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May 19, 2014

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Chapter 7 - Wushu

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Eight: The Rebels

Previously on Naton

Master Onza has fallen in battle, and Gardie has taken his place. The Ben Hai ride a plane named Wushu towards the Fire Nation, to seek help from an army there. Along the way, they catch some criminals, who reveal that there are benders who work for the darkbenders.

Chapter Seven: The Rebels

"You have to admit, this meat is pretty good!" Beeno chomped down on another leg. "It's better than my cooking!"

"I just can't help but worry about Kian," Aeron said. "He could be attacked by the Dark Lord."

"Where are we? Are we near the Fire Nation?" Naton asked Gardie.

Tazen was driving the plane. "We're still over water. I can't see any land."

Beeno peered out the window. "I miss the ground."

Karrie finished her stew. "You know what I think? I think Onza's going to come back. I trust him."

"But he can't come back! Once you die, you never come back!" Aeron said.

"Maybe it's some crazy lightbending spirit stuff. What do you think, Gardie?" Beeno chimed in.

Gardie set down his chicken leg. "I trust Onza. But the real problem is when. He might come right when we land in the Fire Nation, or he might come next year," Gardie answered.

"Oooh! I see land!" Aeron called out. The Ben Hai looked out the window. It was all just water. "That's what it would sound like if someone did see land," Aeron joked.

Naton leaned back in his chair. "At this rate, we'll never get to the Fire Nation," Naton said.

"Patience, Avatar," Gardie said. "It's what Onza would want."

"Ninety nine bottles of juice on the wall, ninety nine bottles of juice. Take one down, pass it around, ninety nine bottles of juice on the wall. Ninety eight bottles of juice on the wall, ninety eight bottles of juice.." Beeno droned off in his boring chant. Half of the Ben Hai were asleep.

"We should have brought a radio," Naton groaned. "I'm bored."

Aeron groggily stood up. "Tazen, are you still awake?"

"Yeah.... slowly closing my eyes...."

Gardie walked over to the cockpit. "I'll take the wheel."

"Uhh.. guys. I have a bad feeling," Naton said. "I think we're just going in circles. The Fire Nation isn't that far from the coast. We should be there by now."

"Don't make me feel more bored than I already am," Aeron grumbled. "And we ran out of stew!"

Tazen sat down next to Aeron. "Could you fly up and see what's outside?"


Gardie called out from the cockpit. "Do I see land?"

Beeno woke up from his sleep. "Did I hear 'land'? Lemme see!" Beeno ran up next to Gardie. "That's not land. It's a ship!"

"Is it friendly?" Tazen asked.

Karrie looked outside. "It's made of metal.... the flag is red.... looks like Fire Nation!" "Should we land?"


Gardie landed Wushu on the top deck of the ship. A crowd of army men gathered around the plane. "Are you people from the Fire Nation?" Gardie asked them, walking out of the cockpit.

"No, sir! We are the Flare Rebels, defending the Fire Nation from the darkbenders. We have gathered from all nations to defend our world, sir!"

"The Flare Rebels?" Gardie turned to the Ben Hai. "Ben Hai, let me introduce you to the Flare Rebels. They are the people we've been looking for."

Tazen stepped forward. "I am Tazen, from the Fire Nation."

"Greetings, Tazen!"

"Is your leader here?"

"No, sir!" A rebel approached Tazen. He had a helmet and had a sword strapped to his back. "I'm a rebel lieutenant. I'm Zaro. I'm a firebender." The two shook hands. "We were patrolling the seas for darkbenders, but we found the Ben Hai." Zaro put a hand on his chest. "It is an honor. But where is the fabled Master Onza?"

Gardie cleared his throat. "He was slain in battle. But he will return."

"Ah. Well, welcome to the Rebels, Ben Hai!" Zaro cheered. The Ben Hai went below decks and followed Zaro. "Our base is located off of the shore. Luckily, we haven't seen much darkbenders lately, but our leader is very worried."

"Are there any more rebel armies in the Fire Nation?" Naton asked.

Zaro shook his head. "There used to be, but they were all overwhelmed by the darkbenders.

"Excuse me," Gardie interrupted. "But let me introduce you to the Avatar."

Naton bowed to Zaro. "I'm Avatar Naton. Sorry for the delay."

"You're the Avatar?"


"This is amazing! We have the Avatar with us!"

The ship landed on shore, and the Flare Rebels marched out. They approached the base, which was a huge complex protected by wooden and stone walls. A large forest stood behind the base, and a flat battleground on the right. The Rebels opened the gates, and Zaro led the Ben Hai inside. "Many people have joined the Rebels, not just people from the Fire Nation," he explained. They entered a large house that had the Flare Rebel symbol above the door. "Commander Narkan, the Ben Hai have arrived."

The Rebel leader stood up. He wore a cloth mask. A golden sword was attached to a belt, and he wore light steel armor. "The Ben Hai? Greetings. Where is Onza?"

"He is dead, commander," Zaro said.

Gardie stepped forward. "Hello, commander. I am Kendo Gardie, and I am the leader of the Ben Hai. It has come to our attention that some benders are working for the darkbenders."

Commander Narkan nodded. "My Rebels have been doing well, but I'm afraid the darkbenders are up to something. I thought there was one more member of the Ben Hai."

"Our waterbender Kian is doing something else. He will come," Gardie said. He motioned for Naton. "This is the Avatar. He is Naton. He was trained by the Guardian Spirit."

The commander bowed. "Greetings, Avatar. I welcome you to my Rebel army."

"The forest behind the fort is very important to us. Like the Forest of Thorns, it holds a very powerful spiritual object," Commander Narkan said. "There is a spirit portal hidden in the forest, but it is closed."

"And only the Avatar can open it," Gardie added.

"Me?" Naton asked.

"Yes. Only the Avatar can open and close spirit portals," Gardie said. "I would love to go to the Spirit World."

"It would be cool to meet the Guardian Spirit again," Naton said.

Commander Narkan walked back towards the fort. Zaro ran over to the commander. "Commander! Commander! We have a message for you!" Zaro handed Narkan a scroll.

He opened it. "A scroll? They could have just sent a telegram." The commander's eyes widened. "It's from the darkbenders."

Shin approached Pitch Peak. A tall, black tower, and a dark cloud ominously over the spire. A pair of darkbenders opened up the giant doors, and Shin walked in. He marched through the hall, and bowed in front of the Dark Lord's throne. The Dark Lord wore black spiked armor, and demon-like helmet. "Lord Orchinar, I have found the Avatar. He is with the Ben Hai."

The Dark Lord stood up. "The Avatar? Is he from the Earth Kingdom?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Get rid of him."

"Yes, my lord."

Shin exited the tower, but he was stopped by a waterbender. He didn't have a right leg, and he wore dark glasses. He held a staff in his left hand. "Shin. I know where the Avatar is headed."

"You do?"

"My spies have confirmed that he is in the Fire Nation."

"Fire Nation, huh? We should check it out." The waterbender grinned. "We should pay them a visit."


Writer - GretriXcape

Illustrator - GretriXcape

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