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"The Oracle of Laogai"
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Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




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September 9, 2016

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"The Laogai Village"

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"The Spiritbender"

"The Oracle of Laogai" is the eighth chapter of Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

The Oracle of Laogai

Team Avatar was walking with Nora on the streets of the Laogai Village, talking about how they could possibly save Zing Dang from Lady Li-Hua and Pei Qi.

"There's a great oracle somewhere; Laogai itself. The legend tells us that it was the oracle who used its powers to build Ba Sing Se for a long time ago. The oracle knows everything, so I'm sure it can tell us where Zing Dang is," Nora explained, accompanied by one of those little girls from the village who had completely fallen in love with Ming and was following the group just because she wanted to see the bird. "The problem is, only these girls know where to find the oracle," Nora continued.

"What? How can three little girls possibly be the only persons who know about a great ancient oracle?" Myrdin asked.

"Let me guess, the spirits gave them the knowledge?" Willy said.

"That's correct," Nora said.

"How did you know?" Myrdin asked.

"Don't you know your brother? He's a smart guy!" Dandelion said.

"Anyways, if these girls know where to find the oracle, we can ask them," Miranda said.

"I've been trying. But the thing with these girls is that they hate to be serious. You can only have a real conversation with them if they invite you in for tea. If you sit in their home, they will answer one question," Nora explained.

"Great, so we'll get invited inside. Where do they live?" Miranda asked.

"Right here," Nora said and pointed at the house right in front of them.

"Great, we're here already! Okay, considering these girls are so unserious, maybe the easiest way to get our answer is if only one of us goes. I can do it," Miranda said.

"But, Miranda. It's not that easy. You see, these girls almost never invite people in; they'll rather stay outside in the village and play," Nora explained.

However, she became interrupted by the girl who liked Ming.

"Excuse me, Avatar Miranda! Can I bring Ming inside my house and give her a cup of tea?" she asked.

Miranda grabbed the chance.

"Of course. On one condition; let me come too," Miranda said.

"Hmmm. Normally, that would not be done, but since Ming is the cutest creature I've ever seen, I'll let you come too," the girl said.

While Willy, Myrdin, Dandelion, and Nora waited outside, Miranda and Ming followed the girl inside the house.

They sat around a table, where the girl served them tea.

"Delicious," Miranda said.

"I'm glad you like it," the girl said.

"You know, I have to ask you of something. I'm looking for the oracle of Laogai, but I don't know where to find it. Can you tell me?" Miranda asked.

"I do," the girl said and coughed.

"Where?" Miranda asked curious.

"She's under Lake Laogai," the girl finally revealed.

The group then headed directly to Lake Laogai.

They walked through the dark, wet, underground tunnels, which were surprising long. Finally, they could see something glowing in a room.

It was beautiful. The oracle proved to be a statue that could talk.

"There it is! We found the oracle of Laogai!" Nora was impressed. Maybe she'd finally learn that you don't need to do everything on your own; some help from others is just good.

"Great Oracle of Laogai, can you help us find our lost friend Zing Dang?" Miranda asked.

"No," the oracle answered.

"What? But?" Myrdin was complaining, followed by some yell from Willy and Dandelion.

"Quiet, Myridn!"

"Do you have any advice for us, great Oracle?" Miranda asked.

"You need to go to the Misty Palms Oasis. There, you will find someone who can guide you further in your journey," the Oracle declared.

Book One: Start (開始)
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