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Desert Rift
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Curse Mode Activated

Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

Kensi, saw the light of the day through the window, and with just a little bit of that light, he woke up.

–YAAAAAAAWN!! Mornin' Kosen! Wake up, it's a new day!– Said Kensi as he jumped out of bed to open the balcony's window.

Meanwhile, Kosen was still lying on her bed with her mouth open and her pillow wet, snoring.

–C'mon! It's the day you can finally take a bath in the river, right?–

–Leemee lone Gansi.– She babbled.

Suddenly Bultina burst into the room in joy.

–GOOOOOD MORNIIIIIING!!!– And Bultina leaped to her sister's bed. Bultina landed on her sister's stomach in a way she chocked and probably spitted out something.

–OOF!!– Winced in pain Kosen, Bultina laughed for a moment until Kosen recovered for the sneak attack.Wakey Kossie

–Today's a new day sis, so prepare for a new session of 24 hours happy-go-lucky Bully-fun-time!– Said and enthusiastic Bultina. Kosen just looked at her.

–Bully, what the hell?– She said.

–Hey Bully, I like it when you try me, but not in this way.– Said Tao from the door, who was holding his stomach, probably Bully jumped on him too, thought Kosen.

Suddenly, from the balcony appeared a familiar face.


–Hey Tan. How did you get there?– Asked Bultina.

–Are you really asking such a question to: TAN THE FIRE TETRAMASTER!?– Asked Tan in an epic tone.

–Hey Bully you just gave me an idea!– And Kensi burst out of the room quickly, leaving the rest with their words on their mouth, dead silent. Tan felt uncourageous.

–Did he just ignored me like that?– Said Tan, with his pride on his feet.

–You don't know Kensi, do you?– Said Kosen, who had fully recovered from her sister's attack.

Kensi entered silently to Hikar and Shaila's room, and he focused on Hikar's bed. Kensi flexed his legs, taking impulse, and jumped high to Hikar's bed.

–OKEY DOKEY, TIME FOR WAKEY KENSI!!– Laughed Kensi as he leaped to Hikar's bed. –WOOO!–And then he landed to the empty bed. – Huh? Hikar?– He saw Nikumi wasn't there, neither Shaila, he thought the two went out to breakfast earlier or something.

–Hey Kensi, you've got to see this.– Said Tao from the door.

–Where did they go? If they had woken up they should have waked me up too.– Said Kensi, realising the situation, worried. Bultina and Kosen carried Shaila to the bedroom on her arms. –What the...SHAILA!– Kensi ran towards his girlfriend, and got her, she was still sleeping.

–I found her lying on a bench at early morning; if it wasn't because of her fire-breath she could have got a cold.– Said Tan seriously from the balcony. Kensi was confused.

–Bu-but why was she...?– Kensi was interrupted by Shaila.

–– Whispered Shaila, with her eyes closed.

–Shaila!– Kensi shook her to wake her up.

–Unhhh...Kensi?– She finally opened her eyes.

–Thank Yue, you're alright. What happened?– He asked. Shaila suddenly remembered and fully woke up.

–Oh no...Hikar!– Said Shaila panicked.

–Where's he?– Asked Kosen.

–He-He and Nikumi left by two in the morning! Alone, to Yurei! They got his mother!– Said Shaila, shocking everyone.

–What?! He went by himself!?– Said Bultina.

–He's not thinking clearly! They could kill him, we should have gone with him!– Said Kosen.

–No.– Said Kensi. Everyone stared at him, who looked terrified. –He couldn't ask for help.–

–What are you talking about?– Said Bultina.

–He's right, Yurei told him by entering in his dream, which means he can project his spirit anywhere, and he can see what happens there, he was watching Hikar when he left to make sure no one of his friends followed him.– Said Tan. –In fact, he's right here right now. Am I right Yurei?– And turned to the back to see Yurei's spirit. Everyone was shocked.

–Hikar's not coming to a trap, nothing of the sort. If he comes Vona will be freed, and whatever happens to him if his fault.– Said Yurei seriously. Kensi was tipped off.

–What do you want from him?!– Raged Kensi.

Kensi Faces Yurei

"What do you want from him?!"

–His safety, that's everything. He should join me for it, before he runs out of control.– Said Yurei, who was starting to fade away.

–WHAT DO YOU MEAN OUT OF CONTROL!!??– Yelled Kensi, holding his fist.

–You just wouldn't understand.– Briefly said Yurei. Kensi was completely enraged.

–RAAAAH!!!– And with that he punched the intangible image, and it faded like smoke. Even Tan was surprised, so was Shaila, who had just fully woke up.

–Kensi?– Asked Shaila to her boyfriend. Kensi turned and Shaila could see that he wasn't the boyfriend she knew, sarcastic and smiley, but he looked cold and decisive. He came to her and grabbed her by the shoulders.

–Where did he go?– He asked her.

–He was going to the east, maybe to the city of Omashu.– Said Shaila.

–I'm calling so we can locate his mobile phone.– Said Bultina as she got her phone, immediately calling to Hikar's number. Suddenly a ringtone came out of the wardrobe.

–It's Hikar's mobile.– Said Kosen.

–Guys, why don't we have some breakfast before going to Omashu?– Said Tao.

–I think you're right, we have to eat something before getting in action.– Said Shaila. –I'm starving.– She looked at her boyfriend. –Kensi, come on let's have some breakfast.–

Kensi looked at her with a sad face, but he made kind of a smile.

–All right. But we're leaving after that.– Said Kensi.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the desert, Hikar was wearing his attire plus some kind of mask to cover his face from the sand. Nikumi had the same silk over his paws. Nikumi growled in complain.

–I know buddy, I'm sorry, but we have to get there. I know you don't like sand, neither I do, but this is the place.– Said Hikar as they kept roaming to the northeast. –We are doing this for mother. I'm not going to fall in Yurei's hands.– He said determined.

Team Avatar had finished breakfast and was discussing things to do next, sitting on the entrance stairs, except Tao, who was packing the motorbike.

–All right, I sent to my followers a post asking for help to find Hikar; most of the world has been shocked about hearing it. I've got many messages about having seen him in Omashu.– Said Bultina.

–People have tried to stop him, but he waterbends them back to get isolated. But he's definitely in the city.– Said Kosen.

–Why would he be attacking people?– Said Shaila. –Is he really...out of control?– She worried.

Kensi turned serious.

–You've packed your things, right? We're leaving right now.– Said Kensi.

–Yes I did.– Said Bultina –I think we all did.–

–By the way, how are we going to go? My motorbike can only carry three.– Said Tao.

Kensi got up from his stair, and half kneeled like he was going to carry someone on his back.

–Come on Shaila, get on my back.– Said Kensi. Everyone was wondering what Kensi was thinking about. –Come on trust me.– Said with a smile. Shaila trusted him.

–Alright.– She said and got on Kensi's back.

–Let's go!– And Kensi started running to the river so fast Shaila and the rest got shocked.

Fast Kensi


–WOAH! KENSI!– Shaila shouted.

Kensi got into the river and started to waterbend a huge waterspout under his feet that propel him and Shaila, and went river up to Omashu. Everyone was shocked.

–Wow, didn't know Kensi could make that huge waterspout.– Said Kosen.

–What are we waiting for? Tao, start that motorbike, we're leaving now.– Ordered Bultina.

–Right.– Said Tao and Kosen. And so the three mounted on Tao's motorbike, he initiated the motors and the three set to Omashu.

Meanwhile, Tan was watching from the rooftop how the five friends set on to Omashu, and he specially looked how Kensi and Shaila were advancing quickly by water.

–Well, that Kensi guy is especially interesting. I have to say, he could beat you up Iruka.– Said Tan as he turned to his back, and saw Iruka, in his summer attire, and Leo, with his wing-suit.

–Long time no see Tan.– Said Leo happily.

–And yes, I have to say Kensi is by far my favourite student.– Iruka got closer to Tan's side. –He did beat me up a couple times, and he tied with the Avatar in a combat, even though it was just a test. That makes him the world's most powerful waterbender.– He explained.

–But there's something in him that it's not normal, I can feel it.– Said Leo, who was now at the opposite side of Tan. He turned to Iruka. –Who're his parents?– He asked. Iruka shook his head.

–I have no idea about that. Sterkur and Vona found him in a blue basket from the Northern Water Tribe, right before Hikar was born. Maybe one of his parents was a very powerful waterbender, but one thing that I still don't understand is: how is it that he was abandoned right were the next Avatar was going to be born?– Said Iruka. Tan and Leo looked concerned.

The three Tetramasters looked to the horizon in the east, over watching the river, with their arms crossed and in line.

–Well, look at us, three of the four tetramasters reunited in the Blue Delta, looking like if we were superheroes of a manga watching the streets of the city.– Joked Tan. Iruka and Leo laughed.

–Indeed, like the old times.– Said Iruka.

Three Tetramasters

"Indeed, like the old times."

–Yeah, but come on, let's get going.– Said Leo as he pulled the wings from his wing-suit and jumped.

–What?– Said Tan, concerned.

–We'll explain you in the way.– Said Iruka, as he icebent from his pouch an ice slide to the ground, arriving to a sport car, in which Leo had landed on the pilot's sit. Tan also jumped, firebending from his hands propelling himself, and landed on the car, which then left to Omashu too.

Kensi and Shaila were still onwards to Omashu over the waterspout. Shaila was still struggling to get a hold on her boyfriend because of the speed.

–Kensi! I think we should slow down, it's not a race we have to win!– She said.

–You don't understand, Hikar is not just my best friend, nor my adoptive brother, he's the only one in this world equal to me, in strength and personality. You and Hikar are the only ones that make my life full, and if I lose one of you two, if would be the same as dying alive.– Said Kensi. Shaila was amazed.

–That's why you're pushing yourself so hard?– She asked. Kensi turned his head to her.

Shaila saw his irises where in a brighter blue than before, and his pupils were gone, and she thought she saw some kind of a diamond-shaped blue shining mark in his forehead.

–I'll do whatever it takes.– Answered Kensi, and concentrated again on waterbending his waterspout. Shaila was a little bit terrified at what she had just seen on his face, wondering if what she had seen was real or probably an illusion.

Blue eyed Kensi

"I'll do whatever it takes."

Hikar and Nikumi were still riding in the desert, Nikumi was very exhausted, and Hikar pulled off his silk mask, given the sand storm had already calmed down. Suddenly, the two arrived to a huge crater site, the Nagata Crater. There were eroded walls disposed in a circular position, and the centre was nothing but sand sank in itself, like there was something in the middle before, the meteorite, thought Hikar. Hikar dismounted Nikumi, contemplating the dry and lonely landscape.

–Well buddy, I guess this is the place.– Said Hikar. Nikumi, again, growled in complain. –Okay buddy, yes, you can go to the shadow, I'll stay here. Oh! And don't come out until I ask you to, all right?– Ordered Hikar, serious, to his armadillo lion.

Hikar walked patiently to the centre of the crater, waiting for Yurei to appear. He was starting to feel impatient.

–Well, well, well, look who came!– Said a feminine voice from the top of an earth-wall. Hikar turned at the familiar female voice to see who was she. He saw, at the top of the earth wall facing backwards the sun, the silhouette of a very well known Air Nomad.

–I was expecting Yurei actually, your father.– Said Hikar. Aria jumped from the wall down to the sand where Hikar was waiting. She looked arrogantly at her nails and her red arrows on her hand.

–Well, you're going to get used to me. If you agree to stay alive.– She said arrogantly.

–Alright, cut it out, WHERE'S MY MOTHER!?– Yelled Hikar at her. With an arrogant smirk she made an advisory movement with her hand to calm him down.

–Easy, Avatar, in this moments she's probably being taken to the Fighting Cliffs in south Ba Sing Se. You saved her life by giving yourself to us.– Said Aria as she walked towards Hikar, and as he did too.

–Giving myself, huh? What do you exactly want from me?– Said Hikar.

–Nothing in particular, just you and your body.– Answered Aria.

–Hey sis, don't take it to much longer.– Said Zeick from the top.

–What makes you think I'll go with you?– Said Hikar.

–Because you want to live, probably?– Said Aria. Hikar started laughing out lout.

–HAHAHAHAA!! Like YOU are going to kill me! You're not even a quarter stronger than I am.– Said Hikar, whose eyes were starting to get browner and browner by moments.

–We're not going to waste more time in him sis, let's g...– Said Zeick.


–And friendly reminder that I wasn't trained enough, and it was an unfair three vs. one.– Reminded Hikar.

–Oh, don't you think you can underestimate me that easily!– Said Aria, hurt on her pride.

–Um...Aria, this wasn't the plan.– Advised a worried Zeick.


–Bah! Piece of cake.– Spitted Hikar.

–RAAAHHH!!– Aria charged towards Hikar, preparing a powerful Air Blade on her hands.

But then, when Aria arrived to Hikar, her hand was deviated to the left, making her Air Blade strike to an earth wall at the side. Aria was very astonished for what had just happened, Hikar had grabbed her hand that easily and avoided her attack. Hikar grabbed her shirt by the chest, grabbing the silk so tight, that she was lifted up with just one arm.

–Ah! Hnnn!– Aria was struggling to get rid of Hikar's hand, but he was grabbing her so tight that she couldn't get rid of him.

–Don't underestimate me, because you might regret it.– Said Hikar as he threw her to another earth wall.

Hikar grabs Aria

"Don't underestimate me, because you might regret it."

–AHHH! UNH!– Aria winced in pain as she bumped with the earth wall.

–ARIA!– Shouted Zeick. He got angry and started to inhale some air, preparing to strike a combustion ray to Hikar, but he received a punch or something of the sort.

–OOF!– Winced Zeick. He landed on the floor and suddenly he was immobilised by a furious armadillo-lion. Zeick was scared stiff. –E...e...easy f-f-fella.– Muttered Zeick, scared.

Easy Kitty

"E...e...easy f-f-fella."

Meanwhile, Aria was getting up from her knock out, while Hikar was advancing towards her.

–Now, I'm going to show you my real strength...UNTIL YOU DIE!!– Said Hikar. Aria got up and airbent to him, and she saw his eyes were browner than before, as the big fight started.

The city of Omashu was as tall and isolated as usual, with its old delivery system working all over the city and its surroundings, as well as the new subway network. Tao, Bultina and Kosen had just arrived to the city's crowded main entrance, where they got down of the motorbike and they parked it between many other motorbikes.

–Well, here we are, now we just need to find Hikar, and with that we'll find Yurei, and defeat him once and for all.– Said Kosen with a smirk, as she clapped her fist with her hand showing her determination.

–Hang in there Kossie, we have to wait for Kensi and Shaila to get here.– Said Bultina. Tao pointed to the mountains.

–Well, look who´s coming from the northwest mountains.– Stated Tao.

From the Kolau Mountains, it could be seen a waterspout at the distance, which, by seconds, it was getting closer and closer.

–Wow, he's fast!– Said Bultina surprised.

–Indeed.– Replied Kosen.

Kensi stopped waterbending a spout and then he icebent a small platform of ice underneath, making him and Shaila cross the big valley between the city and the mountains. A few moments later, Kensi and Shaila arrived to the door, many people around were totally amazed about his great waterbending skills. Kensi waterbended the ice platform as a water bubble above his palm of the hand, meanwhile Shaila got down of his back, dizzy.

–That was amazing Kensi.– Said Tao. –I'm not a bender but that looked like REALLY HI-LEVEL ADVANCED waterbending.–

–Thank you, where's my pouch?– Said Kensi, who was still looking serious. Shaila was trying to get a hold of her balance.

–Whoa...oh...I...feel...dizzay...– Muttered a dizzy Shaila. As Bultina was giving Kensi his pouch, and he instantly waterbent the water bubble to it, she noticed Shaila's condition.

–Are you all right? Kensi I think you should give her some water.– Said Bultina. Shaila sat down on the floor, while people were starting to stare.

–No thanks, believe me, I think I've seen and felt to much water for today. A ramune will do.– Said Shaila. Kensi quickly went to a soda machine near the main door, and came back with a bottle of ramune soda. –Oh, thank you honey.– Thanked Shaila.

–You're welcome. When you're finished we'll get going.– Kensi's face was still in a neutral expression. Shaila took a large gulp of ramune from the bottle, and then she got up again.

–Okay, let's go. We have a friend to save.– Said Shaila as she put the bottle away.

–Right!– Said the other four friends simultaneously.

Then, Team Avatar went running towards the city in search of their friend, who, sadly, was hundreds of kilometres away.

Aria, who was over an air spout rushing around Hikar, continuously airbent air slashes to him, who was sandbending Aria's attacks away, static in the centre.

–How can you sandbend like that?! You've never sandbent before!!– She yelled angrily. Hikar looked very serious too.

Air Blade Shot

"How can you sandband like that?"

–You don't know me.– Hikar firebent a fire streak from his fist towards Aria.

Aria got surprised, as she tried to dodge the attack, but the fire streak got her.

–AAHH!– Screamed Aria as she was hit by the fire.

–ARIA!– Screamed Zeick. Nikumi growled.

Aria stoop up again and airbent an air funnel around Hikar, lifting him up and throwing him to the wall.

–YAH!– Shouted Hikar as he earthbent some rocks from the wall. Hikar jumped to the rocks propelling himself back to Aria, and he grabbed one of the boulders. –TAKE THAT!!–


–OH!– Aria, again, dodged the attack, and Hikar kicked with the boulder in the floor so hard it made a shockwave the even Zeick felt it.

Aria airbent another air blade, but this time she threw it to the ground.

–HEY-AH!!– Aria shouted.

Hikar leaped using firebending, and he smoothed the landing with more airbending.

–Man, she's stronger than I thought. Even in a one vs. one I'm having difficulties.– Thought Hikar as Aria's bluish look penetrated on him. –But I'm not going to be defeated again.– And both Hikar and Aria charged towards each other, Aria prepared a big air blade over her right arm and Hikar sandbent more sand over his right arm.

The two collided again, and again, and so on. Huge masses of air currents were coming out of the crater, and so did many fire streaks and boulders, and a lot of sand specially. The fight was totally equalized.

Meanwhile, in Omashu, Tao and Bultina were running through the streets of the big crowded city. Bultina had to make her way in some spots were there were to many people.

–Excuse me! Sorry! Coming thru!– She apologized every now and then.

–It's Tenba and Silverfox here, the best couple ever!– Glanced Tao at the people Bultina had to push.

–Honey, there's no need for that.– Said Bultina as she kept running over the streets.

–Why? Is it about your surname?– Asked Tao.

–I mean that doesn't help finding Hikar.– Replied Bultina. They kept running for many streets then, and nothing seemed to be found.

Then, a girl's voice was heard.

–WOOHOO!!– Cheered Kosen from one of the rails of the old delivery system.

–KOSEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?– Shouted Bultina.

Tao not the moment

"If you do that face again I can assure you you're not having sex for a whole month."

–Hop on! This tracks are from the Omashu Delivery System, also tried in Ba Sing Se lately, and they go over the whole city and can get us to anywhere in seconds by just earthbending.– Said Kosen, standing over the rail in a rocky chute.

–Come on Bully, just one ride.– Said Tao making a pleading face. Bultina looked serious.

–If you do that face again I can assure you you're not having sex for a whole month. And no, we can't distinguish Hikar from up there with this entire people. If you want to enjoy the ride, fine, of you go.– Said Bultina, serious.

–But were still having sex tonight, right?– Asked Tao. Bultina face-palmed deeply ashamed.

–People are hearing, dumbass.– Said Kosen from upwards.

–Oops, sorry. Well, I guess we separate honey.– Said Tao as he attempted to kiss Bultina, but she stopped him with her hand.

–Tao, not, the, moment.– She said serious.

–Alright.– And with a smirk, Tao jumped to the chute.

–Here we go!– Said Kosen as she earthbent the chute through the rail. Bultina sighed as she kept running again.

–Boyfriends and sisters...why the hell do I have to stand their immaturity?– She said to herself.

Kensi and Shaila kept running up in the main street, suffocating by the summer sun and the great amount of people in it.

–I don't think we'll find Hikar here, this place is crowded!– Said Shaila.

–Yeah, I'm just trying to make sure about something.– Said Kensi. Shaila turned her head over him.

–What is it?– Asked Shaila. Kensi also turned to her.

–I think Hikar wants us to find him.– He answered. Shaila was still wondering.

–How?– She asked as they kept running.

–The three of us, Hikar, you and I, we were taught by Bully how to become invisible in the Internet and stuff like that. When somebody tries to look for you in the security cameras, I mean, or social media.– Said Kensi. Shaila realised.

–Yeah! I remember! You should hide your face and stay in the same place.– Said Shaila. –He's been noticed in Gazogram and Zuiter to be in six different spots of Omashu. And we know Hikar wouldn't let himself be noticed for no reason.– Said Shaila.

–Yeah. But, I got a feeling that...– Said Kensi.

–LOOK, IT'S HIKAR!– Interrupted Shaila, pointing at Hikar, who was surprised by them appearing. Hikar, suddenly, he shoved the people who were interrupting the way to an alley, in which he got in.

–HIKAR WAIT!– Yelled Kensi as he and Shaila got inside the alley.

Hikar was standing in the middle of the alley, facing backwards to Kensi and Shaila.

–Hikar, you have to come with us, Yurei only set up a trap for you to...– Said Shaila.

–Ha...–Interrupted Hikar, still facing them backwards. Shaila was stranged.

–What?– She asked.

–Ha...Ha...Ha-ha...HAHAHAHAHAAAA!– Laughed hysterically Hikar as he turned to them. –A trap you say?– He said laughing, in a woman's voice.

–What? Hikar, is that you?– Said Shaila.

–Shaila, his eyes!– Said Kensi, who realised.

–His eyes?– And Shaila saw it too: Hikar's eyes were dark blue instead of his hazel green.

Zhasha disguised as Hikar

"My name is Zhasha, Yurei's twin sister."

–He didn't go to a trap. It's YOU foolish teenagers, who have fallen in MY TRAP! HAHAHAHA!– Laughed Zhasha, discovering herself as a mimic-spirit got off her skin, showing her real appearance, a forty-fifty-year-old Water Tribe woman.

–Who...who are you?– Said Kensi.

–My name is Zhasha, Yurei's twin sister. I don't know if you've heard, but you see I'm a master of spirits.– She said as the mimic-spirit got at her side and another evil-looking spirit appeared at her side. –And you just came to my trap.–

Kensi prepared some water tentacles at his arms from his pouch, and Shaila made fire daggers on her fists.

–Well, I guess this mean fight.– Said Kensi.

–You got it sweetheart.– Said Shaila. –We're not just going to be defeated by some old Spiritbending-witch.– Said as Zhasha hysterically laughed.

Aria airbent again and again, and none of her attacks seemed to hit Hikar.

Air vs Fire & Sand

"You don't seen as good as the last time we fought."

–You don't seem as good as the last time I fought you in the pub.– Said Hikar as he firebent the attacks, extending the flames and effecting more damage in the rocks. Aria was tipped off by that comment plus the incredible amount of times Hikar had easily dodged her attacks.

–SHUT UUUUP!!!– And this time she fully charged into Hikar with the biggest air blade she had ever done. –YOU'RE GOING TO DIEEEE!!!– She screamed.


–OH!– Aria soon realised, and the air blade vanished. Hikar showed a small smirk, because at least she was right in front of him.

–Very well.– He said with a smile. And instantly, he punched Aria right in the face, propelling her very far away.

–AAAARGH!– Screamed Aria as she painfully landed in the sand, knocked out and defeated.

–ARIAAAAAA!– Screamed Zeick, worried about her sister, as she laid badly hurt in the ground, with her nose and her lips bleeding. Hikar sighed.

–That, was for my mother.– Said Hikar as he turned away to the place Nikumi was holding Zeick.

–Now, you Zeick, I want you to send Yurei, this message: Don't you never, ever, put a hand again on...– Said Hikar.

– family, friends, and any beloved ones...UNH!– Continued the phrase Aria as she hardly got up. –...or I'll come back after you...PWAF!...That's SO typical.– Said Aria as she spit more blood from her mouth, looking downwards.

Hikar was very surprised.

–What...the...hell? HOW CAN YOU STILL GET UP AFTER THIS!? Unh!– Said Hikar as he winced in pain about his fist. –My hand...what...oh!– Then Hikar remembered that he had just punched Aria with the same fist he broke Denryoku's metallic armour.

>–Ha...ha-ha...HAHAHA! There's one thing, between many others, that you don't know about me.– She started to rise her head up slowly. –And you're about to discover it.–

Suddenly, Aria disappeared from the place where she was, and before Hikar could react, he received a fast kick from the head to the ground before he could have the chance to react.

–BLAGH!!!– Hikar vomited blood from his mouth. – AHAG!– Hikar tried to incorporate back again, and he coughed more blood.

Aria was standing right in front of him, grabbing with her right arm her right ear with a maniac expression on her face. But there was something else, her right iris was fully red, and some of her arrow tattoos looked like they have expanded over the skin like a cancer.

–You...think you have defeated me? Well...THINK TWICE BEFORE CONFRONTING "THE RED AIRBENDER!" AND I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU THE REASON THEY CALL ME THAT WAY!! HAAA-HAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!– Yelled Aria loudly and crazy as the sky started to turn gray.

Arrowed Aria




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  • The way Kensi waterbends a spout and rushes to Omashu is similar to the way Toph earthbent to Ba Sing Se in an earth wave in The Crossroads of Destiny.
  • Bultina and Kosen have a surname, and it's Silverfox.

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