Broken Hearted
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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 10, 2013

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Chapter 7 - Crime and War

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Chapter 9 - The Decision


Bumi wins the heart of Zuko's daughter, but both become heart broken when Zuko's daughter finds out Bumi bet Kya that he could win her heart. How will Bumi recover?

It's morning. Aang awakens, sits up and stretches. After he stretches, he hears a noise from outside the bedroom. Aang turns to Katara and starts shaking her shoulder.

Aang:*whispers* Sweetie, wake up.

Katara's eyes slowly start to open and she wakes up, looking at Aang.

Katara: What is it Aang?

Aang: I think Zuko is packing up, do you think we should help him?

Katara: I think that would be best.

Aang and Katara get out of bed. Katara walks over to Aang side of the bed and hold hands as they walk out of the bedroom and down the hall into the guest room. They let go of each other as they make it to the guest room. Zuko is putting his clothes in a bag. Aang starts walking into the room

Aang: I had a feeling you were packing up.

Zuko looks up seeing Aang and Katara

Zuko: Yeah, I figured I should get ready as early as possible.

Katara: Are you sure you want to leave? No one should bother you for a long time.

Zuko: I don't want to leave, but I just want to be safe, and I want to keep my daughter safe. She thinks she can protect herself, but I don't know about that.

Katara: She's around the age we were when we traveled the world, I think she could protect herself if anything happened to her.

Zuko: Not everything, I couldn't even protect myself yesterday when those people were trying to kill me. I'm losing my fighting skills with age I guess.

Aang: So how are you going to get home? The Fire Nation ship doesn't come to pick you up for another few days.

Zuko: I told some guards to send out a ship today in case something happens. It should be coming in a few hours.

Aang: Zuko, don't you think that leaving early proves that if people are trying to kill you, when you leave they win?

Zuko: I wouldn't leave if I didn't have a daughter! 

Zuko's daughter comes from around the corner and walks into the guest room. She starts walking towards her father

Zuko's Daughter: So we're leaving to protect me?

Zuko looks down and sighs, frustrated

Zuko: Yes. 

Zuko's Daughter: Dad, please don't let us go yet! I can protect myself! I know you've never seen me truly fight before, but I can fight someone off! 

Zuko: I'm sorry, but I'm already packing, and the ship will be here soon.

Its been a couple hours. The Gaang and kids are at the shore where the boats and ships are. Zuko's ship has arrived and everyone saying their goodbyes to Zuko

Zuko: Well, it's been nice seeing all of you again. I hope you can all come to visit the Fire Nation again someday.

Katara: We'll think about it.

Aang: Zuko, before you get on that ship, are you sure you want to leave?

Zuko: Yes. I know I might regret it, but I got to spend a couple days with you, and I got to tell you the news. Until we meet again Aang.

Zuko puts his arms around Aang's neck and gives him a hug. Aang puts his arms around Zuko's upper body in return. After a few seconds, they let go of each other and smile. Sokka walks over to Zuko

Sokka: I'll miss you buddy!

Sokka dramatically puts his arms around Zuko's neck, giving him a straggling hug

Sokka: I promise I'll visit you someday.

Sokka lets go of Zuko. Zuko makes an annoyed face at Sokka, and Sokka smiles in return. Zuko's daughter is hugging Kya. They let go of each other

Kya: I'll miss you.

Zuko's Daughter: I'll miss you too.

Zuko's daughter walks over to Bumi

Zuko's Daughter: Bumi. I just want to say thank you for making these past couple days worth everything. I hope to see you again someday.

Bumi: Your welcome. I'm going to miss you so much. 

Bumi puts his arms around her upper body and hugs her tightly. Zuko's daughter puts her arms around Bumi's upper body, below his arms. They let go of each other after a few seconds. Bumi is blushing

Bumi:I've been wanting to tell you this since I met you, but I really like you.

Zuko's Daughter: I like you too. 

Bumi and Zuko's daughter lean in, close their eyes and share a long, passionate kiss. After the kiss, they look at each other smiling. Zuko is walking up the ship

Zuko: Come on! We better get going.

Zuko's daughter starts running towards the ship. Kya walks over to Bumi

Kya: Well looks like you proved me wrong, you did win her over, here's your 5 yuans.

Zuko's daughter turns around and sees Kya give Bumi money. She runs back over to Bumi with a mad expression on her face

Zuko's Daughter: So it was just a bet to see if you could win my heart?!

Bumi: Well yes, but not a fir--

Zuko's Daughter: I can't believe I fell for a fool like you Bumi! I never want to see you again!

Zuko's daughter runs back to the ship with tears running down her face. Bumi starts running after her, but can't catch up

Bumi: Wait! I fell for you before it was a bet! I truly like you!

Zuko's ship starts sailing away from shore

Bumi: Please, forgive me!

Bumi falls to his knees as he watches Zuko's ship sailing away. He slowly gets back up on his feet with tears rolling down his face. He turns around and angrily points at Kya


Bumi runs away from everyone and disappears in the distance. The Gaang takes a boat back to the island and spends the day talking and laughing. After a few hours, it's evening. Katara is washing dishes, Aang is reading the newspaper, Sokka is in the kitchen watching Katara, and Kya is playing with a bowl of water, bending in a spiral form.

Katara: Has anyone seen Bumi?

Aang: I haven't seen him since he ran off after Zuko left.

Katara: I don't get understand. I know Bumi liked her in all, but why was he so sad about it? He usually gets over things pretty quickly.

Kya: The reason why Bumi was so sad is because I bet him while Zuko was here that he could win over his daughter's heart because he fell for her the second he saw her. I was about to give him the 5 yuans for winning, but she overheard the conversation and broke his heart.

Katara: That's just terrible! Not only am I ashamed of you for betting something like love with your brother, but you could have waited until Zuko left. Go to your room Kya, you have a lot of thinking to do.

Kya runs upstairs to her room

Katara: Where do you think Bumi is?

Aang: I don't know, he couldn't have gone far.

Sokka: I'll find him for you.

Katara: You will? Thank you Sokka 

Katara wraps her arms around Sokka's neck giving him a hug. She lets go of him and Sokka walks to the door

Sokka: Can I take Appa?

Aang: Sure.

Sokka opens the door and runs towards Appa. He climbs onto him and sits on his head.

Sokka: Yip yip. 

Appa takes off and starts flying across Yue Bay. Sokka starts looking down at the shore and sees Bumi balled up in a fetal position

Sokka: Appa, land over there!

Appa flies downwards onto the shore a few feet away Bumi. Sokka slides down Appa's head and starts walking towards Bumi

Sokka: There you are, we've been worried sick about you.

Bumi: Leave me alone Uncle Sokka. I'm trying to figure out some girl stuff right now.

Sokka: Girl stuff, huh?

Sokka sits next to Bumi and puts his arm around the back of his neck

Sokka: Listen. Kya told us what happened. I know what you're going through.

Bumi: You do?

Sokka: Yes. Believe it or not, I loved a princess too. She wasn't the Fire Nation princess, and mainly because she was evil and crazy, but I met the princess of the Northern Water Tribe, and she was the most beautiful girl that I'd ever seen, and I fell for her at first sight, just like you did with Zuko's daughter. I met her at a party thrown for Aang, my sister and myself, and they were also celebrating her birthday. That is when I learned her name was Yue. She sat next to me, and even though we went through an awkward conversation, the next day, I got a date with her, but on that date, she left all sad.

Bumi: Why did she leave sad?

Sokka: The next night, I confessed how I felt about her, and she confessed that she liked me too, but because of the customs in the Northern Tribe, she had an arranged marriage with someone she didn't love, and I met that guy, and he didn't even care about her. She told me that she owed the moon spirit her life, because it saved hers after she was born. When Admiral Zhao killed the moon spirit, Yue gave its life force back and she died, but her spirit lives as the spirit of the moon.

Sokka looks at the moon which is now a full moon. The glow from the moon makes Sokka's eyes look like they have twinkling stars in them. He looks down at the ground and a tear falls from his left eye and a tear rolls down his right. Bumi puts his hand on Sokka's shoulder

Bumi: You really liked her didn't you?

Sokka: I didn't just like her. I know for a fact I fell in love with her, and she is just as beautiful now as she was when she was alive. But what I'm trying to tell you is, you'll be okay. You'll either get a second chance with her, or you'll move on and meet someone that will love you for you. 

Bumi: Thank you Uncle Sokka. 

Bumi smiles at Sokka, and Sokka smiles back

Sokka: Lets go home.

Sokka and Bumi get up from the ground and fast walk to Appa. Sokka climbs on Appa's head first and Bumi climbs on his head following Sokka. Sokka grabs Bumi and places him on his lap. Without even having to say "yip yip", Appa takes off into the sky and flies back to Air Temple Island. When Appa lands, Bumi jumps off of Sokka's lap and Sokka slides off of Appa's head. Katara runs from inside the temple, followed by Aang and Kya. Katara runs over to Bumi, and hugs him tightly.

Katara: *relieved* You're okay!

She lets go of Bumi and points her finger at him

Katara: Don't you ever run away like that again okay?

Bumi: Okay.

Kya slowly walks over to Bumi with a guilty facial expression

Kya: Bumi, I'm sorry I caused a mess with your love life. I shouldn't have done that.

Bumi: It's okay.

Bumi and Kya wrap their arms around each other a hug. The let go of each other and run into the temple

Aang: What did you do to get him home?

Sokka: I told him the story of how I fell for the moon spirit.

Katara: Did he believe you?

Sokka: Yeah, but I wish the story had a happier ending.

Sokka turns around and looks at the moon again, which is making Yue Bay glow


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