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Long Feng's Mistake
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January 17, 2011

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The group splits up. Katara stays with Aang at the Spirit Oasis while Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Zuko take Appa to the Eastern Air Temple. They find that the stone there is gone, and head frantically to the Southern Air Temple. Meanwhile Long Feng realizes the consequences of double crossing Azula...

Chapter 8: Long Feng's Mistake

And so it happened. The Aang gang was broken. Sokka dismally led Appa toward the Eastern Air Temple, since it was the closest one to the North Pole. Zuko was even more depressed than usual, and he sat silently, not wanting to admit that he, too, felt the weight of this great loss. Even Toph simply sat and rubbed her hurt toes, tears streaming gently down her cheeks. Aang couldn't be dead...could he? He couldn't be...

Katara had used up nearly half of the water in the Spirit Oasis by now. It was no use. Aang was dead. No matter how much she tried and tried, nothing worked. But she didn't give up. For the world, and for her friend, she kept trying...

Sokka landed Appa at the Eastern Air Temple, and, with Toph's help, they found the secret entrance, which they once again opened with Earthbending.

"I'm glad my feet are finally feeling better. I hated not being able to see," Toph said with only half her usual enthusiasm. She led them through the maze. "We're the only ones here...and I feel the stone on the pedestal! We beat them here!"

When the group finally reached the big room, Sokka ran up to the pedestal. On top of it, he found a large rock from the floor of the cave-room. It wasn't the amulet.

"GRRRR!" Zuko screamed. "She tricked us! Now it's probably too late, and we still have two temples to check. Which one do we go to?"

"Well," said Sokka, "the Southern Temple is closest to here."

Zuko replied, "Then let's go. I just hope that we're not too late..."

Azula and Long Feng were walking through a dense forest when Long Feng made his move. He Earthbended the ground underneath Azula to turn to mud, which she fell into, and then solidified it again, leaving her stuck in the Earth. Long Feng ran up and stole the three Elemental Amulets right out of her hands.

"Sorry, Princess," Long Feng sniffed, "but I'm not one to be a sidekick."

As soon as he was out of eye and earshot, Azula pushed down on the Earth and it crumbled away. She got up and brushed herself off, pulling the three real Elemental Amulets out of her pocket and feeling relatively pleased with herself...

Long Feng looked at the three amulets he had with pleasure. He touched them together but nothing happened. Frustrated, he threw one of the stones at the ground, and it cracked in half and then crumbled away into nothingness.

"WHAT?" Long Feng cried. "THESE AREN'T THE AMULETS!!!"

"Right you are, Earth Kingdom scum," said Azula coldly from behind him. "I thought you would know by now that I'm always ONE!" She took a step forward. "STEP!" Another step. "AHEAD!" She clenched the stones in her hands and in one quick movement she set the entire forest ablaze. "Goodbye, Long Feng," she said. With this, she propelled herself out of the forest using her flames to push herself upward. Long Feng tried to escape but all of the trees around him were on fire now. He fought his way through the flames, until he got to the top of a small mountain with a clearing. He fought vainly to stop the spread of fire.

The fire spread to the circle of trees around him again as the flames came closer and closer, embers licking at his robes and consuming the grassy floor. In one last attempt at freedom, he jumped into the air, but he simply fell back to the ground. He never got back up again...

Author's Note

Long Feng's death was the one foreshadowed by Zuko's dream, in case you didn't remember that. Oh, noo!!

Don't worry, I haven't stopped writing!! I'm really busy this week though, so the next chapter won't be up until probably Friday. But I'll upload multiple chapters this weekend, and they should be worth the wait. ;)

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