The Woodbender of Wulong Forest
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Chapter 7: The Return of the Comet Part 2: Ran and Shaw

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Chapter 9: Woodbending Training

Korra and Aang proceed by using airbending to return Sozin's Comet back to orbit and the comet leaves the atmosphere.

They both disappear.

"Where did Ryu go?" Said Ozai.

Ryu lands on the shores of Wulong Forest; hurt, he faints.

He wakes up on a wooden house and a man treating his wounds.

"Who are you?" Said Ryu.

"I am Hiko, a woodbender."

"Woodbender?" Said Ryu.

"I am the only human left who practices woodbending and energybending."

"Woodbending?" asked Ryu.

"Wood may not be earth, but we can still bend it," said Hiko. "Energybending has the ability to bend one's spirit in a living thing. Wood may not have spirit, but its life energy is still bendable. I have been practicing this art for years here in the Wulong Forest."

"Why don't you wander around the woods? Don't worry, there's a pathway that will lead you back here," said Hiko .


So Ryu began wandering around the woods. There he saw a sword and a boomerang.

Suddenly Hiko appears.

"That's Sokka's Meteor Sword and Boomerang. He dropped it while destroying the Fire Nation airships."

"Oh," said Ryu.

"I feel that you must learn woodbending to help you in your Avatar journey."

"I would love to learn your technique," said Ryu.

"Okay, we shall begin tomorrow. I have informed the White Lotus you are here," said Hiko.

Meanwhile in the Spirit World.

Aang looks down at a pool and sighs.

"Oh Ryu, how will you survive this battle? A threat will come. Besides Hiko, there is one more energybender. He will cause chaos to the world."

Aang then walks to Koh's lair.

"Koh, what will the evil energybender do?" Asked Aang with no emotion.

"You know that, as an energybender, he can release excess energy from his body."

"Oh! You don't mean -!" said Aang.

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