A Bending Parade
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The Avatar Age





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December 31, 2017

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"What are you doing?" asked Harkrin.

"Queen Disefy is a selfish idiot," said Al.

"I hope Ellie's OK," said Harkrin.

"I hope the same thing," said Al. "I'm just not sure whether to be angry or not."

"She went on a very dangerous mission," said Harkrin. "But maybe this is a good thing."

"How?" asked Al.

"She's a smart girl," said Harkrin, "You're just worrying about her too much."

"Thank you, Harkrin," said Al. "I think she's angry with you too though."

"Don't worry," said Harkrin, "We'll sort it out when they get back."


The gang looked at each other, the plan was going well, but now it could fail with Josak finding out. The plan was about to fail. What do they do?

"What's going on?" asked Josak.

"A bending parade?" said Cannat. "We'd love to go to a bending parade."

"A bending parade?" laughed Ahmed. "That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard."

"No," said Josak. "What where you fighting about?"

"Williams has been leading a conspiracy to trick you, Winkton, and everyone else that bending could stop climate change," said Jacrull.

"He's been behind this all along," said Ellie. "We didn't know until now."

"They did," said Williams. "They're time-travellers!"

"The bending parade is starting," said Josak, "We're missing it."


"Where are they?" said Mefta Varrick.

"Who?" said Hayley Beifong.

"Jacrull, Ahmed, Ellie," said Mefta. "And Cannat."

"Where's Josak?" asked Fatra Boat, Josak's fiancé.

"Where's Williams?" said President Winkton.

"Oh no!" said Walton Shinobi. "The parade's started and Avatar Josak, Jonathan Williams, Fred Harksa, and the 4 heroes still haven't turned up!"

"That guy annoys me," said Jase Lasso.

"Is that even possible?" said Fatra Boat.


"Remus," said Queen Disefy. "We need less recognition. How are they doing?"

"Not good," said King Remushind III, "They just called that Josak found out during a bending parade."

"Really?" said Sophie. "The Harkron Bending Parade?"

"No," said Remushind. "In the new timeline they've created, there's another parade, The Trotton Bending Parade."

"He is still protesting?" exclaimed Disefy.

"Leave him," said Remushind, "His sister is on a dangerous mission. "He has a right."

"Rrrrr," growled Disefy.


"Jonathan," said Fred Harksa. "You just admitted that you are an evil mastermind."

"It's their fault!" said Williams. "They made me."

"I'm glad they did," said Josak. "Otherwise, I may've never found out."

Josak charged at Williams, and Williams charged back. Fred tried to waterbend the four time-travellers, and this led to everyone falling out of a window while fighting, since the gang's flat was on Floor 5.

"Josak!" shouted Fatra Boat.

"Is he alive?" said Jacrull.

"I'm a healer," said Fatra. "I can fix this."

"We are going to have to pause the parade," said Walton Shinobi. "Avatar Josak has been knocked out."

"Did we just kill Avatar Josak?" said Ellie.

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