded, and handed Tenzin the book. Opening it he was astonished to see that a little Air Nomad girl was interested in learning soundbending.

Grabbing her by the hand and lifting her up. He asked her, "Would you like to come inside? It is a little cold out here."

"Yes please." she replied.

Carrying her inside, he put her down by his dining table.

"I bet you're hungry. I'll prepare us a meal. My question to you, little one is, from which temple do you hail from?" Tenzin asked Aloi.

"The E-eastern Air Temple." Aloi answered, still having a little trouble pronouncing eastern.

"I'm sure, the nuns there are worried sick about you. Yet it fascinates me that a little girl such as yourself, is interested in soundbending. Why is that?" Tenzin inquired.

"My history teacher, had given us a history lesson, as treat for the day." she replied.

"Hmm..very well then. Would you like to learn some basic moves of soundbending?" Tenzin asked.

"Don't I need to be a master at airbending first?" Aloi questioned.

"No, not necessarily. These are just some basic moves." Tenzin said.

A three days had gone by, and the nuns were worried that something bad had happened to Aloi. Then they had heard sounds of a bison. Looking to their far left, they had seen a large bison. With two figures, one was large and the other small.

Landing down, the Air Nomad had gotten down from the bison, and had helped the smaller person down. One of the nuns, had grabbed Aloi in gripping hug, sickly worried about the poor girl.

"Aloi? Where have you been?!" her guardian nun worriedly asked.

"I was in Ba Sing Se." Aloi happily replied.

"In Ba Sing Se?!" she questioned.

"What were you doing in Ba Sing Se?!" she asked.

"I can answer that." Tenzin said.

"Who are you?" the nun asked, the monk.

"I am Professor Tenzin, of the Ba Sing Se University, my studies are in the history of the world. Little Aloi came from all the way from the Eastern Air Temple, to the University to ask me questions about Soundbending. She had come because, she had read my note scrawled on the book cover." Tenzin answered.

"Aloi, please never do this again, you had me worried sick! You could've asked me about these things. You know!" the nun said.

"I'm sorry, Guardian mother." Aloi replied.

"I hope she wasn't any trouble to you, professor." the guardian nun apologized. "No need for apologies, she was more behaviorable than my actual students." Tenzin responded.

"Would you like to stay for breakfast?" another nun asked.

"Yes please." Tenzin said.

Everyone had walked off to the dining area of the temple. Everyone around the campfire looked at Aloi like she was crazy.

"You left your home, when you were five?! What's wrong with you?!" Unaraq shouted.

"I was curious, Unaraq." Aloi replied.

Story of Unaraq

"You guys should be lucky, that I am telling you this story. I've never told anyone about the story of how my mother died." Unaraq said.

"It was one winter evening, we still had small conflicts with the Earth Kingdom. Small battalions of troops were threatening to attack us but they never came. These small villages were never allied nor followed the orders of the Earth King. The Water Tribes always sent off soldiers to defeat those who could harm us." Unaraq began.

Two men had entered, the throne room of the Southern Water Tribe. The chief sat there, as the two men had entered. One was in his full fur armor, and the other as well except he was carrying his helmet.

"Any word, general, on the small fleet of men we had deployed to the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom?" Chief Unirak asked.

"Not yet, chief. I feel uneasy inside. I think the earthbenders and their troops had bested our men. They have not returned in a week's time." the general said.

"Nonsense, general. Our men are well trained. They can best anyone." Unirak claimed.

"Chief, with all due respect, we need to be realistic here. Our men are not immortal, regardless of hard enduring training, they may still fall. We need to send a scout canoe out to the Earth Kingdom, to check what has happened." the general demanded.

"Very well then, general. Commander, I want you to get a scout out to the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom. Make haste!" Chief Unirak order.

"Yes, sire." the Commander replied, bowing to Chief Unirak before running off to the barracks.

A loud crashing noise was heard, and people screaming was heard from outside of the palace. A royal guard had run into the throne room shouting, "Chief, we are under attack!"

"General, run down to the barracks and prepare your men for war!" the chief shouted.

Unirak, and signaled to another guard, so he can whisper in his ear.

"Take my children out to the Spirit Oasis. Now. Grab a few other elite guards, and guard them with your life!" Unirak whispered to the man.

Unirak, walked off to another room, where his servants began to put on and fasten his armor. Equipping the chief with a large sword. Walking out in front of the palace, he grabbed a large horn, along with other royal guards, and let out a big blow into the horn.

Off in the icy wilderness of the South Pole, there were hunters, they had grabbed their things and began placing them on their white polar tigers. Hearing the sound of the Horn of Winter, they had quickly mounted their tigers and sped off towards the city.

"Cmon! The city's under attack!" the head hunter shouted to his crew.

Soldiers had scattered around the city, some on the main wall protecting the city from large projecticles. The Earth Kingdom ships had anchored from a distance. Two earthbenders were at each catapult. There was man in a green formal military attire, who would let them know when to attack.

Lifting his hand into the air, each two earthbenders would place a large boulder onto the catapult. There were also men equipped with large hammers. The man had brought down his arm, and the hammer men were signaled. Each one lifted the hammer real high, and brought it down with force. The catapult would then launch the large boulders towards the wall.

The small platoons of waterbending soldiers were deployed, and they were off towards the ships. As the boulders flew across the waters, master waterbenders bent large waves, and froze them to stop the boulders from penetrating the wall.

The waterbenders, surrounded the ships, and each launched up into the air, and onto the ships. Also launching their soldiers who could not bend onto the ships. Again some ships launched boulders once more, others were broken down as the small elite defensive forces had killed and dismantled the crew and their catapults.

Two boulders had smashed through the defensive wall. And other soldiers were waiting on order. Three small ships had gone off through another direction. Their soldiers had deployed, had charged on the Water Tribe soldiers.

"ATTACK!" one of the commanders had ordered his soldiers.

The Water Tribe forces and Earth Kingdom forces had went head on, citizens fleeing and trying to find places to hide. Some men, women, and even children were stricken with icy earth.

Soldier after soldier from each army had fallen, dying the snow stained red. Earth Kingdom troops were dying down a bit but there was still some in the city. The Water Tribe was also losing a big amount of soldiers, though not enough to where the Southern Tribe surrenders.

A woman, was ruffling through things in the palace, getting ready to head off towards the Spirit Oasis where her children were hiding. It was none other than Unaraq and Tanaraq's mother.

The palace was empty other than her and one other guard. A hand had fallen upon the snowy ground of the palace, the Earth Kingdom soldier had kicked down the fallen Water Tribe guard down the palace steps.

Unirak was fighting off a few guards, trying not to be killed. Waterbenders dropped down near Unirak defending their chief, as they bent water out of the canals, and shot ice spikes at the incoming Earth Kingdom troops.

Continuing to gather somethings she had turned around to see a large Earth Kingdom commander right in front of her. She dropped the things, and tried to make a run for it. The commander only stopped her by grabbing at her throat and pinning her to the wall.

Meanwhile, a caretaker at the Spirit Oasis was cradling a baby, and another was feeding a little boy. There was at least ten guards guarding the children in their defensive stance awaiting for any intruders to come.

The hunters had finally arrived and saw that their city was in disarray. These hunters were also an elite group of warriors. Every single one of then ten men split up, and began slaughtering the Earth Kingdom troops.

Many of the Earth Kingdom troops, had little to no training as many of these soldiers were either villagers, or farmers. The commander was looking into the eyes of the woman. And then from outside of the palace there were men fighting along with Unirak.

After a while, a loud scream of a woman was heard, then muffled screams of death. Unirak, ran up the palace stairs along with other guards, and had looked into his and his wife's room.

Only to find his wife's body, assaulted, and lifeless with blood pouring out of her fatal blows and wounds across her body. The chief fell to his knees, breaking down into sadness.

The children were unaware, of what had gone during the absence of their father. A loud cheering was heard from outside, the ships had fallen back and gone back to the Earth Kingdom villages from where they came.

"The Earth Kingdom troops, had fallen back. They left. As a child I had not known the cause of my mother's death nor who my mother's killer was. Every time, I had asked my father what happened on that fateful night of my father's death. But each time, he told me that I was not old enough to understand." Unaraq quietly said.

"My father had stopped being a family man, I had to raise my little sister along with the help of the caretakers. Eventually my father returned to being the man he once used to be. Though something had changed in him. Even though he was the man he once was there was something that he would never forget." Unaraq explained.

"Years passed, when I became of age. My father woke me up and had told me what had happened to mother. That same week I had not left my room. I did not eat, I always thought to myself what kind of sick man would do such a thing. I miss my mother dearly, and had wished that she shouldn't had died that way." Unaraq finished.

Tanaraq never knew the cause of her mother's death until now, and she ran crying and hugging Unaraq as hard as she could.

"Sakana, what's your story..?" Rong Yan asked.

Sakana looked at Rong Yan, and then replied, "A man's past is his business."

"Cmon! Sakana! Don't be a party pooper!" Rong Yan said.

Everyone had began to comfort Tanaraq and Unaraq. Sakana had gotten up from the circle, and walked off and sat somewhere along the shoreline of the Yantai River.

Kuma followed right behind him, and asked, "Sakana, is everything alright?"

The moon

Sakana stared up at the moon.

"Yeah...everything's...fine..." Sakana slowly answered.

Sakana brought his knees to his chest, and dug his head in between his knees, he then quickly looked up and stared at the moon. Kuma walked off back towards the campsite.

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