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The Forest Part 2: Wind

Everything started one fateful day. Avatar Kanna fought against the forces of evil, but on the battlefield, something happened and Avatar Kanna died. The world was devastated and waited for the time when the next hero will rise and finally save them. This is the Legend of Kano.

The sun was coming up and we could see a tear falling down Lea's face.

Sadness filled our hearts, knowing that On is dead.

I turned around, seeing Nao's warriors following us on ostrich horses.

"Guys, look out!!" I yelled, warning them of the warriors.

"Guys, we need to move faster!!" Han shouted.

The ostrich horses were fast and were catching up on us. Our animals were literally running for their lives.

"Guys, search for a place to hide!!" I screamed.

The warriors were even closer to us and they were going to reach us soon.

"Kano, the forest!!!" Mira shouted.

"Guys, turn to the forest!!" I yelled.

We turned to the forest. It didn't look like a normal forest; it looked dark.

"Quickly!!" I screamed.

The warriors were just a few meters behind us when we entered.

"We made it" Hano noted.

We entered the forest and advanced from the warriors. But they were still following us.

"Guys, hide behind that rock," I stated.

We hid from them behind a giant rock.

"Guys, be quiet and don't say a word," I noted.

"You are saying a word," Han stated.

"Shhhhhhhhhhssss," Mira said.

They were following our path. I could sense them walking, while listening to the earth.

"They are here, Yu, I can feel them," one warrior stated.

"I know you can feel them, but do you know where we are?" He asked.

"Yes, I know where this place is," Yu answered.

"Then let's go. The forest will finish them off," the scared warrior noted.

"Okay, we are leaving," Yu answered.

They climbed back on the ostrich horses and left.

"What whimps," Han stated.

"Wait, don't go back until I am certain that they are gone," I noted.

They where definitely gone.

"Wonder what was that all about?" Lea asked.

"I don't know, but I think we shouldn't stay here," I answered.

"Why? You scared of a little forest?" Han said sarcastically, crushing the plants on his way to make a path.

"No, but I feel something," I answered.

"Well, I feel hunger, that's all," Han stated.

"Han, you know that we got a bag full of food, right?" Mira noted.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" Han answered, rushing to the bag.

"Leave something for the rest of us!!" Mira shouted.

Han was eating like a hungry bear.

"Let's go out of this forest, guys," I stated.

We started walking, but Han was still eating.

"Han, we are going without you," Mira noted.

"Don't care, I am eating now," He answered.

"Okay, but if you don't come with us then you will never find the chocolate cake," I stated.

"Okay, I am coming," Han said.

We were going to the place where we entered.

"Guys, do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Lea asked.

The plants began to block the way out.

"Watch out!!" I yelled.

The plants blocked the way out complete and we were trapped.

"Guys, I will handle this," Han noted, heading for the exit.

He crushed the plants to free us out, but behind the plants were more plants and behind that, plants again.

"We are trapped!!" Han said.

"Wow, Mister Smart, we didn't notice that," Lea said sarcastically.

"What are we going to do now?" Mira asked.

"Search for an another way out," I answered.

"Let's go, but just watch out, guys. There is something about this forest," I stated.

"Yea, yea, we all know, weird Avatar powers, blah blah," Han said.

"Han, stop joking around, this is serious!!" I said.

"Okay," he answered.

The wind started to blow and the sky turned grey.

"Kano, what's happening?" Mira asked.

An evil voice started to talk through the wind.

"Avatar, why have you come here?" The voice said.

"Who are you?" I asked the voice.

"I am the spirit of this forest," the voice answered.

"Spirit, you can let us out. We mean no harm," I stated.

"I have trapped you for a another reason, Avatar," the spirit noted.

"Why?" I asked.

But the spirit didn't answer; the wind started to blow harder and thunder clouds were above us.

"Kano, what was that?" Han asked and a thunder was brawling in the sky.

A single drop of rain fell on my head.

"We need to find shelter," I noted.

"The rain is coming," Han said.

"Lea, can you make a water shelter?" I asked.

"Well yeah," she answered.

The rain was falling very hard and the only thing that was keeping us from it was Lea's water shelter.

"Hey, look at that cave," Mira stated.

"Looks like we will spend the night there," I stated.

We went in the cave.

"Mira, can you give us a little light?" I asked.

"Sure can," she answered bending a huge fire blast across the cave.

The cave was huge and full of crystals.

"Wow, this place is amazing," Lea stated.

"Han, don't try to take the crystals, something might happen," Mira noted.

"Okay," he answered sadly.

We all took our sleeping bags and fell asleep.


"Wake up, Kano!!" Lea was yelling.

"What is it?" I asked.

"We made breakfast," she said holding a roasted duck.

"Try it," she noted, giving the duck leg to me.

At first I thought it was horrible, but after a short thought, it was magnificent.

"Njam, njam, what cream did you use for this?" I asked.

"Well, we didn't have anymore cream ,so we used earth," she stated.

"What!?!" I yelled, spitting the food out.

"Just kidding, we will remember this when it all ends," she noted.

"Yeah, and I think that I won't live to see the end," I answered.

I looked around and saw Han trying to get one of the crystals out.

"How long has he been he trying to get them out?" I asked.

"I would say two hours," Mira answered.

"Kano, we need to continue searching for the way out," Mira stated.

"I know," I answered.

"I mean right now or we will die in here!!" Mira yelled.

"Okay, I am packing my things," I noted.

We packed our thing and before we left, Han was still trying to get the crystals out.

"Han, man, we gotta go," I stated.

"I am coming!!" He yelled.

The crystal that he was pulling was almost ready to go out, but then the wind started to blow and the sky turned grey again.

"Kano, it's happening again," Mira stated.

"Han leave it!!" I shouted.

"Just a little bit more," he noted.

"No, leave it!!" I screamed, warning him.

The voice was whispering in the wind. Something was going to happen. I ran to Han.

"Han, please leave it," I stated desperately.

"No, it will go out. I know it will," he answered.

When he said it, the crystal got out of the rock, but it was too late. We could hear the evil voice.

"Kano, what is happening?" Han asked.

"You ruined the Sacred Rock Cave. Rock you destroyed, rock you will be!!!!" The spirit yelled in the wind.

"Han, run!!" I screamed.

It was too late. Han was turning into stone.

"Kano, help me!!" He screamed in despair.

"I am trying," I stated.

"Tell Mira I am sorry," he noted in sadness.

"Don't say that, Han," I answered.

"Goodbye, Kano," Han said in peace, turning completely into stone.

"Nooooooooooooo!!!" I screamed.

The wind stopped and the sky turned blue.

"Kano, what is happening down there?" Mira asked, coming towards me.

Her face filled with tears and her heart broke at sight.

"Why, what happened here!!!" She cried.

"The spirit turned Han into stone," I answered in sadness.

The crystal that Han pulled out had fallen to the ground and broken to pieces.

To be continued...


- (Spoiler Alert!!!) Han is not dead he was only turned into stone by the spirit and he can be freed only by the spirit.

- The next chapter was posted on August 7, 2013.

- This chapter is the best till now by my opinion.

- This two-part story will end with the next chapter.

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