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The Hunt
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2: Escalation



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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly load: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end, one that threatens to consume the worlds involved.
And the question everyone asks is: Will there still be a world, a mankind to save?

Previously in Avatar: The War of the Worlds

Admirals Anna Visconti and Olaf Janssen are ordered to destroy several radio and radar stations in the Gliese 667 system making use of a stealth ship, in which they succeed, but are, unlike planned, spotted.


Shells glowed as they were fired in the atmosphere of the planet known as Gliese 667 Cb in the inner system of Gliese 667 in the sector of Gliese 581, around twenty-two lightyears away from Earth. The combatants were the rather experimental stealth ship Red October, a sister ship of the Nemesis, and twelve obsolete cruisers of the Space Fleet of Oceania. The latter, whose commanders had either been lucky or competent enough to save their ships from destruction in all three Hyperspace Wars mankind participated in, looked like they had been modernised using parts of other ships, and still, these twelve flying scrapyards did damage to the mighty battleship. The Russian ship that opposed them was surrounded, with two cruisers to each side of it. Other, more modern ships like the Fourth Reich battleship Valhalla, came closer to the surrounded ship. Like a lion being surrounded by hyenas, the Red October utilised their mightiest weapon. Their coil guns powered up as the doors covering the nuclear missiles opened, and the conventional ones were launched at the Oceanian cruisers to begin the attack. The thick - but rusty - armour of these held out against these strikes to some degree, until the main guns' shells hit them. As parts of the cruisers' hulls began to fall at the planet beneath, the first of nuclear missiles sore through the thin air and hit the left wing of the approaching squadron led by the Valhalla. As the second missile hit the battleship without destroying it, Olaf only commented, "Let's blast 'em to their ship's namesake!"
As he noticed that no one had laughed, he demanded to know why, which Anna answered shortly after the third missile had been sent to hit the approaching squadron, "First of all, the missile didn't sink the Valhalla, second it was by no means funny. Focus on what's ahead, stupid!"
The detonation following was both blinding and deafening, and caused the ship to shake. The damages still were present, and little time was left for them to get back to the Kepler 22 system, Anna had estimated a mere thirty minutes. Thirty minutes to determine whether they would live or not. The remnants of what had encountered them was fleeing to get reinforcements they were sure to get. The Red October sped up and left the atmosphere of Gliese 667 Cb, flew past Gliese 667 Cc, only to get into the asteroid belt that separated the inner Gliese 667 system from the outer. Shells sore past the ship into vast nought of space, either too slow or too badly aimed to hit the ship. In all this euphoria of getting away, an engineer delivered a message from the propulsion, "Ma'am, I'm afraid we need time to fix the hyperdrive. It was and now doesn't work. For that, we need time. We need to get out of their sight. Which reminds me: the cloaking device is broken, or at least disabled, as well."
At these news, Anna buried her head in her hands, and ordered, "Get close to the biggest asteroid you can find in the vicinity. We need cover."
A few closer asteroids burst in the explosions all around them as the League's blockade attempted to shoo them out of their cover. After a search of five minutes, an asteroid of necessary size was found and the engineers worked on three places at once: the hyperdrive, the cloaking device and the bow to buy them some time. More and more shells detonated near them, and soon, also the asteroid they had been hiding behind burst. Exposed and most vulnerable, the Red October was flown as fast as it could to the nearest planet, all life support systems slowly failing. They only had twenty minutes left to live as they landed upon a gas giant's moon, only to let the engineers concentrate on one task at a time. Welding could be heard all over the ship when major parts were tried to be fixed, when the rough repairs were done. Soon, only five minutes after they had landed on the moon, the escaping of air through the leaks at the bow was somewhat repaired and it was worked on fixing the hyperdrive. With only a few minutes more of breathing air, and a hyperdrive to be fixed, the ship was an easy prey. Soon after the engineers had found out what was the problem with the hyperdrive, four frigates armed with missile launchers moved around the moon and bombarded the area around their ship, whirling dust up high. In the meantime, the engineers had found a way to fix the hyperdrive so they could make the jump back to the Kepler 22 system. But at hand, as Olaf had pointed out, was another problem. Alike the Oceanian cruisers before above Gliese 667 Cb, the frigates were obsolete, though not comparable to the cruisers, and the missiles didn't hit the Red October too often. The Russian ship rose from the moon's surface, and accelerated to half of light speed within a second, but the League's commander, the Fourth Reich's Propaganda Minister Leonard Stuart, had anticipated this and had positioned the Bismarck in their way, firing a volley at them. At - literally - lighting speed, the battleship turned around and flew below the main "disc" of the star system, the Bismarck, and alongside, the four frigates, at its tail. Just after managing to put distance between their ship and their pursuers, the first bad news arrived, the engineers shouting across the bridge, "Ma'am, we have only fifteen minutes left... "
"Ma'am! We're running out of ordinary fuel, we need to get to hyperspace as fast as possible!"
"Ma'am, the bow is leaking again!"
Defying the risk they were in with five capital ships pursuing them, Anna screamed, "Then what're you waitin' for? Bring us into hyperspace!"
The ship stopped where it was, and turned into the direction the Kepler 22 system was, while the shields were raised to hold off most of the shells and missiles which were fired at them. The Red October's hyperdrive fired up and the ship shot through space like a bullet, soon becoming almost invisible to others due to the great distance. As his enemy, Stuart rushed into the trouble and followed after the Red October, into the hyperspace, only to crush the ship there.


Even in the normally relatively peaceful hyperspace, the war raged. The League's battleship Bismarck pursued the heavily damaged Allied Red October, and gained on the latter. Unlike the first, damaged ship, the second was - unusually for the haste they entered hyperspace with - fully functional. All systems were working, while aboard the first, only life-support systems, the propulsion and systems associated with these worked. The vortex around them was a cloudy hose of shades reddish colours, foggy strings at the cloudy border coloured in blue. Lightning shot through it around both ships and sometimes hit them, resulting in shoving the ships to the opposite side from where the lightning had originated, but doing nothing more than that. When the flight had become relatively stable after being hit by lightings several times, the Bismarck's forward batteries aimed at the ship they pursued and loaded. The Red October's flight had just become stable, and few to none of the crew noticed the coil guns firing until said weapons hit the propulsion. The entire ship shook and rapidly turned larboard, the hyperspace vortex with it. Its colour changed as the almost useless ship, followed by the mighty battleship, flew into it, from reddish shades to a sickly green, the double-helix changed its colour to a brighter blue, one which was almost white. Unintentionally, both ships sped up as the whole foggy and cloudy vortex changed its colour to the bright blue and they were sucked into a wormhole, one the Red October's big sister, the Nemesis, had flown through half a year ago. Still, the two ships sped up to a billion times of light speed, when the European battleship's propulsion finally managed to stop their acceleration, and let the Bismarck pass below, as they fell out of hyperspace, the Second Earth before them, a recently discovered planet on which mankind had evolved parallel to the one on Earth. Avatara. Its moon, partially covered with ice, was just a few kilometres before them, and a collision between the Bismarck and the natural satellite could only barely be averted, but the ship still scratched at the surface and had to land there to repair the damages the flight through the wormhole had caused. Immediately afterwards, the Red October, bearing a leak through which a plume of smoke emerged, once again aimed at the planet Kepler 22b and again merged into hyperspace. This time, the vortex was of bluish grey colour and the foggy double-helix of a pale yellow one. This was when an engineer climbed up to the bridge, only to deliver the worst news they could hear after this mission.
"Uh, ma'am, we managed to repair the damages the Bismarck caused, but... we're running out of fuel... "
Just after these evil tidings, once again shells detonated at the stern, emerging the barrels of a very special battleship, which bore a suspicious structure, stretching from its bow to the bridge, one of the kind the two commanding officers of this mission had seen once - in the Battle of Alpha Centauri. The ship's hull bore insignia in the form of a century-old symbol, the swastika. It was the mightiest battleship in the whole galaxy, the Germania with its mysterious super weapon. But before Johnston, who was aboard it, could order to test the mighty weapon, all of the Red October's missiles except the nuclear ones shot directly for the propulsion and hit it surprisingly. The battleship, as mighty as it may be, fell out of hyperspace while a few minutes later, with the last of its breathable air, the Red October arrived in their saviour, the atmosphere of Kepler 22b. Smoking and almost falling apart, the masterpiece of human technology descended into the spaceport or Kosmodrom. The entire crew just leaned back, having survived what no one else might have.

A new mission

Once again, Anna and Olaf commanded a mission aboard the Red October. Their ship had been fully repaired and refuelled as it left for the system of Alpha Centauri. Their new mission was only to see where the Red October's limits were, they were about to enter the lion's den, the Solar System. They would approach it from the outside. They would have to pass the SNRARSS-01 space station in the Alpha Centauri System, the Oort cloud, the Space Navy Planetary Radar and Radio Bases (SNPRARBs) in the outer system, the military installations of Mars, and, as a last barrier, the Moon, and all only to prove how well the cloaking device worked. And then, in the ideal case, uncloak over Washington D.C., before entering hyperspace again. So here they were on the way to the Alpha Centauri system, and Anna was staring at the cloudy and colourful hose, and as Olaf walked beside her, she stated, sounding a little dreamily, "Such beautiful colours... "
"We fly through hyperspace like the thousandth time and you notice now?"
"Look Olaf, our recent mission has shown me how close we are to death every single day... I begin to understand... certain things I haven't before... Olaf, I- "
"Not now, we're reaching the Alpha Centauri system! We haven't got time for that!"
Anna lunged at him and pressed her lips at his, releasing him after a few seconds which had seemed like an eternity for them. A little bold, she whispered while poking his sternum with her finger, "Believe it or not, I love you. But now, back to work."
Leaving him confused, she walked to the bridge's centre to sit down at the captain's seat. Before them laid the centre of all of the Aryan League's operations in space. The Germania was being repaired in the space station's shipyard while all around, minor capital ships like frigates, destroyers and corvettes were being transferred to the Solar System, while the rest, which meant all kinds of cruisers, some of the frigates and all of the battleships, were participating in the blockade of the Kepler 22 system.
"Just... Why are they blockading the Solar System?" Olaf pondered aloud.
"That is indeed a good question. We need to intercept all of the radio massages, c'mon!" Anna replied, her tone having gone back to the normal one. The communication officers did as she had ordered immediately and soon, they found out what the reason was: the League feared the possibility to be attacked anytime and anywhere by the Allies due to the incident they had caused on the last mission. A battleship they had been pursued by during their last mission, the Bismarck, passed over them, scanning the perimeter, but their ship was cloaked. Before them laid hundreds of all kinds of warships in formation and awaiting further orders while scanning the system. While their ship danced through between the lines of other warships without being noticed, Olaf got an idea. He silently ran to the communications and recorded a message for Mike when he started his fighter-bomber, the Valkyrie, the next time to inform him about both blockades. Meanwhile, the ship had already accelerated to more than lightspeed and stopped again before - nothing. Almost nothing. A single, relatively small comet passed by the ship, indicating that they were at the outer edge of the Oort cloud, or more likely in the middle of it. The ship accelerated again and passed by Neptune and Uranus, on whose moons SNPRARB-05 and 06 were located, before the two great gas giants came and passed, and soon thereafter, they entered Mars' atmosphere, and still were not noticed. The ultimate test waited for them after they had passed SNPRARB-01 on the Moon. They entered the atmosphere above Washington D.C., broke through layers of clouds and fog, before they were only a kilometre above the White House, which had become more of a palace during Johnston's first term. They observed the air defence around them before they uncloaked the Red October, and soon, missiles shot at them and were rendered useless by the ship's heavy armour and powerful shield. Alarms were rung and soon, they could almost feel Johnston watching them in horror, but it was rather hatred. They turned their ship upwards and shot like a bullet out of the atmosphere and right into hyperspace. After a flight of a few hours, they had reached - once more - the planet of Kepler 22b, and had left the Reichshauptstadt, the Imperial Capital, in utter confusion.

The Führer, his propaganda minister and all Marshals and Admirals of the Wehrmacht, the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe had gathered around the massive digital map table, currently showing the greatest city mankind had built, Ba Sing Se.
"And by the end of Summer, our combined forces will sack the impenetrable city, while I intended to eradicate the Water Tribes and the Southern Air Temple by using weapons of mass destruction," a Marshal, the Supreme Commander of the Reich's Expeditionary Force, finished his annotation.
Murmuring could be heard among the other commanders of the Expeditionary Force, until it was the Hyperspace Theatre's, which was Stuart's field of responsibility, turn. After even the Führer had to intervene by drawing his gun, a German Luger pistol from the First World War, to stop a fight amongst the Reich's military commanders, the minister began, a little jolty at first, "Well, I believe that every one of you except those who were commissioned to occupy enemy territories or govern such, has, as a matter of fact, kind of failed. I'm not implying that you are failures or that I completely failed in containing the Allies in the Kepler 22b system, but there were certain... glitches. The occupation of the sectors of Gliese 370 and 581 went according to plan, and yet, the Allies have an advantage, as our Führer - I presume - already knows... "
Every of the high officers gasped, and after Johnston had nodded, the minister continued, "...They have a ship. The Red October. It snuck through our blockade in the Gliese 667 system and destroyed the Radar and radio stations there, which were of utmost importance. It could almost be destroyed by the Bismarck, but still escaped, even the Germania, whose Vergeltungswaffe it destroyed temporarily. And recently, it was sighted in the skies over Washington, even by the Führer himself. The sole possibility of the Allies sneaking through the tightest of our defences, destroying key positions of ours and escaping within seconds is threatening. Thus, I used my command over the United Space Fleet of ours to set up two blockades, one to prevent any ship entering hyperspace in the Kepler 22 system, and the other to defend the Solar System."
All of sudden, surprising every of the commanders, the Führer ordered them to leave the meeting, all but Stuart.
"Minister, that manoeuvre was risky and yet... I have to reward you for taking action... "
Even the ruthless and sadistic minister gulped, thinking of a free vacation in Canada - in a Concentration Camp. But the way his only superior continued confused him slightly.
"I will strip you of your position, minister. You will no longer be the Propaganda Minister of the Reich, no. You will be its commander-in-chief! The Oberbefehlshaber of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine, as well as of the League's Space Force!"
After he had looked down for several seconds, the new Commander-in-Chief looked up, his face bearing a malevolent smile, as he spoke after his superior had, "It would be an honour, mein Führer."

The Hyperspace Theatre had the characteristics of static warfare by then, and it would have taken much to alter that situation, but both sides were working on something to do exactly this. In both cases, it were weapons of mass destruction different from the classical NBC weaponry, in both cases the ideas of the weapons used derived from technology of the Three Hyperspace Wars against the C'án Thur, the Córstán and the Fyell' Shan, only that the Allies too had developed a greater advantage than any weapon of mass destruction could ever be: stealth.

Notes and Trivia

  • Vergeltungswaffe was the title/name of several experimental last-ditch weapons the Third Reich developed, such as the cruise missile V1, the first true missile V2 (also called A4 for Aggregat 4), and the monstrous cannon V3.
  • All the officers of the Fourth Reich should speak German, but since few of this wiki are able to read German,... Just screw it.
  • The chapter's name is another reference to the film The Hunt for Red October, only that the submarine in the film get little to no damage, while the spaceship... gets almost destroyed.
  • The weapons of mass destruction the two navies' flagships bear will be of utmost importance in the finale.

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