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One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom



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March 17, 2012

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Chapter 7: The Past of Two Unlucky Souls

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This is the eight chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of what Mel's plan is. It is told from Hope's perspective.

Chapter Eight

I was actually kind of surprised how easily he trusted me. That could be a bad trait, but I don't exactly think that it is a trait. Why would he yell twice to his supposed allies, but just let me join him so easily? But that didn't matter. What did matter was that I was with him and I could assist him save the world.

He unlocked my cell and led me to a room and locked the door. I could understand him – interruptions were terribly annoying.

"Okay," he started. "I was—"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but you never told me your name. I hope that it wouldn't be an invasion of your privacy if you were to share with me."

"Oh, of course. Sorry. My name is Mel."

"Mel. Quite an unusual these days. Makes you unique." I laughed. He also did.

"Now to the point. About six years after I was born, I mean I was told it was that, the Avatar State was locked," Avatar what now? I think he read my face. "The Avatar State is the Avatar's ultimate weapon. My eyes begin to glow and all of the other Avatars' wisdom, knowledge and strength come inside my body. In other words every single Avatar lives in my body for the time I am in the Avatar State. But the Avatar State is also the Avatar's most vulnerable technique. If any Avatar was to be killed in the Avatar State, the whole reincarnation cycle would be broken and the Avatar would never be reborn again. Avatar Yangchen, the Airbender Avatar before Avatar Aang, sacrificed herself to save the Avatar. The Avatar State was locked off so the Avatar would not be killed in these wild times. Yangchen said she would do her best to try to open the Avatar State before we parted, but before that she told me that I could find someone to teach an ultimate technique of firebending that transcends the element itself. She gave me a map to find the person. She is currently living in the Patola Mountain Range."

"You mean ex-airbender territory?" I asked.

"Exactly," Mel answered.

"But how could she be alive? The Southern Air Temple was the second temple that was made into a factory, being the closest after the Western Air Temple."

"Well according to Avatar Yangchen she is in hiding and no one expects her to be alive. But no matter. What I know is that she is considered the greatest Firebending Master that has ever lived. You see, also according to Avatar Yangchen, she has been taught by a special and sacred source that she didn't describe at all." I knew, by Mel's voice, that he thought he was missing out on something. I, personally, had no intention to know more about that sacred source.

"So you have to learn this technique to save the world because this Avatar State technique is...locked?"

"Well this is my only chance," Mel continued. "I have to save the world. It is my ultimate duty. And since the Avatar State is not an option, an ultimate technique so strong that it goes beyond just firebending is something I am capable of learning. Well I'll take it!" Here he seemed enthusiastic. I liked that.

"So where does the map lead? I mean the Patola mountain range is enormous. We can't check every single... house?" [awkward realization moment] "Where does this woman even live?"

"According to Yangchen it would be the first and smallest mountain on the northern side of the Southern Air Temple. And if I believe her this far, I would have to believe her when she says that the master lives in a house that is inside a small cave."

"So... smallest mountain on the north side of the Southern Air Temple. And then... small house in a cave or something of the kind. I am actually impressed with how unhelpful these directions are." I was annoyed. I hoped at least the Avatar would have a plan of how not to get himself killed!

"Well the map is kind of...uh...more exact."That was, in a way, a relieve, but I still thought that some more guidance wouldn't be a problem. Nonetheless I had nothing so what he had, was all I had. All the leads we had were to be used for the better. But since many of the leads were quite unhelpful, the example being north of the Southern Air Temple (Didn't she know that the air temple was captured?), we had to rely on them too. Oh dear, I truly hoped we survived. It would be disgraceful to fail twice – the first time being when I was unable to kill the Mistress and the second, I had no heritage! Nonetheless, thoughts of me dying weren't exactly helpful, so I just tried to relax. Tried.

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