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Winter Solstice Part 1


Koh was deep in thought at the mouth of his lair, looking outward at his own realm. Being a spirit provides you with great, unimaginable powers, but being one of the first spirits provides you with one of the greatest powers of all.


Koh has been watching both the Spirit World and the "mortal world" for centuries. He knows histories darkest secrets that no human, maybe even other spirits, will ever discover. He remembers what his original purpose was as a spirit was many years ago, even before the concept of Energy bending existed.

Koh wasn't always a spirit with the form of a monster that could still others faces. A long time ago he was a handsome guard, protecting the Great Spirits that brought the elements into the world. Wait no, he wasn't just merely a guard, he was the leader of a special force meant to protect the high spirits at all costs. He was a favored warrior of the Great Spirits and was well respected by his peers.

Over time he felt like the Great Spirits were selfish and greedy. When mankind was first born he felt like the Great Spirits did little to assist the humble, powerless beings. When mankind was still young and in war and many people fell ill of deadly diseases, he thought that the Great Spirits ignored the thousands of prayers prayed by small children and woman wishing for their family to be secure and healthy. He looked at the Great Spirits as beings who thought everything else as beneath them, which was true to an extent, but not as much as he accused them to be.

When confronted about this, they simply told Koh, "Man must learn to deal with their own mistakes, they brought war and destruction to themselves and they must learn how to prevent it, if we interfere man will only make the same mistakes over again, relying on our interference.

Koh didn't know how true these words were until he became what he was today and watched mankind evolve through time, still repeated their mistakes but becoming more aware of it. Of course this was after he did what made him into what he was now. It was after he betrayed the Great Spirits.

He plotted to kill one of them as what he thought was doing a favor to mankind, a humble race that was only starting to make their place in the universe, even though he knew the consequences. He was no match for any of the Great Spirits and was severely punished when they discovered his plot. They did however lessen their punishment when they found out that he only wanted to kill one of them for his apparent care of the human race, and no for any greed of sustaining greater power.

Now, centuries later, Koh is a giant centipede spirit because he thought he was doing a brave and noble act. He learned however that the concepts of being brave and foolish aren't far from each other. Does that mean that cowards are smart? There were some things even he didn't know.

He looked over at Vakama now, who was sleeping on his side facing Koh. Vakama squinted his eyes tighter while shaking slightly, showing emotions in his sleep. Koh just shrugged this off; he wanted Vakama's face to be well deserved. "Ten years and he is still here, how does he do it? How can he even stay emotionless all this time? The fact that humans first showed expressions such as joy, happiness, pain, anger,, was the reason he considered them strong all those years ago. As they were able to do something the Great Spirits couldn't.

Koh then went deeper in his lair to his personal chamber where he turned his face into a creature that can see completely in the dark. Among this area held many things, but one of them, the one that Koh was looking at right now was a picture of his real face.


  • This chapter brings Koh into a new light, showing that he has some good in him.

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