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Rescue, Part 2
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Child of the War



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January 31st, 2012

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"Rescue, Part 2" is the 9th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Jenju walked until the light in the sky was soft and purple. The whole time it had been a downhill slope, out of the mountains and into lower terrain that became the Mo Ce Sea. Ahead was a large bend in the stream, so Jenju decided to stop there for the night.

He didn't have much that would make a good supper, but he did have a way to make tea. Just then a Se Tu fish leaped from the blue stream with a teasing look on its face.

"How hard can it be to catch a fish?" Jenju said to himself.

He stood up, and walked over to bank of the fast running water. His only weapon to use was a machete, not an ideal weapon for spearing a fish. Nevertheless, he stepped into the icy waters and waited for a target. One shot up out of the water, Jenju noticed the menacing look as it twirled its fin.

"It's mocking me," whispered Jenju to himself.

After several tries at spearing the fish with his machete, Jenju had no luck. Angrily, he slashed forward and slipped on the wet rocks that lined the bottom of the stream.

"Ouch," Said Jenju. A Frog Turtle bit his thigh. Jenju came to senses and chopped off the hybrid Turtle's small head. He needed to fuel up for tomorrow.

The next day, clouds hung low in the sky. A layer of fog skirted the ground. As Jenju prepared to head out, the fog didn't dissipate. It reminded him of the foggy valleys nestled in the hills back home.

He walked down next to the river, cascading lower and lower until the Mo Ce Sea was upon him. The lower he'd gone, the thicker and higher the fog penetrated. The coast was rocky, and the day was chilly. Jenju ran, which was now much easier to do, and it kept him warm.

It wasn't long until Jenju spotted the huge stronghold, situated on a low bluff overlooking the sea. A long dock stretched out into the fog, and there sat a large Fire Nation ship. Jenju took a glance and saw a tall man, obviously Fire Nation, walking down the dock and towards the stronghold. He met a short and plump man with a grim look standing at the neck of the dock.

"What do you mean by coming here at this time?" The man asked.

"No harm, colonel. The fog delayed us. I'm truly sorry." The tall man apologized.

"Well come inside, we have a few prisoners ready for imprisonment in the Fire Nation."

The tall man followed, and Jenju crouched down, using the fog for cover.

Jenju feared that he may not have the fog for long, as drops of rain began falling, breaking small holes in the fog. He ran to the first wall of the stronghold, and sat on the ground, his back pressed against the cold metal.

A few minutes passed, as the rain became more consistent as the colonel and the tall man walked out of the hub.

"So what kind of prisoners do we have here?" The tall man inquired.

"Mostly traitors and other criminals to the Fire Nation," Colonel Shinu said in his baritone voice.

His statement confirmed that Sha Lu could be with the group. Jenju watched carefully for what would happen next.

"Everyone out, now!" Shinu ordered.

The first prisoner walked out, shackles on his hands. As more came out, it could bee seen that they were chained together. An interesting bunch of men, mostly young, but not exclusively.

The second to last man to exit was Sha Lu.

"Yes!" Jenju couldn't contain his interesting feelings, which were a combination of relief and excitement. He quickly covered his mouth, regretting his action.

"Colonel, I think I hear something."

"If you insist, go have a look."

The tall man waved away the diminishing fog, walking slowly.

"Well hurry it up, or you'll delay the whole transport!"

The man sped up, alarmed by the colonel's firmness.

He produced a consistent fire from his hand, which he held into the fog to diminish it.

Jenju stood up, and the tall man caught of glimpse. Jenju's eyes widened, and he dodged a blast of fire that was sent at him.

"Get the boy, we've plenty of space in the prison hold!" Shinu called.

The tall man, with rage in his eyes, shot a stream of fire at Jenju, and followed him as the boy ran away. Sha Lu watched the duel closely, he was grateful that Jenju had came, but he didn't have his hopes up for him to survive. After all, he needed salvation from a simple duel.

Jenju performed a somersault to get away from the man's wall of fire he produced at the height of Jenju's chest. His foot caught fire when he finished the roll. He stomped his foot, distinguishing the flame.

He lunged for the ground as the man shot yet another blast at him.

Jenju drew his machete, and dashed for Sha Lu's chains. Before anyone time to notice, Jenju slashed the chains. "Let's go! Run!" He shouted.

Sha Lu began to sprint. He pulled along the man behind Sha Lu, who was chained to him.

"Don't just stand there, after them! Do not let them escape!" Shinu's skin was red with fury.

"Jenju, we just won't make it. They'll catch us in one way or another," Sha Lu said with limited breath.

"You've dragged me into even more trouble, literally," said the prisoner who had been pulled along.

"Sha Lu, we have to make it. Besides, where we're headed the Fire Nation won't be able to touch us," Jenju said, his leg experiencing more pain than it had in a while.

"Sounds like my kind of place," Said Sha Lu. The witticism cost him a sharp pain in the stomach from running.

"It is, my father is on his way to Ba Sing Se, and that's where we're going," Jenju said, barely able to muster the words.

They kept running, the tall man had been slowly gaining on them. Jenju, Sha Lu, and the other prisoner had turned upriver, heading uphill slowly. They all were feeling the effects of the constant running, which led to near exhaustion.

The man behind them began to slow, it was apparent that he was good at short sprints, but not at long distance. Jenju was used to running long distances, as he always had done so when tracking animals in the woods.

However, even he had his limit, and it was far past that of his counterparts. When Jenju stopped, the prisoner and Sha Lu collapsed in unison.

"That was awful," the prisoner mumbled. "Don't," Jenju swallowed, "Don't stop, it will be easier for you to stop breathing heavily if you keep walking around."

Sha Lu stood up, but he was brought back to the ground when the other man refused to leave his resting place on the ground.

"Jenju, could you cut us apart, and remove my shackles? I look pretty conspicuous."

Jenju walked over, and cut the chain, he was unable to remove his shackles around his wrists. "We need to get moving," He ordered.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm not siding with you escapees. They'll understand that I was pulled right into this,"

"Have it your way," Sha Lu said with disgust.

Jenju and Sha Lu departed in a slow trot, heading upriver.

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